Advertisements will have to be seen in the cheap recharge plan of Netflix, users said – if they do so, they will leave the service

Advertisements will have to be seen in the cheap recharge plan of Netflix, users said – if they do so, they will leave the service

Even the most anti-advertising Netflix subscribers would be open to advertising if the price and delivery were right.

With regard to ad-supported streaming services, the most recent survey by Hub Entertainment Research found that only 17% of respondents couldn’t tolerate ads while watching TV shows or movies, whether they were on AVOD or FAST (free, ad-supported television).

Another 57% said they could bear some ads, while 26% said that content was more important than ads.

Only 42 percent said they’d stick with the ad-free option if they could save $4 to $5 a month in exchange for watching a few ads, according to a new survey.

A hypothetical ad-supported tier was presented to current Netflix subscribers, and 46 percent said they would pay $5 less a month for pre-roll ads. Those who had to watch pre- and mid-roll ads were only 39% more likely to choose the cheaper plan.

Consumers who recently watched an ad-supported program were also asked how they felt about the number of ads. Nearly half of the people who reported seeing 5 or fewer ads per 30 minutes thought the number was reasonable.

Seventy-seven percent of those who thought there would be 11 or more ads thought it was a reasonable number.

What matters to consumers is not whether ads are included in the content they watch but rather how they are delivered,” says Hub senior consultant and co-author Mark Loughney. If the price and the delivery of the ads are right, even consumers who say they are categorically opposed to ads will use an ad-supported platform.

As part of its “TV Advertising: Fact Vs. Fiction” study, conducted in June 2021 among 3,001 American consumers aged 14-74 who watch at least one hour of television per week, Hub has released its latest findings.

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This Plan Is Ready Now that The Number of Subscribers Has Decreased.

The number of people using the popular over-the-the-top service “Netflix” has been declining for some time. The company’s subscribers have now been left even more dissatisfied following the implementation of a new exercise.

It’s been reported that customers are ready to cancel subscriptions if the streaming service begins to show ads to people who purchase discounted subscriptions. Netflix is reportedly planning to introduce a new subscription plan that will cost less but require users to watch commercials. The New York Times reports that the new strategy could be implemented by the end of the year.

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But the Company’s Decision Has Displeased Many of Its Customers.

Netflix’s Customers Haven’t Been Pleased with This Preparation. It’s No Secret that Many People Would Abandon the Service if They Had to See Ads. “I’ve Been a Netflix Subscriber for A Long Time,” @g Gnot Gigi713 Tweeted. I Will Unsubscribe from A Service if I See Advertisements on My Paid Subscription Account. I Will Cancel My Subscription as Soon as You Ask for An Ad Break Because I Don’t Like Interruptions to My Service Caused by Ads.

Industry Experts, However, Believe that The Ad-Supported Subscription Plan Could Entice Consumers Who Are Trying to Save Money. Netflix Reported a 2,000-Subscriber Drop in The First Three Months of The Year on April 19th. in The Second Quarter, You Can Expect to Lose Even More Customers. the Value of The Company’s Stock Has Also Plummeted.

Many Subscribers Have Requested that Their Subscriptions Be Cancelled.

Subscription Plans with Ads Will Be Available in The Final Quarter of The Year, According to Reports. Existing “basic” Subscribers Will Not See Ads until Netflix Launches a New Low-Cost Plan that Includes Them, but That Has Not Been Announced Yet.

Non-Promotional Plans Will, However, Continue, According to The Mail Online. the Launch Countries for The New Low-Cost Tariff Are Still Unknown. Company India Is Expected to Offer a Similar Plan as Well.



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