Hatching (2022) Ending Explained: Was The Monster Genuine or Not?

Hatching (2022) Ending Explained

Hanna Bergholm wrote and directed the 2022 Finnish horror psychological thriller titled Hatching Pahanhautoja. Her debut feature-length film is this one. The mother of the family at the center of the narrative pushes her daughter very hard to participate in a gymnastics competition.

Their lives are completely flipped upside down when the daughter finds an egg one night and nurses it. It’s a good movie with good acting, but the ending leaves you wanting more. Spoilers follow as we break down the movie Hatching’s plot and resolution.

Hatching (2022) Plotline

The process of hatching is started when a crow breaks into the house and ruins a good take for the mother’s vlog. The mother decides to kill the bird after she captures it rather than let it fly out the window.

Hatching (2022) Ending Explained

What a chill! This scene establishes the tone for the entire movie; despite how happy-go-lucky the videos appear to be, there is actually a lot of darkness, much like in the lives of those who live on social media.

About Tero

It seems to be an open secret that the mother is with Tero, despite the fact that Tero is introduced as the wrecker who will destroy the family.

When Tinja first learns, she is surprised, but her father seemed to be cool with the arrangement. Tero is a kind man who tries to encourage Tinja to be kinder to herself.

Tinja’s Escalating Mental Health Problems

The size of the egg symbolizes Tinja’s escalating mental health problems. When she learns that her mother is having an affair, the egg becomes noticeably larger, as can be seen in the picture.

When her mother declares that she is moving in with Tero because she is in love with him, the egg finally grows enormous. The egg shatters. Mind cracks in Tinja.

Is This Evidence That the Monster Has Always Existed?

Injuring her wrist after falling during the tournament, Tinja prevents Alli from killing the infant. Before this scene, it was unclear whether Tinja and Alli were two distinct individuals or merely several personalities.

However, Tero witnesses Alli departing through the car window as the mother and Tinja are currently making their way back home. Tero meets them as soon as they get there.

Hatching (2022) Ending Explained

Though the movie makes it appear as though Alli’s attacks occurred while Tinja is having seizures, they actually happen at two different times, we could say if this confrontation had taken place at a later date.

Tero confronting Tinja and her mother provides convincing proof that the creature is genuine.

Hatching (2022) Ending Explained

The mother accidentally kills Tinja in the 2022 film Hatching’s climax. After consuming Tinja’s blood and completing her change, Alli stands up and calls out, “Mother.”

Either a mimic is fully developing at this time, or a child’s mind is being psychologically killed at this same moment.

Monster is Real and Has Taken Tinja’s Place

The family is in disbelief because of proof from certain movie scenes that suggests the monster is real and has taken Tinja’s place.

If Alli doesn’t eat them first, they’d probably bury Tinja on the lawn and continue living their lives, just like they did when they covered up for the neighbor’s deceased dog.

On the other side, we might interpret the climax as a child’s mind disintegrating as a result of the stress on both their bodies and minds. The child lashes out at her mother for being so tyrannical and blaming her all the time.

The monster Tinja is becoming is something she has hatched and fostered; she cares for it. Tinja’s rational side battles the monster she is becoming. The metaphorical climax depicts how the mother’s conduct destroys the child’s innocence, leaving only the monster to live.

Hatching (2022) Final Reflections: Was The Monster Genuine or Not?

Whether the monster is real or not is unknown to us. An excellent movie called Hatching gives us the impression that a monster is present before leading us to believe that Tinja is having a split personality and then convincing us that the creature actually existed.

The movie ends abruptly. Contradictory supernatural and psychological undertones are present in the movie. To clarify…

A Supernatural Force Was Not Engaged

It is tough to imagine that a supernatural force was not engaged given how the dog was killed. The task did not appear to be one that a 12-year-old could handle.

On the other hand, the dad would not have been able to mistake the excessive amount of blood that was present on the bed and in the room for menstrual bleeding.

Reetta Appeared to Have Been Assaulted by a Wild Animal

Reetta appeared to have been assaulted by a wild animal rather than a 12-year-old from the way she was mauled.

It is difficult to argue that Tero did not witness the monster, Alli, attempting to harm his child given that he observed Tinja leaving the room while his child was present at the competition with her mother.

Despite the fact that Tero has video proof of Tinja attending the tournament, it is difficult to imagine that she just broke up with the mother. A live feed was used!

Daughter Has an Evil Twin in the Climax

When the mother learns that her daughter has an evil twin in the climax, she reacts with relative composure. She equips her daughter and herself with a kitchen knife so they can fight against a supernatural foe that can rip a dog’s head off.

Hatching (2022) Ending Explained

The family’s reaction was more in line with that of a parent who is unsure of how to handle their child’s breakdown.

As you can see, the movie contains many inconsistencies, but if you were to ask me if the creature was real, would I know? I’d answer yes since there’s a lot of evidence in the movie that suggests it’s the case, but I desperately wish it wasn’t.

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