Call Of Duty Mobile Teases New Weapons And A Map For The Season 6 Update

Call Of Duty Mobile Teases New Weapons And A Map For The Season 6 Update

Season 6 of Call of Duty: Mobile kicked off at 5 p.m. PT on June 29. Updates are released simultaneously across all regions, so players can get their hands on the new content as soon as possible.

This patch was released exactly four weeks after the previous seasonal update for CoD Mobile was released.

Season 6 of Call of Duty Mobile Brings Back the Favela Map.

Early reports for Season 6 of Call of Duty Mobile pointed to the return of a classic map. Insiders have speculated that Favela, a map from a CoD game that was released more than a decade ago, is the one in question.

We learned for sure that Favela would be in Season 6 thanks to some direct posts from the dev team that followed.

This is Favela’s first appearance on a hand-held device, having previously appeared in the Modern Warfare 2 and Ghosts expansions.

In the Season 6 Update, the Jackal Fighter Jet Makes Its Br Debut.

Jackal jet from Infinite Warfare finally makes its appearance in CoD Mobile Season 6 after months of speculation.

“The possibilities are sky-high,” the game’s developers said when announcing a new Battle Royale mode addition. Players are able to soar to new heights and travel across the map at breakneck speeds thanks to the powerful jet.

The Ksp 45 and L-Car9 Test Server Weapons Finally Arrived in Season 6:

Every two seasons, the developers of Call of Duty: Mobile deploy a new build to a test server. When it comes to predicting what’s to come, it’s often the best way to get a sense of what’s to come.
The Oden Assault Rifle, which was released in the previous update, was the first weapon to be unveiled. For the most part, they’ve been kept out of the public eye.

The KSP 45 SMG and the LCAR9 Pistol finally arrived as part of Season 6 after months of speculation. There was no change from usual in that the KSP and LCAR9 were both made available through the Battle Pass. The following are some of the issues that you’ll face:

  • Take part in five multiplayer games.
  • In Multiplayer games, use 300 bullets.
  • In Multiplayer games, use Operator Skills 10 times.
  • In Multiplayer games, use the ‘Purifier’ Operator Skill 5 times.
  • In Multiplayer matches, shoot and kill five opponents with pistols.

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Season 6 of Call of Duty Mobile Features a Battle Pass Called “to the Sky.”

An all-new Battle Pass containing both free and premium content has been released for Season 6. Operators, Blueprints, and camos are all included in the package. In addition, there are two new weapons that can only be obtained through the Battle Pass.

Here’s a Quick Rundown of Some of The Season 6 Battle Pass’s Best Features:

  • A KSP of 45 is required to access Tier 21. (New Functional Weapon)
  • Sky Sentry Calling Card – Tier 50 (No Cost)
  • Man-O-War, Chicom, JAK-12 Locus, and KSP 45 Weapon Blueprints are yet to be released (Premium)
  • Ethan, Wraith, Reyes, Sophie, and Ethan’s skins will be available in the Premium version (Flying Sharks)
  • Unusual Aspect
  • Anti-Aircraft Weapons

There are Anti-Air Guns all over town in Battle Royale! Land vehicles and air units can both be targeted and attacked with these Anti-Air Guns.

Turrets with no missiles will show a tracker indicator because each Anti-Air has only four missiles. After all Anti-missiles Airs have been fired, it will self-destruct in a short period of time.

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Optimizations Other than Those Listed Here

  • Improved the prompt UI for being down and obtaining dog tags.
  • Dog tag collection SFX has been fine-tuned for better immersion.
  • a New Weapon
  • Weapon of Mass Destruction

It has a low rate of fire, but it has a high burst damage rating at medium and close range.

A Brand-Spanking-New Supporting WeaponLightweight, full-automatic pistol with a high magazine capacity. The burst damage is comparable to a primary weapon at short range, but the pistol has a lower mobility than other pistols.


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