Coryxkenshin Quit Youtube: What Happened to Coryxkenshin?

coryxkenshin quit youtube

Since CoryxKenshin, a well-known YouTuber, hasn’t posted in a long time, his followers have begun to wonder what happened to him.

Who Is Cory Williams?

CoryxKenshin is the alias of Cory Williams. He is a well-known American gaming YouTuber.

A popular nickname amongst his followers is “THE SHOGUN HIMSELF”. Farmington Hills, Michigan, United States is where he currently resides.

Cory joined YouTube on April 26, 2009, at the age of 16, and uploaded his first video to the site in May of that year. Since he was born on November 9, 1992, he has been 29. This is the life story of Coryxkenshin.

How Did Coryxkenshin End up Here?

Coryxkenshin Quit Youtube

As of this writing, Cory has over 13 million YouTube subscribers. He has, however, stepped down from the stage.

During a period of two years, the YouTuber did not post any new videos. In addition to that, he took breaks that lasted anywhere from a couple of days to several months.

Cory announced his retirement from YouTube, despite the fact that he has a massive following.

Even so, Cory’s fans are confident that this is only a temporary hiatus. However, he posted a video on his channel a month ago.

What Happened To Coryxkenshin?

Coryxkenshin Quit Youtube

According to CoryxKenshin, he has ectodermal dysplasia, a hereditary condition that affects approximately 7,000 people worldwide.

The lack of hair on Cory’s limbs, as well as the gaps in his teeth, is because of this. CoryxKenshin was eager to open up to the Samurai about his mental illness because he felt at ease with them.

Cory was able to afford a special retainer to mask the gaps in his teeth while he awaits surgery to close them permanently as a thank you for their support of his YouTube channel.

It was “one of the biggest moments of my entire life,” Cory said when he saw himself with the retainer in.

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What Happened to You Tuber Cory?

Coryxkenshin Quit Youtube

We don’t know. The YouTube channel of CoryxKenshin has gone dark. In 2016, for example, the YouTuber abruptly stopped uploading videos with no warning.

Despite this, he returned the following year after just two months. In 2018, the same thing happened again. For about four months, he stopped posting videos online.

Despite this, in June 2019, he posted a video to his social media accounts announcing that he would return that week.

Since then, he has remained silent. Cory announced that he was stepping down from his YouTube channel. His most recent video was uploaded one month prior.

In a video posted on YouTube, the YouTuber discussed his struggle to complete college.

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What Is Coryx Kenshin Height?

coryxkenshin stands tall 5 feet 6 inches and weighs approximately 60 kilograms in the United States.


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