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Eli Ending Explained: What the Hell Was It Actually About?

Eli Ending Explained

Filmmaker Ciarán Foy and screenwriters David Chirchirillo, Ian Goldberg, and Richard Naing collaborated on a horror film called li in 2019.

Kelly Reilly, Sadie Sink, Lili Taylor, Max Martini, and Charlie Shotwell are among the cast members.

To cure a rare autoimmune disease, the boy’s parents take him to a private medical facility, where he suddenly begins experiencing paranormal occurrences.

On October 18, 2019, Netflix released Eli, a film from Paramount Players that had previously only been released in theaters.

It was produced by Paramount Pictures, Paramount Players, MTV Films, Intrepid Pictures, and Bellevue Productions. Critics gave it mixed reviews, praising the performances and setting but critiquing the film’s plodding pace and monotonous tone.

Plot Summary

Eli Miller is a young boy who has a rare disease that makes him extremely allergic to the outdoors, so he has to spend his days in protective clothing.

For the sake of their son’s health, Rose and Paul Horn have taken him to Dr. Isabella Horn’s secluded and quarantined medical facility in a large old house.

As soon as he gets out of his “bubble suit,” Eli is overjoyed to be able to hug his parents again and enjoy the comforts he had previously been denied. His happiness, however, is short-lived, as he begins to experience paranormal phenomena in the house within minutes of his arrival.

In addition, he begins his excruciatingly painful treatments. Eli wonders if the specters are trying to warn him about Horn’s treatments after they leave him the message lies so many times.

Through a large window on the first floor of the house, Eli makes friends with a young girl named Haley. Her belief in his claims that the house is haunted is unique. The other patients Horn treated are all dead, she says, because none of them left the facility.

The passcode to Horn’s office is the inverted number 317, as Eli discovers when he sees the word “LIE.” Finding Horn’s records of previous patients who died after the third and final treatment, he discovers he is not alone.

While Eli tries to persuade his parents to leave the facility, Paul administers a lethal dose of drugs to put him to sleep. Eli locks himself in Horn’s office, hurt and befuddled.

Horn and her assistants are dressed as nuns in a photo, and a secret passageway leads to a room filled with religious relics. Horn confines him, and he collapses due to an allergic reaction.

His breathing is fine when he wakes up, and there appears to be no disease. Rose, remorseful for lying to Eli, visits him. Eli continues to act as if he’s still asleep. Horn and his father recapture him when the gate is opened, knocking her unconscious with a cross.

A dagger is discovered on the cross by his mother, who has regained consciousness. As she rummages through the room, she finds a stone monument with the bound and adorned bodies of Horn’s previous patients buried inside.

She tries to force her way into the treatment room, but Paul manages to subdue her and calm her down.

Once it is discovered that Eli is Satan’s illegitimate child, it is revealed that his “allergic reactions” are actually manifestations of his developing demonic powers. Third “treatment,” a religious ritual to bring Eli’s life to an end, has begun.

A powerful burst of telekinetic energy is used to levitate Horn and her assistants in the air before they spin upside down and burst into flames as Horn stabs him with the sacrificial dagger.

He also starts a fire in the house. Eli’s mother reveals that she turned to Satan because she wanted a son so badly, and he lied to her that Eli would be a normal child.

A dagger is thrust at Eli’s stepfather, but Eli kills him by crushing his face with his telekinetic powers.

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Ending Explanation

What Is the Eli Plot Twist?

Get ready for a ride, because there will be a few. As a first step, it has emerged that Dr. Horn‘s previous patients were not healed but rather were murdered. When Eli’s mother claimed to have an autoimmune disease, it turned out she was lying.

He didn’t have to live in a cocoon for so long. Lastly, Eli’s mother lies to him because she believes he is the devil’s child. Whatever you want to call him, he’s Lucifer’s child, the anti-Christ, Satan’s offspring, or whatever.

When Eli’s mother brought him to this medical/religious center, Satan apparently told her that she could cure him of his evil nature by bringing him there. Unfortunately, “the devil always lies.”

Eli and his mother escape the engulfed building. Greeting them outside a car, Haley tells Eli he is stronger than the other half-brothers and half-sisters, who were also devil/human hybrids, that he had sadly departed.

She reveals that she, too, is an illegitimate child of Satan and that she was unable to tell him because he had to “earn his place” by finding and proving his own strength.

She is willing to take Eli to meet his father if he so desires. Haley wonders whether or not Eli can trust his mother after he accepts. Rose drives the two children away from the burning building after he says she can.

How Does Eli End?

While trying to flee, Eli discovers that he is not sick, and is then forced to undergo the final and fatal procedure by his human father.

In order to perform an exorcism, the doctors, who are nuns, strap him down and begin to pray. Every doctor and his human father are killed by the hulking Eli.

The part where he mentally sets them ablaze and then spins them in a circle is pretty cool. It is revealed that she prayed to the devil, Eli’s real father, to save him from death.

This is where she brought him because she was convinced that Dr. Horn would be able to save him. That’s the last thing Eli wants to hear. Eli’s response is to rip the cross necklace off his mother’s neck.

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Does the Eli Ending Make Sense?

Generally speaking, yes. The fact that Eli’s human father appears to despise him is because he is a devil child.

Despite the lack of explanation, it’s reasonable to assume that the specters roaming the house were the souls of the devilish children who perished there.

That Sadie Sink is a devil child, like Eli, is a fun addition, but it raises the question of why she didn’t try to help him earlier, assuming she to has the demonic abilities that Eli demonstrated.

A realistic depiction of Satanic spawn is becoming increasingly difficult to come by these days.

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