Resurrection (2022) Ending Explained: Hall Exposes Toxic Relationships!


They carry a hollow narrative, enlivening the proceedings with bombastic work even when the story seems to be running in circles and growing repetitive not to mention that the answer to this problem is quite apparent to figure out.

Resurrection (2022) Plotline Summary

Even if Rebecca Hall is fantastic in this role, it still seems like her extraordinary talent is merely a Band-Aid for a storyline whose sole draw is its peculiarity.

The fact that Andrew Semans is dedicated to that concept and doesn’t back down towards the conclusion is ultimately what elevates Resurrection from a dud to a worthwhile watch. Jim Williams’ score also gives the song a pulsating urgency.

Resurrection (2022) Movie Explained

Resurrection has some fascinating shock value that is amplified by Rebecca Hall treating such a trashy thriller seriously, but it could have used some fine-tuning and more substance in the screenplay there are also unaddressed problems like why is David only now coming back to torment Margaret.

Resurrection (2022) Cast Characters

Rebecca Hall is a misunderstood performer. She is also an underappreciated horror queen. For Nicky Murphy’s incredibly overlooked masterpiece The Awakening, Hall played Florence Cathcart (2011).

She portrayed a hoax exposer who visited a boarding school to look into ghost occurrences in the 1921 film. The Gift (2015), starring Joel Edgerton, fulfills all the requirements for becoming a horror movie despite not being one.

The uncomfortable reunion between Gordo and his husband Simon (Jason Bateman) caught Robyn off guard (Edgerton).

She then presented the spooky David Bruckner film The Night House (2021) as a follow-up. She portrayed Beth, a widow who was struggling with the death of her husband and who as a result began to experience hauntings from an ethereal, faceless person.

Hall Exposes Toxic Relationships In Resurrection (2022)

Hall exposes toxic relationships in Resurrection (2022) by engaging in a psychological battle with Tim Roth.

The film begins with a private chat between Margaret (Hall) and her employee Gwyn, written and directed by Andrew Semans (Angela Wong Carbone). Gwyn mentions how much she likes a certain guy who occasionally makes fun of her.

Resurrection (2022) Movie Explained

She is asked by Margaret if she has ever urged him to stop. Gwyn claims that she kind of did, but this guy claims that she is overreacting to these jokes. Margaret advises that Gwyn should keep her distance from this man because he is only acting out his nasty inclinations on her.

Gwyn asks her to keep Matter Private

Gwyn asks her to keep this matter private before they part ways for the day, and Margaret agrees. After that, we learn more about Margaret’s concern for her office’s cleanliness, and her desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Her casual sexual relationship with Peter (Michael Esper), in which she prefers to be the dominant partner.

The following day, when Margaret gets ready for work, we observe that she and her adolescent daughter Abbie get along well (Grace Kaufman). She tells Margaret when she gets back that she is going to meet Lucy, a friend.

She also admits that she discovered a tooth in her purse. Abbie jokes about taking it, and Margaret quickly tosses it in the garbage.

Abbie Met With An Accident

Later that evening, Abbie has an accident, and Margaret is delayed in attending to her daughter due to her extramarital activities. She then apologizes profusely, which catches Abbie off guard a little. The next day, Gwyn says her breakup with her lover was due to his desire to “do something for him.”


Resurrection (2022) Movie Explained

Margaret praises her for making such a difficult decision. She had a severe breakdown after spotting David (Tim Roth) at a seminar and flees back to Abbie because she believes he has wronged her.

Resurrection (2022) Ending Explained

It’s not immediately clear how abusive Margaret’s relationship with David was based on her first breakdown. In fact, it’s unclear whether Margaret and David were ever dating. All that is shown is her freaking out when she sees a guy in a lecture.

But in a dream, she hears someone tapping on her window before realizing something is on fire in the kitchen. It’s a child.

David’s Skill At Gaslighting Margaret

David’s skill at gaslighting Margaret on their first meeting (after 22 years) is evident as he shifts from not recognizing her to claiming that “Ben is with me” (their son) to mentioning both Abbie and her.

When Margaret pulls him out on his lies, he quickly flips the situation by claiming that he never even spoke to her. Did she? She extended a handshake and introduced herself.

He gives Abbie a hint that he can reach her whenever he wants by grinning widely enough to reveal that one of his teeth is missing as he walks away.

Margaret Conceals Her Background From Abbie

Margaret conceals her background from Abbie, but in an engrossing monologue, she tells Gwyn everything. She claims that her parents were biologists who took her to a research center in the Queen Charlotte Islands when she became 18 years old.

Because she wanted to be an artist, she used to draw a lot back then. There, David entered the family and met the three of them, and that is how they first met him.

After a few weeks, she moved in with David, and at first, they had a love relationship.

However, not long after that, he began requesting favors from her, which he referred to as “kindnesses”. These included doing the dishes, doing the laundry, not drawing, not wearing shoes, etc.

Then they evolved into endurance tests, involving stress positions, daylong fasts, and medication for hours. She would receive lots of praise in return. She became pregnant during the winter, but David forbade her from giving birth since he knew she would stop putting him first.

In order to have Margaret all to himself, David reportedly ate the infant, who Margaret called Benjamin. She reached her breaking point at that time and fled to America in the hopes that David wouldn’t find her again.

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