Flowers in the Attic: The Origin Part 3 Ending Explained (Updated 2022)!

Flowers in the Attic The Origin

The third episode of “Flowers in the Attic: The Origin,” “Part 3: The Murderer,” dealt in part with forbidden love. There were taboo relationships between Joel and Corrine.

Even though there was nothing more between the two men than a shared love of music and a mutual sense of tranquility, Joel’s affections for Harry were viewed as a moral failure and a weakness of character.

Flowers in the Attic: The Origin Part 3 Plotline

Corrine and Christopher were attracted to each other incestuously. Their immediate attraction to one another and sensitivity toward one another didn’t alter the reality that they are related and aware of their relationship.

Even if the two believe they are niece and uncle rather than siblings, that doesn’t alter the reality of their predicament.

Therefore, Corrine’s relationship with Christopher only seems to drive her deeper into the darkness that permeates her home, as Joel’s love for Harry and his desire to live as he is without his father’s limitations and harshness ultimately break him free from Foxworth Hall.

Flowers in the Attic The Origin

After Christopher makes it plain they can’t be together, the two struggle with their feelings for one another.

And once Corrine decides she wants to be with Rockford Taylard, the same idiot who got her pregnant in “Part 2: The Mother” and caused her to have an abortion, it seems as though they might be able to leave each other alone.

Is There Any Chemistry Between Corrine and Christopher in “Flowers in the Attic: The Origin”?

Fortunately, Malcolm declined Rockford’s request for authorization to propose to Corrine. Malcolm told Olivia that he had “taken care” of Rockford at Corrine’s debutante ball, however, it’s unclear exactly what transpired between the two.

The young man has been disavowed of any idea that Corrine is his future, but we assume that Corrine’s father gave him the scare of his life and that he may have been hurt as a result.

Of course, Malcolm was acting selfishly when he did this. He has projected his sick and incestuous infatuation with his mother onto his own daughter, and he wants his daughter all to himself.

Although Olivia made it plain that Corrine shouldn’t use marriage as a way out, Corrine was unhappy that her parents didn’t support Rockford. A young woman shouldn’t use marriage as an escape or as the embodiment of her ideal existence.

Flowers in the Attic The Origin

She assured her daughter that she would be there to support her no matter what decision she made.

By the end of the episode, Olivia realized how wrong she had been when she made that remark. Corrine and Christopher were having sex as she and Malcolm were burying Mrs. Steiner’s corpse.

Corrine had faced Christopher and confessed her love for him after trying unsuccessfully for a while to deny her feelings for him.

He gave it back, and they later slept in Malcolm’s mother’s bed—the same room where he had had sexually assaulted Olivia and Alicia—together. the actual bed where Corrine was born.

Olivia Really Didn’t Have a Chance

Olivia really didn’t have a chance. She had been under pressure as a result of Mrs. Steiner’s attempt to blackmail the family by threatening to expose Joel unless she received payment.

When that failed, Mrs. Steiner admitted she was aware that Alicia, not Olivia, was Corrine’s biological mother. Olivia had been attempting to protect everything when she made the threat to destroy it.

Olivia accidentally pushed the lady when she attempted to prevent her from leaving the room where she had her former colleague imprisoned originally, causing the woman to strike her head on the side of a desk. Malcolm beat her with the phone to put an end to the fight.

Flowers in the Attic The Origin

Olivia was taken off to recuperate while Malcolm finished burying Mrs. Steiner because she was so traumatized by the entire incident that she allowed Malcolm to kiss her.

Olivia came upon Christopher and Corrine before she could get to her room. She heard them making out in the hallway and got more than just an eyeful when she peered through the keyhole.

There are no impossible scenarios in this show. Corrine and Christopher are together right now, but it’s unclear how Olivia witnessing them will affect what happens to their relationship moving forward. But we have a feeling it will be explosive, or at the very least dramatic.

In Flowers in the Attic: The Origin Part 3, Who Passes Away?

We briefly reconnected with Alicia as she gave us the details of her impromptu visit to the estate. After receiving a cancer diagnosis, she was informed that her time on earth was few.

Alicia wanted to make sure that Christopher wouldn’t be left to live life alone, without a support system or family. She didn’t want him to have to give up his dream of becoming a doctor, which he had also started studying for.

She so requested that Malcolm and Olivia take her son in and reunite him with the family. She wanted them to pay for Christopher’s schooling as well.

Malcolm and Olivia decided to take Alicia’s son in exchange for Christopher working at Foxworth Hall to help pay for his education. Malcolm had no interest in providing the young man with a free place to live on the estate.

When Alicia accepted the conditions, that was the last time we saw her. Before Christopher arrived in Virginia, Olivia and Malcolm received a letter informing them of her passing.

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