Patient Portal Aegislabs: How To Download and Print Reports?

Patient Portal Aegislabs

Aegis Sciences Corporation, a laboratory sciences company based in Nashville, Tennessee, was established in 1990.

It serves Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, leading college and university athletic programs, professional and amateur sports organizations, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and professional and amateur sports organizations as clients.

An Industry Leader in Healthcare, Aegis Sciences Corporation

An industry leader in healthcare, Aegis Sciences Corporation, has announced that it has received registration and approval to report COVID-19 diagnostic test results for public health purposes to State Departments of Health in all 50 U.S. states.

The company also provides clinically innovative medication compliance testing and consulting services to providers.

Patient Portal Aegislabs


The company has increased access to COVID-19 testing and made it available across the country since making its COVID-19 diagnostic test available on April 15 by utilizing its diagnostic expertise and geographic reach.

With an average 24-hour turnaround time, Aegis Sciences can currently run 10,000 COVID-19 tests per day and more than 300,000 tests per month. “We are happy to announce that Aegis has reached a significant milestone and is now able to report COVID-19 test results to the Departments of Health in each of the 50 states.

According to Joel Galanter, Chief Legal Officer at Aegis Sciences Corporation, “we are collaborating closely with a number of state administrations to help their efforts in addressing this public health catastrophe.

Patient Portal Aegislabs

“Aegis is honored to provide services to hospitals, clinics, health systems, businesses, and educational institutions around the country. According to Mike Ziegler, chief sales officer of Aegis Sciences Corporation, as of today, we have successfully provided and reported results to clients in 43 states.

“Aegis is the lab of choice to tackle COVID-19 because of our mission of providing healthcare providers with accurate and useful information.”


Clients of Aegis can read, download, and print laboratory findings from the Aegis Results Web Portal, which is a secure website. A history of all samples sent to the lab in the last 30 days will be available on the portal.

Additionally, the user will be able to conduct a search for certain reports or samples using a number of criteria such as case number, date of collection, laboratory ID, etc.
This paper will give a general overview of how to log in and access the portal’s sample data and reports.

For login ID and password details, please contact Aegis client services.

Step 1: Log in

Open your web browser and type into the address bar.
Enter your Aegis-provided user ID and password.

Step 2: Change your password

On the following screen, you can modify your password if you haven’t already done so. Every time you log in, this screen will appear until you change your password.

Step 3: My Dashboard

You will land on the dashboard page after logging in. The menu is located at the top of this page. In the lower right corner of the screen, there is a shortcut hyperlink that will direct you to a website that lists all of the reports that have not yet been downloaded or seen.

To reflect fresh or updated information from the laboratory, the messages and/or graphics on the dashboard page may occasionally change.

Step 4: Configure the Samples View in

The Description field contains the donor’s SSN. This field must be made visible so that it can be placed next to the Sample ID field.
1. Right-click the column headers in
2. From the context menu, choose Display Columns.
3. Examine the Description column as you scroll down.
4. Uncheck any other columns you don’t want to view, as well as the ones for My Work order ID and Lab Work order ID.
5. Press the OK key.
6. Click and drag the Description column so it is adjacent to the My Sample ID column.

Step 5: Examine Samples

The View Samples page will appear when you click the Samples tab or the Sample Reports links. You can look up samples that were sent to the lab and view reports using this page.

The last 30 days’ worth of reports is automatically shown on the page. Click the Search button to do a new search after modifying the date range and/or search criteria.

To search all text fields for your search string, select “Everything” from the list of search criteria. The following search, for instance, will show all records with “Will” either in the first name or last name.

Step 6: View a report

Click the Get link in the samples grid to view a report. When a report is viewed, the \snext time the grid is updated the Report Status will reflect “Read”. By selecting the rows and clicking the icon in the toolbar above the grid, you may toggle this field to control when reports are seen.

Step 7: Download and print reports

Check the box next to the report you wish to print, then click the print icon.
Check the box next to the report you wish to download, then click the download symbol.


Of course, a patient who is viewing the results of her COVID-19 lab test via the patient portal is still free to call. Even if she tested negative, she could still want to follow up regarding the next steps because, as was already mentioned, she might not understand her findings.

Patient Portal Aegislabs

Some patients might have had trouble utilizing the patient portal at all and prefer to phone the clinic or hospital to get their results. For a favorable patient experience, it will be crucial to keep those lines open and moving quickly.

During the initial pandemic spike, several healthcare companies turned to call center automation to transport patients quickly through the telephone lines. Automation can assist in identifying patient needs and directing patients to the appropriate sources of information.

For specific issues, including parking instructions, patients might communicate with a call center bot.

But an automated technology can also refer a patient to a call center staffer and then a clinician if she wants her COVID-19 test results. This might free up call center workers to handle more calls more rapidly, improving the patient experience.

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