Last Night in Soho Ending Explained: What Really Happened to Sandie in Edgar Wright’s Horror Mystery?

Last Night in Soho Ending Explained

Edgar Wright and Krysty Wilson-Cairns collaborated on the script for Edgar Wright’s 2021 British psychological horror thriller Last Night in Soho.

Starring in it are Diana Rigg, Matt Smith, Rita Tushingham, Michael Ajao, Terence Stamp, and Thomasin McKenzie.

It serves as Rigg and Margaret Nolan’s last cinematic performances before their deaths in 2020. The movie honors the lives of Rigg and Nolan.

It had its world premiere on September 4, 2021, at the 78th Venice International Film Festival.

On October 9, 2021, at the BFI London Film Festival, it had its UK premiere. On October 29, 2021, Universal Pictures and Focus Features, respectively, distributed it in theatres in the UK and the US.

The production design, cinematography, costume design, direction, and performances garnered mostly positive reviews from critics but also had some criticism for the screenplay.

Despite this, the movie had a terrible box office performance, earning only $23 million globally on a $43 million budget.

Two BAFTA Film Awards, including Outstanding British Film and Best Sound, were nominated for the movie.

Plot Summary

Last Night in Soho Ending Explained

Eloise “Ellie” Turner aspires to be a fashion designer and adores the music and clothing of the Swinging Sixties. Ellie was raised by her maternal grandmother because her mother, who was also a fashion designer, committed suicide when she was a young girl.

She occasionally encounters the spirit of her mother in mirrors. Ellie relocates to London from her rural home in Redruth, Cornwall to attend the London College of Fashion, but she finds it difficult to integrate with her classmates there.

Only another student named John empathizes with her. She leaves the house because she is unhappy there and settles into the old Ms. Collins’ bedsit. Ellie has a strange dream that night in which she travels back to the 1960s.

She sees Sandie, a self-assured young blonde woman, at the Café de Paris asking about becoming a singer there. Sandie starts dating Jack, the charming Teddy Boy manager. The following morning, Ellie creates a dress with Sandie as her model and finds a love bite on her neck.

In another of Ellie’s dreams, Sandie attends a Jack-arranged audition at a Soho nightclub and is accepted, after which she returns to the same bedsit that Ellie had rented.

Ellie adjusts her appearance to match Sandie’s, uses her as an influence for her dress designs, dyes her hair blonde, and accepts a job at a pub after being moved by these images.

A man with grey hair is watching her and notices how similar she is to Sandie. In later dreams, Ellie learns that Sandie is no longer leading the life she had envisioned since Jack is pimping her out to his male business partners.

Last Night in Soho Ending Explained

Ellie is frightened by increasingly ominous apparitions that resemble Jack and the individuals who took advantage of and used Sandie while she is awake. She decides to find the silver-haired man, whom she believes to be Jack, after seeing a vision of Jack killing Sandie.

When she contacts the police, they don’t take her complaint seriously, so she looks for newspaper articles regarding Sandie’s murder. Instead, she discovers tales of local guys who disappeared mysteriously.

Ellie confronts the silver-haired man because she feels she must exact revenge on Sandie. He exits the pub after denying killing Sandie and is fatally hit by a cab.

He is revealed to be Lindsey, not Jack, by the landlord of the pub, and Ellie remembers seeing him in her dreams. He was an undercover vice officer who tried to persuade Sandie to leave her life of prostitution.

Ellie tells Ms. Collins she is departing from London. Then, Ms. Collins explains that her real name is Sandie. The vision Ellie had of Sandie killing Jack when he brandished a knife was indeed Sandie killing Jack.

Last Night in Soho Ending Explained

Then, Sandie enticed the guys she had been a prostitute to her chamber where she killed them and concealed their bodies in the walls and floors of the house.

In order to keep Ellie silent, Ms. Collins has also poisoned her tea and plans to kill her. A cigarette causes a fire during the ensuing altercation.

When John tries to help Ellie, Ms. Collins stabs him. The ghosts of Sandie’s victims ask Ellie to kill Ms. Collins as she runs upstairs to her room, but she refuses. When Ms. Collins enters Ellie’s room, she too encounters the ghosts and receives a slap from Jack’s ghost.

She tries to slit her own neck while the cops are outside, but Ellie stops her, telling her that she knows why she killed the guys and pleading with her to survive.

As the house burns, Ms. Collins, who is playing Sandie, tells Ellie to save herself and John.

When Ellie’s end-of-year fashion show features her gowns, she later experiences success. Her grandmother and John, her current boyfriend, congratulate her backstage.

Ellie sees the ghost of her mother in a mirror before having a glimpse of Sandie, who waves and kisses her.

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Ending Explained

Why Did Eloise Consider Sandie a Ghost?

Last Night in Soho Ending Explained

Since Ellie is able to put herself in Sandie’s shoes for a substantial portion of the movie, the twist that Sandie is the only technical killer in this story is startling.

She is taken to a magnificent evening in Soho where Sandie can command a whole ballroom just by standing next to the entrance from the first instant she goes to sleep in old Ms. Collins’ old flat.

Sandie appears as subversive for her time as many of the other pop cultures stars Ellie keeps posters of, such as the real singer Sandie Shaw or Audrey Hepburn’s fictional Holly Golightly, in an era when it was frowned upon for a young lady to enter a nightclub alone.

However, Alex also murdered many other men, which is why Eloise was transported back in time by the spirits.

They are pleading with Ellie to aid them and put a stop to their earthly suffering, which presumably lasts as long as Alexandra breathes, just like the ghosts in The Sixth Sense. Naturally, Ellie has a strong reason to dispute their grievances.

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The Spirit of The ‘60s

Last Night in Soho Ending Explained

Beyond the twist’s mechanics, the late Dame Diana Rigg and what she stood for in both this film and her own life are a big part of why the Last Night in Soho conclusion succeeds.

From 1965 until 1968, Rigg starred in The Avengers as one of the most well-known figures in the UK culture of the 1960s. She also starred in films such as the 007 film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 1969.

Like Sandie, Rigg was a major figure in the mod movement that was sweeping Carnaby Street in swinging London.

Even though it does so in a slightly different setting—the California Dreamin’ and Summer of Love towards the conclusion of the epoch—film, Tarantino’s which was nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, celebrates everything sentimentalized about this decade.

A free and feminine spirit throwing off the gloom of the post-war years typically personifies the common wistfulness over what a paradise future generations missed in these movies, as in so many others about this period in time.

That was most encapsulated in the case of OUATIH by Margot Robbie’s charming but largely parodic portrayal of Sharon Tate, who rose to fame as the idol of her generation. The vibrant 1960s spirit ought to have continued to live and dance.


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