Old Henry Ending Explained: Who Was Henry?

Old Henry Ending Explained

“Old Henry” is Potsy Ponciroli’s slow-burning western about a group of outlaws trying to hide their true identities. Every cowboy wears a mask to hide their identity.

It is Henry Mccarty, the story’s central character, who expresses this idea. It follows Henry, a widower, as he raises his son Wyatt in the Oklahoma Territory on a farm.

When a group of Cowboys shows up in search of a fugitive named Curry, their routine lives are quickly turned upside down.

In spite of his father’s best efforts to protect Wyatt from harm, the danger eventually found him.

Plot Summary

Old Henry Ending Explained

His life has been a series of different occupations, but Henry Mccarty Tim Blake Nelson has finally settled down as a farmer. Wyatt Gavin Lewis and his late wife’s brother live with him in Oklahoma Territory.

The farmer sees a stranded horse while chopping wood for dinner. A wounded man named Curry Scott Haze is nearby, as is a satchel full of cash and a pistol. Henry hesitantly grabs the pistol and the satchel and brings Curry to his house cautiously.

Wyatt regards Curry with suspicion as if he were an outlaw. To help Curry heal, Henry decides to stay with him until he is well enough to move out on his own.

Along with his other possessions, he places the gun and satchel in a cabinet. Inquisitive Wyatt discovers a pistol and a few newspaper clippings that shed light on his father’s past.

Three bank robbers dressed as lawmen search for Curry before Wyatt can confront Henry about his true identity.

A sheriff in Missouri and Tennessee, Sam Ketchum Stephen Dorff, tells Curry that he’s a wanted fugitive. When the farmer doesn’t believe him, he concocts an elaborate story to convince him otherwise.

Henry denies it and asks Ketchum to leave the farm he has owned for generations. His deputies ride away, but Ketchum is confident that the shaky old farmer conceals Curry. Curry’s true identity is being sought by deputies while the farmer works to identify him.

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Who Was Henry?

Old Henry Ending Explained

In order to keep Henry and the other two men away from Sam Ketchum’s house, he brandished a gun the moment he saw him.

In conversation with his deputies, Ketchum expressed his surprise at seeing a farmer with a pistol in his hand. Henry’s conversation was a subtle clue that he had something to hide.

Curry followed up with Henry later that night and inquired about their previous encounters. Henry was a vague recollection for Curry, but he couldn’t remember his identity. Curry reminisced about his childhood in Fort Sumner, New Mexico, where he was born.

A notorious outlaw, Billy the Kid, was assassinated here. Henry was told by Curry that he had witnessed Billy the Kid’s murder originally named William H. Bonney. Peter Maxwell used to employ him as a young boy to do the housework.

Peter alerted Sheriff Garett and his deputies to Billy’s whereabouts and provided them with information. Garett entered the house to find Curry sweeping the stalls. Billie wasn’t there either. Close to Curry, he was sawing the meat.

Old Henry Ending Explained

To evade their gaze Billy stopped carving and looked at Curry as soon as he saw the sheriff’s deputies. At Maxwell’s request, Billy began speaking Spanish as he entered. Billy was as fluent in Spanish as a Mexican, according to Curry.

Almost immediately after Peter’s response to Billy’s question, Curry heard two shots. Because he saw a dead body wrapped in a bloody sheet, Curry concluded that Billy, the Kid was dead.

Billy, however, survived. Henry spoke fluent Spanish with a Mexican at the end when Ketchum and his men stormed Henry’s farm. Henry’s voice convinced Curry that he had been Billy the Kid.

That night Billy was saved by “he probably Garrett or one of his deputies,” he concluded.
After living in Mexico for a while, Henry moved to Oklahoma and worked as a farmer for a while.

Billy may have desired a more solitary existence after the incident. Wyatt was raised in an environment free of violence or guns by his father, who began his career as a farmer.

Henry did everything he could to keep Wyatt safe from Billy the Kid’s shadow and criminals. However, nothing can change the course of history.

Henry was forced to take up arms in order to protect Wyatt from Ketchum. His long-forgotten past was resurrected from the depths of obscurity.

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‘old Henry’ Ending Explained

old henry ending explained

To get Curry, Sam Ketchum kidnapped Wyatt’s uncle and attacked Henry’s farm. The outlaws were attacked and killed one by one by Henry, who had assumed the persona of Billy the Kid.

Henry took Ketchum into the woods and shot him in the final showdown. The exhausted Curry welcomed Henry’s return to the farm. Henry noticed an iron branding on Curry’s arm as he struggled to remove his shirt.

Most likely, it had something to do with their gang’s logo. As soon as Curry arrived, he told Henry that the bank robbers, Ketchum and his men, were after him.

When Henry discovered Curry’s true identity, he shot him in the stomach to protect his own life. However, Curry admitted that he didn’t tell the whole story.

He was the sheriff of Woods County, but he and his deputies worked closely with Ketchum’s team of investigators. Curry tried to flee when he realized that Ketchum was going to shoot them at the end of the robbery.

First, Ketchum killed Curry’s deputies and then shot him from a distance in the opening scene of the movie. Even so, Curry made it out of the prison with a large amount of money in his bag.

old henry ending explained

Henry was able to track down Curry and bring him home, but Ketchum was determined to put an end to Curry’s existence.

Following the revelation of Curry’s true identity, Henry attempts to kill him. However, Wyatt arrived at the crucial moment and shot Curry dead.

As he lay dying, Henry confided in Wyatt that although he didn’t believe in atonement, having a son like Wyatt gave him some peace of mind.

Henry’s dying wish was for his son to see the world as Henry had seen it and to make his father proud.

Wyatt laid his father to rest next to the grave of his mother before departing the farm. He most likely took the bag of money to start over in a new country.


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