TikTok Target Challenge: What They Are and Why They’re Great for Brands?

Tik Tok Target Challenge

TikTok’s challenge videos are some of the most watched on the platform. TikTok creators aren’t afraid to answer the call for content, whether it’s dance-offs or make-up hacks.

Using TikTok hashtags for brand challenges is a great way to get the word out about your product or service while also generating some awesome user-generated content.

We’ve outlined the most successful TikTok challenges, as well as the best ways for brands to take advantage of them, below.

What Are TikTok Challenges?

Tik Tok Target Challenge

In order to participate in a challenge on TikTok, you must complete a specific task in order to be eligible.

These Tasks Might Include:

1. showcasing one’s abilities

2. Demonstrating your proficiency with a product (for example, achieving a certain look with a beauty product)

3. using a filter

4. Dancing or performing a skit

5. Lipsyncing to a specific sound from TikTok

6. Hashtags make these trends and the content created for them more visible and easy to locate.

What Are the Main Types of TikTok Challenges?

Branded challenges are challenge-based campaigns created by a brand. In most cases, brands work with creators to promote these types of challenges in order to raise awareness for both the promotion’s hashtag and the challenge itself.

A viral question or trend on TikTok is usually the inspiration for a TikTok community challenge. No one brand or product is responsible for these issues.

The TikTok ad format is known as “hashtag challenge ads” takes over the “discovery page” of the app. “Sponsored” hashtags are reserved for big-box brands, but otherwise appear to be organic.

Do TikTok Challenges Make Sense for Your Brand?

Tik Tok Target Challenge

It’s a great way to connect with the TikTok community and grow your brand awareness because challenges represent the best of what TikTok has to offer brands—entertaining and authentic content that gets people talking.

It’s important to follow these steps if you’re planning a brand-specific hashtag or challenge.
That’s where I can help you. Learn how to maximize the reach of your hashtag campaign by consulting our how-to guide.

Additionally, community challenges are more focused on a specific subset of TikTok’s users, rather than the entire user base.

Target Date Night Challenges

Tik Tok Target Challenge

The TikTok Target Date Night Challenge asks you to buy gifts for your date from a list provided by TikTok, all while having a good time.

The coronavirus quarantine must have left you bored at home, but TikTok is there for you. This quarantine can be more enjoyable if you’re stuck with your partner on TikTok.

The naked challenge, backward hoodie, and fridge challenge filming your SO while a dancing challenge, facetime joke challenge, and many other dance challenges are just a few of the many available on TikTok for couples.

Another enjoyable challenge is the TikTok Target Date Night Challenge. You may not be able to go on your typical dates to restaurants, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go on fun dates with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Target or any other supermarket could be our new normal place to do the Target Date Night Challenge at home.


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