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Drift Hunters: Fantastic 3D Driving Game Drift Hunters!

In the fantastic 3D driving game Drift Hunters, you earn points by drifting different vehicles. You can use the money you earn from these points to enhance your current vehicle or purchase a new one.

The game is unique due to its diverse driving landscapes and realistic drifting dynamics.

You can drive vehicles like the Toyota AE86, Nissan S13, Toyota Supra, Ford Mustang, and even the RWB 911 in the free-to-play web game Drift Hunters.

You can modify and customize your car to an astonishing degree, but it’s nothing like as detailed as your latest PC and console games. Given that it is built using the UNITY engine, it features 3D graphics and reasonably realistic physics.

Fantastic 3D Driving Game Drift Hunters

In the fantastic 3D driving game Drift Hunters, you earn points by drifting different vehicles. You can use the money you earn from these points to enhance your current vehicle or purchase a new one. The game is unique due to its diverse driving landscapes and realistic drifting dynamics.

Your continuous contact will be considerably improved by DriftHunters. As you will have them all opened, you can battle with the dragon you require.

Drift Huntwers

Given that the game is well-known and has more than 100 million players, it will be challenging for you to achieve true excellence. You should put a lot of time and money into it.

However, with our DriftHunters, you will receive an endless supply of gems and gold. You will have the choice to fully experience the game and take in all of its highlights.

At this game, none of your teammates will be better than you. After you’ve shown them your resources and information, they’ll probably be curious.

How To Play Drift Hunters?

The gameplay is comparatively easy. The ARROW KEYS on your keyboard can be used to steer the car, the SPACEBAR to apply the handbrake, and C to switch the camera’s angle. To upshift and downshift, use Left Shift and CTRL, respectively.


Even though the handbrake is typically useful in games like this, you might discover that you don’t need it because steering alone can often be used to induce a fairly wicked drift.

Drifting In the game, your point multiplier grows the longer you drift. The points can be used to buy high-performance exotic cars like the Porsche 911 GT. There are more than 25 fully customizable vehicles for sale.


You may thoroughly tune every automobile you buy, including the brake balance, turbo, rear offset, front camber, and many others. These features can be changed to achieve the optimum tune for your drifting.

You can also increase the car’s performance. With better components, the weight, turbo, weight, and engine may all be upgraded.

Drift Hunter Full Car List

Toyota Trueno GT-APEX (AE86)- Datsun 240z Nissan 240sx (S13) BMW M3 (E29) Mitsubishi Evolution (VIII) Subaru Impreza WRZ BMW M3 (E36) Nissan 240sx (S14) Nissan Silvia Spec R (S15) Honda S2000 (AP1) Mazda RX-7 Type R (FD3S) BMW M3 (E46)

Drift Huntwers

Toyota GT86 Toyota Supra (JZA80) BMW 1M Coupé (E82) Infiniti G35 Coupe Mercedes Benz AMG CLA Saloon (C45) Ford Fiesta ST (Mark VI) Nissan 370z Coupe Nissan Skyline GTR (R34) Lexus IS350 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Ford Mustang Fastback (S550) BMW 335i (F30) Nissan GTR (R35) Porsche 911 GT (993)

Drift Hunter Features

  • Ten distinct drifting tunes
  • 26 opulent vehicles that can be customized
  • Stunning 3D graphics with simple setting adjustments
  • The capacity to tweak and modify every component of your car

Which vehicle is ideal for drift enthusiasts?

You must choose the ideal vehicle for drifting in order to meet your needs. While some players in Drift Hunters are certain that the Nissan GTR is the best vehicle, others had great success with the Nissan Silvia Spec R.

What is the name of the priciest car in the video game Drift Hunters?

The Porsche 911 GT (993), is the most expensive vehicle in the game, but not the fastest.

What vehicle on Drift Hunters is the fastest?

The Nissan GT-R is the game’s fastest vehicle (R35).

The creator of Drift Hunter?

Ilya Kaminetsky first created the game. You can get it straight from the developer on his website, and from there you can also donate money to the cause.

A Free-to-play Browser Drifting Game

A free-to-play browser drifting game is called Drift Hunters. Drift on several thrilling tracks in a choice of high-performance tuner automobiles.

The game’s UNITY engine creates a fully 3D environment with accurate physics and a steady frame rate.

Starting with the famous Toyota Corolla AE86, you can unlock vehicles like the Nissan S13, Toyota Supra, 2015 Mustang, RWB 911, and many more as you practice drifting on the track.

Your car can be fully customized, with both aesthetic and functional changes possible.

Is a New Drift Hunters Game Available?

Drift Hunters MAX is undoubtedly there. Despite imitators, the brand-new Driftted-exclusive game in the Drift Hunters series can only be played at

Despite the fact that Drift Hunters 2 games are available online, they are actually older iterations of the first game.

A mind-blowing car list of 37 vehicles that you may customize to make your ideal ride is provided by Drift Hunters MAX, a game that offers a revolutionary gaming experience. This list was chosen by Drifted enthusiasts.

There is something for every motorsport lover, including some of the finest supercars in history as well as JDM legends and Euro classics.

Drift Huntwers

The amazing new features don’t stop there, either. There is even more diversity with a total of 12 new and revamped tracks, giving Drift Hunters fans unlimited hours of pleasure.

There is much more to look forward to, but we won’t reveal everything here to avoid spoiling the surprises.

So be sure to visit the website and give the game a try; we’re sure you’ll enjoy it just as much as we do!


You must master the ability to drive an automobile in the 66 Drift Hunters unblocked games. You will walk on a surface that was designed specifically for this activity and contains several sharp twists.

When the car is turning for you, you must make use of its ability to drift and make all sharp turns gracefully and quickly.

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