Moonfall Ending Explained:What Happened and What It Could Mean for A Sequel?

moonfall ending explained

Roland Emmerich co-wrote, directed, and produced the 2022 science fiction catastrophe film Moonfall.

Hollywood A-listers Donald Sutherland and Halle Berry star as well as Patrick Wilson and Michael Pea.

A pair of former astronauts and an anti-conspiracy nut find out. One of the most costly independent films ever, it was shot in Montreal on a $138–146 million budget.

Lionsgate distributed the film in the United States in theaters on February 4, 2022. Despite an estimated $138–146 million budget, it was a box office disaster, earning only $59 million worldwide. Critics were likewise unkind in their assessments.

Plot Summary

Moonfall Ending Explained

Space Shuttle voyage in 2011 with astronauts Brian Harper, Jacinda Fowler, and newcomer Marcus. In a split second, a mysterious Black Swarm hits the orbiter, killing Marcus and incapacitating Fowler before Harper can re-enter.

NASA dismisses Harper’s claims that they saved the shuttle from destruction, even though he was first recognized as a hero for rescuing it.

Human error was found to be to fault for the accident, which took investigators 18 months to complete, and Harper’s testimony is still generally doubted. Harper is sacked from NASA after Fowler fails to defend him during the hearing.

K.C. Houseman discovers, ten years later, using a research telescope time stolen from another researcher that the Moon’s orbit is now moving closer to Earth. Houseman believes the Moon is a man-made megastructure.

He makes an effort to communicate his results to NASA, but to no avail. Houseman then takes his discovery to social media and shares it with Harper, who dismisses it.

Using an SLS Block 2 spacecraft, NASA conducts a Moon trip to examine the anomaly that was discovered independently.

Moonfall Ending Explained

When the three lunar explorers put a probe into an artificial shaft on the Moon’s surface, the same alien Swarm that attacked Harper’s shuttle a decade ago reappears and kills them all.

Catastrophic events such as tsunamis, gravitational anomalies, and atmospheric dissipation can occur as the lunar orbit deteriorates.

To hide the fact that Apollo 11 discovered lunar surface irregularities during its historic landing, NASA put a two-minute radio blackout in place, implying that the Moon had a hollow interior. Fowler, now deputy director of NASA, learns this information.

A military program known as ZX7 developed an EMP device in an attempt to eliminate the Swarm, but the project was shelved due to a lack of funding.

As part of the new mission, Fowler has the EMP device pulled from storage and the retired Space Shuttle Endeavour brought out of its museum. As a massive tsunami destroys Vandenberg Space Force Base, Harper, Houseman, and Fowler blast off with the EMP.

A white dwarf in the Moon’s center is being drained of its energy by the Swarm, which is causing the artificial megastructure’s orbit to become unstable as its power supply runs low.

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Moonfall Ending Explained

Harper discovers that the megastructure was built by human predecessors thousands of years ago when technology was far more advanced than it is now.

It is believed that the Moon was built billions of years ago as an ark in space to repopulate humanity after it was threatened by an overly powerful renegade artificial intelligence. It is one of those AIs that responds to electronic activity in the presence of any organic life.

Orders are given by President Obama to Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Jenkins to conduct a nuclear attack on the Moon as it nears Earth’s orbit.

In order to save his ex-wife Fowler as well as Harper and Houseman, General Doug Davidson, Air Force Chief of Staff, refuses to carry out the strike order and sacrifices his own life.

Moonfall Ending Explained

Davidson’s military bunker in the Colorado mountains is guarded by Sonny Harper, Harper’s son, and Jimmy Fowler, Jimmy’s nanny. Reunited with Harper’s ex-wife, Sonny’s mother, and step-family in Aspen, however, they are caught up in a slew of catastrophes brought on by the swift devastation caused by the Moon’s closeness.

In order to get to the bunker, the group must battle off other survivors as well as progressively lethal natural calamities.

In order to save his youngest daughter, Tom sacrifices himself by suffocating when the Moon’s gravitational pull takes away the confined atmosphere during a close-by orbital approach.

Before detonating the bomb, Houseman utilizes the EMP device and their lunar module to draw the Swarm away from the vessel.

Swarm is annihilated, allowing Fowler and Harper to reach Earth, which is now just a short distance away. The Moon’s structure begins to re-enter its regular orbit now that its power and systems have been restored.

When Fowler and Harper finally make it to Colorado, they’re reunited with Sonny, Jimmy, Michelle, and Brenda after a successful spacecraft landing.

A duplicate of Houseman’s mind has been preserved by the Moon’s operating system—an AI built by our ancient forebears.

When the resurrected Houseman sees the AI projections of his mother and cat, Fuzz Aldrin, he tells them that they must now get to work on the Earth’s massive annihilation.

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moonfall ending explained

1. Halle Berry as Jacinda Fowler, a former NASA astronaut now serving as deputy director of NASA and Brian Harper’s colleague who once flew together on a Space Shuttle Endeavour mission

2. Patrick Wilson as Brian Harper, a disgraced former NASA astronaut and Fowler’s colleague who flew on a Space Shuttle Endeavour mission

3. John Bradley is K.C. Houseman, an independent researcher, who finds out about the Moon is artificial and also discovers the incoming Moon impact towards Earth following his contact with an official from an observatory in Chile.

4. Michael Peña as Tom Lopez, Brenda’s husband

5. Charlie Plummer as Sonny Harper, Brian and Brenda’s estranged son who was arrested for speeding. Plummer and Dalman additionally portray the manifestation of the Moon’s alien operating system as it appears to Brian Harper.

6. Azriel Dalman as young Sonny Harper

7. Kelly Yu is Michelle, a foreign exchange student who is also the nanny to Fowler’s son Jimmy.

8. Donald Sutherland as Holdenfield, a former NASA official who found out about the dark side of the Moon mystery that occurred during the Apollo 11 mission.

9. Eme Ikwuakor as General Doug Davidson, a United States Air Force Four-Star General who served as Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force and deputy director, as well as Fowler’s ex-husband.

10. Carolina Bartczak is Brenda Harper, Brian’s ex-wife and Sonny’s mother, who currently lives with her new husband Tom.

Moonfall Ending Explained

11. Maxim Roy as Gabriella Auclair, a military captain who leads the task-force mission to rescue Brian and Houseman.

12. Frank Scorpion as General Jenkins, a United States Air Force Four-Star General who served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and was tasked by the President of the United States to launch a nuclear strike at the Moon.

13. Stephen Bogaert as Albert Hutchings, NASA’s Director who turns over his position to Fowler at the last minute before the Moon’s impact.

14. Andreas Apergis as Lieutenant Colonel Reed, a soldier tasked to deliver an EMP that was to be detonated on the Moon.

15. Kathleen Fee as Mrs. Elaine Houseman, Houseman’s mother who lives at a nursing home and suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.



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