My Liberation Notes Ending Explained: Did the Main Characters Find Liberation? Here’s Where Their Stories Ended!

My Liberation Notes Ending Explained

Liberation Memoirs RR: “; Korean: “; RR: South Korean television series Naui Haebangilji starring Lee Minki, Kim Ji-won, Son Seok-Koo, and Lee El is now available on Netflix.

It is broadcast on JTBC every Saturday and Sunday at 22:30 from April 9 to May 29, 2022, for a total of 16 episodes. Netflix has a limited number of regions where it is available for streaming.

Why Is Gi-Jeong a True Pick-Up Girl?

My Liberation Notes Ending Explained

Because she was willing to fearlessly pick up the severed head of her lover, Gi-Jeong has been dubbed a “pick-up girl” by her college friends for years. She takes great pride in it. She sees Tae-spirit Hun and has no regrets about falling in love with him, despite the circumstances.

Yu-Rim is disappointed when Gi-Jeong and Tae-Hun decide to get married after Yu-Rim turns twenty. It is still difficult for Gyeong-Seon and Yu-Rim to accept the fact that Gi-Jeong is Tae-new Hun’s bride.

Adding insult to injury, the death of Gi-mother Jeong has left her fearful about the future. She cuts her hair in a fit of rage because she believes it is the only thing she can control. As a result, Tae-Hun begins to believe that Gi-Jeong is suffering as a direct result of his presence.

It is revealed that Tae-Hun was concerned she would date him out of pity and would not be able to break up with him because of that.

Because she feels all three feelings for him, Gi-Jeong tells him not to separate respect, sympathy, and love.

She’s ready for anything, but she can’t bear the thought of ending their connection. That she will be there for him no matter what he does. Gi-Jeong is able to de-stress thanks to his good outlook and strong character.

One night, while drunk, Tae-Hun gives a red rose to Gi-Jeong. She notices that the flower’s stem has snapped. Because of this, she preserves her lover’s severed head in a soy sauce dish as a reminder.

Gi-Jeong is ecstatic that her theory about the effectiveness of pick-up girls was proven correct.

Does Chang-Hee Find His Life’s Purpose in Seoul?

My Liberation Notes Ending Explained

Throughout his time at Sanpo, Chang-Hee had dreamed of moving to Seoul, making a fortune, and living the life of his dreams. However, despite moving to Seoul, he is unable to do so because of the presumption of his mother’s death.

After quitting his work, he opens a convenience store and earns more money than before. Chang-Hee, on the other hand, has lost his zeal for life in Seoul, despite the difficulties he has faced in the past.

Hyeon-Ah only dates men who are in a vulnerable situations in their lives, Chang-Hee knows.

It boosts her self-esteem and gives her a sense of purpose. According to Chang-Hee, being married to her would be the equivalent of living the rest of his life as a victim in order to gain her approval.

That’s why his relationship with Hyeon-Ah is over, but he still pledges to remain a friend to her in the future.

While waiting for Hyeon-Ah, Chang-Hee pays a visit to Hyeok-Su Hyeon-ex-girlfriend Ah’s in the hospital. To his dismay, he learns that Hyeok-Su is in the process of expiring. He tries to reach Hyeon-Ah, but she refuses to answer his phone calls.

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My Liberation Notes Ending Explained

As a result, he resolves to spend his final moments with Hyeok-Su. Including his grandfather, grandmother, mother, and now him, Chang-Hee claims to have witnessed several deaths while growing up.

Despite this, he is grateful that he was able to offer them some solace. Instead of attending the conference, Chang-Hee decides to stay with Hyeok-Su and put his career on hold until things get back to normal.

Chang-Hee had spent his entire life relying on the idea that accumulating wealth would bring him lasting contentment. However, at his darkest moments, he always put the needs of others ahead of financial gain.

It was a random class that Chang-Hee decided to attend. When the lecturer starts talking about death and dying, he becomes perplexed, but he soon discovers that he has enrolled in a class on funeral arrangements.

Chang-Hee, who has seen many deaths in his life, has a weird impression that he has sat through the lecture with his feet planted firmly on the ground.

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An Explanation of The End

What Was the Purpose of ‘my Liberation Notes’?

My Liberation Notes Ending Explained

For the first time since relocating to Seoul, Mi-Jeong decided to give up her creative career. Rejection in her previous creative profession, she believes, had a negative effect on her self-esteem, but this is not the case at her new place of employment.

In contrast to her prior position, when she was constantly surrounded by sour coworkers, she now works in a place where everyone is kind and there is no negativity.

She’s relieved that Jun-Ho and Su-harmful Jin’s influence won’t be an issue any longer.

It’s the only thing Mi-Jeong regrets about quitting the Liberation Club. The Liberation Club comes together again one day.

Sang-Min announces to all of his acquaintances that a publisher buddy has expressed an interest in publishing the Liberation Notes.

Tae-Hun wonders if the notes actually helped them accomplish anything. Mi-Jeong believes that the Liberation Club’s goal was not to find a solution but to better comprehend one’s own issues.

Because understanding an issue means that half of the problem has been solved. It’s also a problem for Mr. Gu because of his drunkenness.

His old problems come back to him in full force when he is clean, and he feels that it’s impossible to stop drinking.

When he was living in Sanpo, he turned to drinking as a way to forget about his past. After dating Mi-Jeong, Mr. Gu realizes that he can keep his thoughts quiet even while he’s sober.

Hyeon-men Jin had borrowed Gu money, and he had to rush to save her from their clutches one day. Gu’s business and money were utilized by Hyeon-Jin to fund his gambling habit.

When Gu and his helper formerly known as Sam-Sik are injured while trying to save Hyeon-Jin, the ungrateful punk flees with his money.

Gu Ja-work, Gyeong’s past, and what happens after Hyeon-Jin cheats on him are all kept under wraps in the series.

His connection with Mi-Jeong, which has helped him overcome many difficulties in his life, is at the top of the list.

When Mi-Jeong starts dating Gu, she experiences a lot of positive changes in her life, and she starts to feel like she’s worth someone’s love.

Things improve for Mi-Jeong once he acquires a new perspective on life, and Chan-Hye agrees to pay back his loan.

Mr. Gu’s monotonous life and the lives of the Yeom siblings haven’t changed much, but their viewpoints have!


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