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Red Sparrow Ending Explained: What Happens with Dominika & Nate?

Red Sparrow Ending Explained

Based on the 2013 novel by Jason Matthews, Red Sparrow is an American spy thriller film directed and written by Francis Lawrence and Justin Haythe.

Actors include Jeremy Irons, Matthias Schoenaerts, Charlotte Rampling, Mary-Louise Parker, Joel Edgerton, and Matthias Schoenaerts.

An FSB officer is sent to contact a CIA officer in order to discover the identity of a mole, which is the subject of the film.

A former CIA employee, Matthews, served as an advisor on the film’s depiction of spying. Filming took place in Hungary, Slovakia, and Austria based on historical Soviet espionage and current Russian use of kompromat.

Plot Summary

Dominika Egorova is a world-famous ballerina in contemporary Russia who dedicates her time and resources to caring for her ailing mother. Her uncle Ivan, the deputy director of SVR, approaches Dominika following a career-ending injury.

Seducing Dimitry Ustinov in exchange for her mother’s medical care is what she’s been ordered to do. He rapes her in her private room after meeting her at a bar. Sergei Matorin, an SVR operative with Ivan’s approval, kills him during this heist.

Alternatively, she can be executed for witnessing Ustinov’s murder, if she chooses to join the SVR with Ivan. CIA operative Nate Nash is currently stationed in Moscow. The police interrupt their meeting with a valuable asset in Gorky Park.

To protect his mole in the Russian ranks, code-named Marble, Nash devises a diversion. Nash is sent back to the United States, but he is adamant that Marble will only work with him.

The SVR deduces that he must go to Budapest to reestablish contact with Marble because he cannot return to Russia. A brutal training school for “Sparrows”—SVR operatives capable of seducing their targets through sexual entrapment—is sent to Dominika.

Dominika’s trainer, known only as the Matron, has some disagreements with her, but she continues to do well in her training.

Ivan and General Korchnoi, against the advice of the Matron, decide that Dominika is ready for an assignment in Budapest—to gain Nash’s trust and reveal Marble’s identity.

Dominika lives in Budapest with Marta Yelenova, another sparrow, and is under the watchful eye of SVR station chief Maxim Volontov. The moment Dominika makes contact with Nash, the latter is quick to deduce that she is working for the Russians.

Dominika discovers that Marta has been assigned to buy classified information from Stephanie Boucher, the chief of staff to a U.S. Senator’s aide. During Ivan’s criticism of Dominika’s lack of progress with Nash, Dominika claims that she is also helping Marta with Boucher.

When Dominika fails, Marta is brutally killed by the SVR for apparently sharing her classified mission with her and warning her what will happen to her if she does not succeed.

For the sake of her and her mother’s safety, Dominika agrees to become a double agent in exchange for sex with Nash.

While in London with Volontov to meet Boucher and complete the deal, Dominika is secretly replacing the Russian intelligence Boucher provides with CIA-supplied misinformation at the behest of the Russian government.

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She panics and backs into traffic after she realizes that she is being watched by American intelligence agents as she leaves the meeting. It is clear to the Russians keeping watch over Boucher that their mission has been jeopardized.

Dominika and Volontov are detained in Moscow for days after being accused of passing information to the Americans. Even though Volontov is put to death, Ivan believes Dominika when she insists on returning to Budapest to finish the job of obtaining Nash’s identity from Marble.

Rather, she persuades Nash to allow her and her mother to relocate to the United States. Dominika wakes up to find Matorin torturing Nash for Marble’s identity after spending the night with him.

While she initially helps Matorin torture Nash until Matorin lets down his guard, she is badly injured in the process and must be killed. A high-ranking official working with Ivan, General Vladimir Korchnoi, reveals himself as Marble when she awakens in a hospital.

When a Russian bureaucrat he had previously offended refused to allow an American doctor to operate on his sick wife, he became disillusioned with Russia’s corruption. Because he is afraid he will be discovered, he instructs Dominika to reveal his identity to Ivan before he dies in vain.

This will make her a national hero, as well as a mole passing critical intelligence information to the CIA if she does this.

Even though she’s been fabricating evidence since the moment she arrived in Hungary, Dominika uses it to frame Ivan for the botched London exchange when she contacts her superiors.

In a Russian military ceremony attended by Korchnoi, Ivan is killed and Dominika is honored. There, Dominika has a phone call from an unknown person who is playing Grieg’s piano concerto, which she had told Nash was the piece she danced in her first solo performance.

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Red Sparrow’s Ending Explained

Dominika, a Russian intelligence officer played by Jennifer Lawrence is tasked with tracking down CIA agent Nate Nash played by Joel Edgerton in order to find out who is passing classified information to the Russians.

Nate Nash recognizes Dominika as a Russian intelligence agent and tries to persuade her to defect while they are on their mission.

Dominika, terrified for her own safety and the safety of her ailing mother, approaches Nate and agrees to work as a double agent after witnessing her uncle Ivan brutally murder a fellow agent.

Ivan had persuaded Dominika to join their mission. Nate is tortured by Martin Ivan’s man at the end of the film, and Dominika first pretends to help him.

Dominika kills Martin, but he is badly injured as a result of letting his guard down. She wakes up in the hospital, where General Vladimir Korchnoi, a high-ranking official who works with Ivan, reveals himself as the mole.

He explained to her that he was a patriot at first, but that he had changed his mind about Russia because of the corruption he had seen there. Instead of dying in vain, Dominika says, he wants her to reveal his true identity to Ivan because he’s worried about being detected.

In Russia, Dominika receives a call from an unknown number while she is staying with her mother. Nate is listening to a performance of Grieg’s Piano Concerto No. 1 on the other end of the phone line.

Even though Dominika and Nate’s love story has come to an end, the phone call gave the impression that there’s more to come.

Red Sparrow’s director has also reportedly expressed interest in making a sequel. The sequel, on the other hand, has not been officially confirmed.

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