Rebelde Season 2 Ending Explained: Why Esteban Imprisoned Okane?

Rebelde Season 2 Ending Explained

In Season 2 of Rebelde, things did change. For instance, the new MEP director, Gus Bauman, is not just a nasty force to contend with; he has also eliminated the Battle of the Bands and forced students to compete against one another more than before.

However, being the brilliant sleuths that our bunch of teenagers is, Luka and Andi notice that something is strange about Gus, and the new pupil Okane may be the key to finding out what.

Rebelde Season 2 is officially available! The 2004 Mexican telenovela of the same name and the Argentine telenovela Rebelde Way served as the inspiration for the show, which was created by Santiago Limón.

Rebelde Season 2 Cast Members

Ilse Apellaniz, José Miguel Nez, Talia Rothenberg, and Pericles Sanchez wrote the play.

The cast also features Andrea Chaparro as MJ, Franco Masini as Luka, Sergio Mayer Mori as Esteban, Lizeth Selene as Andi, Jerónimo Cantillo as Dixon, and Azul Guaita as Jana.

Rebelde Season 2 Ending Explained

Giovanna Grigio as Emilia, Alejandro Puente as Sebas, Estefana Villarreal as Director Celina Ferrer, Karla Sofa Gascón as Lourdes, and Alaide Solorzano as Laura are the other cast members that are returning in their prior roles.

Joel Isaac alias Saak plays Okane, while Flavio Medina plays Gus Bauman in the new cast. Eight episodes make up Rebelde’s second season.

Rebelde Season 2 Ending Explained

Otro día que va, the eighth episode of Rebelde Season 2, is darker than we had anticipated. The following episode picks up just where the previous one left off, with Gus pushing Luka over the roof because he knew Gus had a propensity to make his artists drug addicts.

Of course, everyone believes that Luka committed suicide, and Okane even accuses Marcelo of being to blame for his son’s extreme action.

However, things about Gus start to annoy Andi soon enough that she decides to conduct some in-depth research.

Esteban was given a free ticket to play at the Trend-Z awards

Esteban, meanwhile, is given a free ticket to play at the Trend-Z awards after winning the music contest. But Dixon ought to have triumphed. It turns out that because of Dixon’s agreement with Gus, he must leave EWS because he placed second in the music competition.

Rebelde Season 2 Ending Explained

Esteban, who has spent the entire semester licking Gus’ shoes, is also unhappy about his victory.

Even though #Endi did not have a happy ending, we are nonetheless glad to have Emilia back in the school to assist Andi in learning the truth about Gus. Andi attempts to meet up with Okane via SMS to learn more about Gus but is consistently ignored.

Gus almost tortures Esteban

During the Trend-Z awards rehearsals, Gus almost tortures Esteban. Gus is later seen entering Luka’s hospital room and attempting to use his phone. Okane, however, awakens from his siesta just in time to shoo Gus away.

He then gains access to Luka’s phone and reads his most recent conversation with Gus, demonstrating that Gus was responsible for Luka’s accident.

Okane tells all the truth about Gus

When Okane runs across Andi, Emilia, Jana, Dixon, and MJ, she tells them all the truth about Gus. Sebas hears this and offers to help by obtaining them access to the Trend-Z Awards backstage area so they may go on stage and call out Gus.

Rebelde Season 2 Ending Explained

The gang has faith in him. Later on, though, we witness him striking a deal with Gus in order to keep his position at EWS rather than transfer to a business school. Jana makes an attempt to persuade Esteban about Gus’ sinister deeds before the big call-out but fails.

Chava, Esteban’s father, attends the awards ceremony

Chava, Esteban’s father, attends the awards ceremony to watch Esteban perform. Instead of retaining Torres for the concert, he is disappointed to see his kid adopt the Colucci surname.

The group tries to enter the award ceremony in the meanwhile, but their passes are rejected. Them, Sebas has betrayed. As a result of his fame, Okane is given the opportunity to attend the awards ceremony when one of his fans offers to escort him.

The others, meantime, decide to call Gus out on Twitter but discover that he is already trending as a result of a video he made with Sebas about some untrue rumors that are being spread about him.

Okane gets to meet Esteban before his performance

Okane gets to meet Esteban before his performance. His explanation of Gus and the texts Luka wrote to Gus prior to his collapse make Gus the obvious offender. As he departs, he labels Esteban a coward for hiding in Gus’ shadow.

Before entering the stage, Esteban receives a text from Jana that reads, “I Know Who You Are.” Esteban introduces himself on stage as Esteban Torres, explains why Gus Bauman is a killer, and then exits.

Gus rushes out of the dressing room and seizes Okane

On the large screen outside the location of the award ceremony, the group watches this event. Gus rushes out of the dressing room and seizes Okane. He attempts to murder Okane, but Esteban hears about it through his headset. He flies to Okane’s aid.

But when Gus makes fun of Esteban’s father and his background, Esteban punches Gus, who then dies after falling down a flight of stairs. Soon later, Esteban is seen in handcuffs and is hauled away by the police.

Celina is once more the school’s administrator

The next mid-credits arrive on the day of EWS’s graduation, and Celina is once more the school’s administrator. Graduates include Sebas, Emilia, and others. The gang currently appears to be in a better place. There is MJ and Dixon together.

Okane and Luka are seen conversing. The relationship between Esteban and Jana is also typical. However, someone rushes in to tell them that Okane is being detained for Gus’ murder. Esteban tries to follow Jana but Marcelo stops him.

Esteban imprisoned Okane

In a flashback, it is revealed that Esteban imprisoned Okane in exchange for his innocence and the ability to post bail. Esteban is given a look by Marcelo. A Colucci always defends their own, claims Marcelo. Since Jana saw this, she is aware that Esteban hasn’t changed at all.

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