Purple Hearts Ending Explained: What Takes Place in Iraq?

Purple Hearts Ending Explained

Purple Hearts, which started streaming on Netflix today, is the perfect choice if you’re in the mood for a classic fake-dating romance.

Purple Hearts, directed by Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum and written by Kyle Jarrow and Liz W. Garcia, is the story of two extremely different people who, due to plot circumstances, end up getting married while essentially being strangers.

Of course, a fake relationship does not necessarily imply that the feelings are not genuine. Remember, this is Hollywood.

Nevertheless, not all fictitious unions have happy endings. The stakes are especially high for the couple in Purple Hearts because the U.S. military views their fictitious marriage as a crime.

Purple Hearts Ending Explained

So, in Purple Hearts, do Cassie and Luke end up together? Continue reading for Decider’s deconstruction of the Purple Hearts plot summary and an explanation of the Purple Hearts ending if you want to know what to expect beforehand.

Purple Hearts Cast Characters

An aspiring singer-songwriter, Cassie (played by actress Sofia Carson), works as a waitress to make ends meet while also trying to pay for her diabetes insulin.

Luke (Nicholas Galitzine), a former heroin addict who is currently serving in the Marines, needs money quickly in order to settle debts he owes to his dealer.

When Cassie (Chosen Jacobs), a Marine, is at her wits’ end and in desperate need of better health insurance, she asks Frankie (Chosen Jacobs) to marry her in order to qualify for military health benefits. Luke hears the offer by chance.

Purple Hearts Ending Explained

His father is a veteran military police officer, so he is aware of the dire ramifications of a phony marriage. At first, he is adamantly opposed to the notion. However, a menacing visit from his previous dealer convinces him otherwise.

He Marries Cassie Because Married Marines Earn More Money

To make the marriage look genuine, Luke leaves for Iraq while still communicating with Cassie via FaceTime and letters. Then, however, the unthinkable occurs: Frankie, Cassie’s companion, is killed in battle, and Luke suffers an injury that forces him to use a wheelchair.

Cassie, Luke’s wife, informs Luke’s father that her husband’s son has been hurt and that she is unsure of what to do. Cassie and Luke must now coexist while maintaining the illusion of their marriage under the careful eye of Luke’s father.

When Luke’s previous drug dealer bursts into his new mother-in-house law’s because he thinks his marriage is a ruse, the narrative develops. Luke takes care of that by giving the man a little rough treatment before settling the debt.

As Cassie learns about the drug dealer, Luke and Cassie are beginning to fall in love seriously. Luke fights with Cassie after admitting he was an addict in the past. Luke is ejected by Cassie, who also orders him to inform his family of their impending divorce.

Do Cassie and Luke Have a Happy Ending?

Yes! When Cassie has finished singing, she dashes to her dressing room to grab her belongings before leaving. She overlooks her followers because she is so preoccupied with reaching where she needs to be.

She makes a call to Luke while on the road to her destination. Viewers assume that Cassie is on her way to meet with Luke at this point, but Luke isn’t answering the phone.

Cassie drives up as Luke arrives at the base where he will serve his term and bids his farewell to his family. After exiting the vehicle, Cassie approaches Luke. She expresses to Luke her desire to be with him and her willingness to wait for him as he serves his term.

Purple Hearts Ending Explained

By declaring her love for Luke, Cassie ends her tearful statement. Luke hesitates to respond at first, but he eventually assures Cassie that he feels the same way. While Luke’s family is cheering them on in the background, Cassie and Luke have a passionate kiss.

Luke gives Cassie his ring and instructs her to take good care of it after they finish kissing, then he leaves to get into a vehicle. Cassie places the ring on her finger and observes Luke go. Cassie shouts “I love you” to Luke over and over as the van starts to pull away.

Fast forward six months and Luke is finally a free man. A picnic with their dog is seen while Cassie and Luke stroll to the shore. They appear to be joyfully in love as they stroll the length of the beach. At the conclusion of the film, Cassie and Luke run into the river while holding hands.

What Takes Place in Iraq?

As time goes on, the two often communicate via calls, texts, and emails, sharing their likes and dislikes because they previously didn’t have the opportunity to do so. Cassie overcomes her health issues and concentrates on her music, eventually finding fame.

While everything is going on, Cassie performs an original song for the soldiers via video chat, encouraging them to return home as the violence in Iraq worsens. Luke keeps sending the dealer his extra cash in the hopes that his debt would be paid off shortly.

Later, a nearby radio station plays that song, and it becomes well-liked on Spotify. Cassie rejoices after a fantastic sold-out performance at The Royal. At this point, she receives a call from Germany informing her that Luke has been injured in battle.

She looks for the location Luke provided her in case of an emergency and leaves to tell his brother about it since she is afraid of what will happen next.


In Netflix’s Purple Hearts, a struggling singer/songwriter marries a marine who is about to be deployed overseas so they may both profit from his military service. They attempt to make it seem like a genuine marriage, but tragedy eventually causes the make-believe to become reality.

The movie is an adaptation of Tess Wakefield’s book of the same name.

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