Beware My Power Ending Explained: How Revealed That Sinestro Was A Pawn?

Beware My Power Ending Explained

After his military time in the Middle East came to a conclusion, John Stewart was battling PTSD, as seen in Green Lantern: Beware My Power. But when Hal Jordan’s power ring transformed him into a Green Lantern, he started a startling new chapter.

John eventually formed a team alongside Adam Strange, Hawkgirl, and Green Arrow to uncover a cosmic plot that Sinestro was in charge of. It resulted in a shocking conclusion that featured twists, murder, and a tragic sacrifice.

Beware My Power Plotline

John Stewart, a former Marine, and expert marksman are given an extraterrestrial ring that gives him Earth’s Green Lantern abilities.

Sadly, the ring doesn’t come with instructions, but it does have baggage, such as a gang of extraterrestrial assassins determined to kill every Green Lantern in the cosmos.

This reluctant soldier must now travel into the center of a galactic Rann/Thanagar battle with the help of the cheery Green Arrow, Adam Strange, and Hawkgirl and manage to succeed where all other Green Lanterns have failed.

In Green Lantern: Beware My Power, The Newest DC Animated Movie

In Green Lantern: Beware My Power, the newest DC animated movie, John Stewart makes his feature film debut and travels across the galaxy.

Beware My Power Ending Explained

Beware My Power, which was directed by Justice Society: World War II’s Jeff Wamester and features a script by Ernie Altbacker and John Semper, is a fun ride that combines several genres and serves as a good introduction to the Green Lantern Corps and John Stewart for viewers who aren’t familiar with that part of the DC universe.

Beware My Power Cast Characters

John Stewart, who portrayed one of the main characters in the Justice League animated series from the early 2000s and its sequel Justice League Unlimited, is the Green Lantern that many people associate with their childhood.

However, Stewart has only intermittently made brief appearances since then in a variety of animated movies or television shows.

Aldis Hodge, who will also make his DC live-action debut in Black Adam as Hawkman later this year, gives a wonderful vocal performance as the newly minted Green Lantern in Beware My Power, which is glorious return to the spotlight for Stewart.

Beware My Power Ending Explained

The decision to center the story around Stewart rather than Hal Jordan, who frequently serves as Earth’s primary Green Lantern in different projects, allows viewers to view the DC universe from a fresh perspective and discover new character dynamics between Stewart and other Justice League members.

Green Arrow, Hawkgirl, and Adam Strange are Stewart’s allies in his quest. Since Green Arrow and Jordan are practically antipodes of one another, bringing Stewart and Green Arrow together creates a fun new team-up.

Jordan and Green Arrow have frequently been shown together since their 1970s team-ups with the late Denny O’Neil and Neil Adams.

In contrast to Stewart, who is struggling with his own trauma as a former Marine who has had his fill of war and feels he doesn’t belong in this world of superheroes, aliens, and intergalactic battle, Green Arrow is a wisecracking hero who enjoys adventuring but still understands his role.

Hodge and Jimmi Simpson have good chemistry together as the two heroes, balancing each other out and delving into new aspects of their characters as they develop their hesitant alliance.

Beware My Power Ending Explained

Sinestro Was A Pawn, As Revealed In Green Lantern: Beware My Power

In Green Lantern: Beware My Power, John’s crew was captured by Sinestro’s gang after realizing he was attempting to steal a death ray that Rann had built using Zeta rays. After Sinestro started a conflict between both planets, Rann intended to destroy Thanagar.

Fortunately, John’s crew managed to leave, bringing Hal with them after learning that he wasn’t actually dead like the other Green Lanterns on Oa.

Beware My Power Ending Explained

When they got to the Rann space station, a vicious battle broke out. While his teammates battled the other Yellow Lanterns, John engaged Sinestro, setting up a few dramatic scenes.

First, a frantic John called forth his ring, which pierced Sinestro’s heart and killed him. Second, John fully understood what Sinestro had stated regarding Hal being attacked at the control bay by his true master.

Beware My Power Revealed Hal Was Parallax, Warns Green Lantern

Hal got control of the death ray and John started firing energy blasts at him. When the former pilot discovered Hal wasn’t human anymore, he revealed his actual identity: Parallax.

A while passed, and Sinestro gave him the yellow parasite, which led to Parallax enslaving Sinestro, and the two of them destroyed the GLC and the core power battery of Oa.

Hal was chosen by Parallax as its avatar because it sought to reimagine the universe in its own image. But John managed to coax the rings from Hal, demonstrating that he had more willpower.

However, Parallax proved to be too powerful, causing Ollie to shoot Hal in the chest with an arrow, murdering his best friend. Sadly, despite Hal/death, Parallax’s death beam continued to fire forth, dislodging Rann and Thanagar into each other’s orbits on their way to destroying both.

Beware My Power Killed Off a Major Hero, Warns Green Lantern

Adam had a fallback strategy because he knew John’s rings couldn’t block the beam. His metahuman prowess was all that mattered. Zeta beams mysteriously followed him, so he asked Hawkgirl and company to look after the cosmos while he was gone.

He exited the teleporter, caused the beam to pursue him, and then jumped through a portal to another location in space. It’s assumed that after being deflected and jumping, the beam also annihilated him and anything else around.

It brought to a close a bittersweet conclusion in which Hawkgirl drove John and Ollie home. John finally won her over, and she hinted that they might work together again. It made reference to their on-screen romance in the Justice League animated series.

After the horrible conflict, they had just waged, John and Ollie bonded in the final scene of Green Lantern: Beware My Power. With John joining the League and reviving the GLC, they were aware that great things lay ahead.

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