The Sea Beast Ending Explained: What Happened to Jacob and Maisie?

THE SEA BEAST ending (3)

Chris Williams explores a passionate, feel-good genre with a dash of danger in his film “The Sea Beast.” The narrative wonderfully illustrated the adage “don’t judge a book by its cover,” as the heroes, Maisie and Jacob, rethink their traditions and decline to follow the cruel ones. The Netflix Original movie premiered on July 8, 2022. It is a good family movie with a lot deeper undertone than that.

What Happens in the Animated Film “The Sea Beast”?

The narrative opens with a young child drifting on a crude raft in the ocean. Along the waves, the ship he was aboard is lying in ruins. After some time spent floating around, he is finally allowed to board Captain Crow’s ship, The Inevitable.

Jacob, the young man, is now admired for his valiant deeds and is slated to succeed as Captain. To combat the sea creatures believed to be responsible for the bloodshed, Crow, Jacob, and their crew set sail.

These sea monsters are fought and vanquished by the captain and crew, who only keep their horns as prizes. Their bravery-testing deeds are chronicled in literature and widely discussed.

A young girl named Maisie was one of the admirers of the illustrious captain and his crew. In the orphanage where she resided, she shared their books with the other kids. As soon as they arrived in port, she left to meet the captain.

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She boarded the vessel and went on the search with them for Bluster, the red sea monster. She and Jacob, however, become closer to the creature after being separated from the rest of their team.

Maisie gives the beast the name “Red,” and Red aids Maisie and Jacob in getting to the closest island so they may rejoin the group. However, as payback, Captain Crow and his crew kidnap Red.

To show Red off, they set sail for the kingdom again, but Maisie steps in and sets them free. After that, Maisie and Jacob depart for a happy life outside as opposed to an orphanage.

Why Are Humans and Sea Monsters at War?

In The Aquatic Beast, terrifying sea animals wander the surface, making navigation through the water hazardous. Since the alleged “Dark Ages,” when the animals allegedly started raiding human communities, this has been the situation for hundreds of years.


On behalf of the King and Queen, monster hunters now patrol the seas, taking out monsters to keep the waters safer.

Red assists Maisie and Jacob

Maisie makes a new monster buddy on the island, whom she calls “Blue.” On their boat, which Red also gobbled up with them, she and Jacob attempt to sail away. However, their preparations are complicated when a different beast appears and engages them in combat.

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To their amazement, Red ends up being the hero (though Jacob claims he had a larger part in their success). Maisie makes an attempt to bargain with Red about taking them home, feeling more convinced than ever that Red isn’t as terrifying as people claim. Red accepts and begins to take them back after swimming up under their boat.

The Sea Beast’s Monster-hunting World

The Marine Beast, which will be available on Netflix on July 8th, 2022, is set in a time when dreadful sea creatures roamed the waters and were hunted by monster hunters who were celebrated for their heroic deeds.

The movie chronicles the tale of one particular monster hunter, Jacob Holland, who starts his quest on board the hunting ship The Inevitable while working for the grizzled Captain Crow, who lost an eye to a monster named the Red Bluster years before.

Jacob and Maisie, an orphaned stowaway, cut a tangled rope to save the crew while on the prowl for the notorious beast, but in doing so, they allowed the beast to escape.

The two are held at gunpoint by Captain Crow until Red materializes from the depths and engulfs Maisie and Jacob. The beast was actually saving the two, transporting them to safety on an island populated by other species, as opposed to killing them.

Red is persuaded by Maisie to take her and Jacob to an island so they may find a way home. While on the trip, they make friends with the animal and learn that the sea creatures are not bad but rather act in self-defense against the hunters.

Maisie Brumble: Who is She?

Young Maisie Brumble is an orphan, but she doesn’t want to spend the remainder of her childhood there. The young girl, who is the daughter of monster hunters who has passed away, aspires to live a heroic life and meet a heroic end. This prompts her to stow away on Captain Crow’s ship, much to Jacob’s dismay.

What Occurs as Captain Crow Pursues the Red Bluster Once More?

With Maisie on board, The Inevitable sets sail once more. When they run into The Red Bluster again, they manage to catch it, but the beast almost sinks the ship as well. By freeing the sea monster, Maisie saves them, but as a result, she and Jacob fall into the water.


Thus, Captain Crow is not pleased. He commands Jacob to bring the girl to him, warning her that there will be repercussions for her behavior. The Bluster appears as if this is happening and snatches Maisie and Jacob into its mouth.

The team is left in disbelief as it then retreats. They eventually arrive at an island thanks to the sea beast. Maisie forbids Jacob from killing it, despite his attempts. She believes that she attempted to protect them from Crow.

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Then she calls herself “Red.” Jacob believes Maisie is acting irrationally. Sea beasts are killed by monster hunters since they initiated the killing process. Their victory over them makes them heroes.

‘The Sea Beast’ Ending Explained: What Happened To Jacob And Maisie?

Jacob and Maisie get to have their own journey and learn more about the monsters after being abducted by the Red Bluster. Maisie concludes that the animals responded merely as a measure of defense against the barrage of conflict that the humans hurled their way.

Maisie was unsure of who began the conflict, but after taking a look, she concluded that it was likely the monarchs who had pushed the hunters for their amusement and greed. Due to the conflict between the monsters and the kingdom, she lost both of her parents.

She was eager for the war to end, though. The moment Maisie saved Red and took charge of the entire meal to confront the emperor and empress about their morals was when she displayed the most bravery. She swiftly departed the kingdom with Jacob’s assistance so she could live more freely.


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