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Is Syd Mcgee Gay? Know More About Him!

is syd mcgee gay

Dream House Makeover” creator and star Syd Mcgee is an award-winning television personality who is best known for her role as Shea Mcgee in the Netflix original series. He is also the CEO and founder of Studio McGee, an interior design firm.

According to a rumor, Sid McGee remained gay even after he married. But these claims have not been settled. In the meantime, the designer duo has been sweeping interior design spaces since 2010, has saved home improvement projects on Instagram, and now has created the successful Studio Mcgee.

How Did Shea and Syd Mc Gee Make Their Money?

Syd and Shea McGee, husband, and wife, relocated to Utah after making career changes. The interior design firm Studio McGee was officially launched in Salt Lake City in 2014 by the couple.

Having Shea’s own design business since 2011 had given the McGees a strong social media presence and a few completed projects to their name. While renovating their clients’ homes, Shea and Syd put a large portion of their savings into the business and lived in a rented apartment in order to keep costs down.

“Dream Home Makeover”

As soon as they got a new renovation project, they documented it and posted it on Instagram. They gradually gained popularity on the social media platform, and by 2021, they will have close to three million followers.

The McGees’ online fame grew to the point where they were approached by production companies about doing a reality show. They almost agreed, but then learned that the company wanted Syd to pretend to be a contractor.

It was more marketable for the executives at the TV studios to have them portray a contractor-designer team renovating homes. He claimed that he wasn’t trained for that and that they didn’t want to pretend to people just so that viewers would find them more appealing.

It was Studio McGee’s decision to create their own content and upload it to YouTube so that they wouldn’t have to compromise their principles. Dream Home Makeover” was born after Netflix approached them. No word on whether there will be a third season of the show, but viewers can expect more creative and fun content from Studio McGee in the future.

There are a lot of things about the show and the studio that people don’t know.
They’d be surprised to learn some of the fascinating details about the couple and every episode they watch on Netflix. Just a few of them –

Since Its Conception in 2018, the Program

“Dream Home Makeover,” which premiered in 2020, has been in the works since 2018. The McGees didn’t give up on TV content creation when their first attempt at it failed but instead waited for the right moment and the right people to pursue it.

It was a well-kept secret that they had already signed a deal with Netflix to produce the reality show two years before it debuted on the streaming service. Because of how much they enjoyed filming the first season, Shea couldn’t help but share the news with their social media followers.

Syd Went Above and Beyond What Was Shown on The Show.

Syd’s role on the show was a mystery to many viewers. It was Shea’s show because it was all about the renovation process, and she was always the star.

Because of this, Syd was responsible for hiring and firing employees, which meant that she couldn’t show off all of the company’s positive aspects without him taking care of its negative aspects.

In addition, he made certain that they stayed within their budget and found multiple options for everything she required for each project. While Shea’s creative abilities were crucial to the show and their business, his responsibilities weren’t interesting enough to be shown on television.

Syd’s personality, on the other hand, added levity to the proceedings, and his presence by Shea’s side signaled a sense of security. Even in the most stressful situations, Shea said that his sense of humor helped him deal with the stress of working with a new client and negotiating budgets and tight deadlines.

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It Doesn’t Get More Real than This.

Even the most popular reality shows, including “Dream Home Makeover,” have been shown to be at least partially scripted, and this is where the show was most proud, as it was as real as it gets.

A real-life conversation about how they communicated with and made decisions with their staff and clients, made by the McGees, was depicted in their process for each project. There was no need to fake anything because viewers were interested in what they did in real life, they argued.

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Shea Lacked a Formal Education in The Field of Interior Design.

As a result of her degree in Communications, her first job out of college was in Public Relations. In her hometown of Orange County, she only took a few semesters of Interior Design classes at the local community college, but she didn’t graduate with a certificate.

Her designs were inspired by her travels and the numerous lifestyle and architectural magazines she devoured.

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