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YouTube To Introduce Transcription Feature To Android App. See Details Here!

YouTube to introduce transcription feature to Android app. See details here

Transcription is now being rolled out in YouTube’s Android app following its introduction on its desktop website. It has been reported by GSM Arena that the new feature is being integrated into the native Android app.

The video’s description includes a “Show Transcript” button. GSM Arena says the transcript is nearly identical to the desktop version, but it has been adapted to fit the mobile’s UI.

Finding and extracting favorite quotes from a video’s automatically generated transcript has proven especially helpful in long ones, thanks to this feature. This update, like most Google app updates, appears to be server-based.

Android users will no longer be able to use the popular YouTube Vanced app, as a result of this latest update. Because of “legal reasons,” The Verge reports that Vanced’s creators have decided to shut down the app in the coming days.

A free version of the original YouTube app, YouTube Vanced blocks all ads on YouTube, regardless of whether or not the user has a paid subscription. Unlike the official YouTube for Android app, Vanced offers a true black theme and additional customization options.

“Vanced was no longer available. The website’s download links will be removed in the next few days. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience this may cause, but it’s something we must do. We’d like to thank everyone who has helped us over the years “A tweet from the Vanced app’s Twitter account. “Until they become obsolete in two years or so,” the current versions will work fine.

According to the company’s Friday announcement, YouTube has since last week barred content that denies, minimizes, or trivializes widely documented violent events from channels associated with Russian state-funded media.

It has been announced that the most widely used streaming video service, owned by Alphabet Inc’s Google, will begin removing violent events policy-infringing content as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2014.

This is in accordance with the company’s stated policy, Farshad Shadloo, a YouTube spokesman, said in a statement. Now, YouTube has restored access to leading Russian state-backed channels RT and Sputnik in Europe, which was previously blocked.

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How Does the New YouTube Transcription Feature Work?

It’s as simple as tapping on the “Show Transcript” button that appears below the video’s expansion to get a transcript of the video. The app’s user interface looks and feels a lot like the desktop version.

Because the feature is a server-side update, you’ll have to wait until you get it. Mobile app users are able to scroll through the transcript while watching a video, according to a report With this feature, they can follow along with a video or jump directly to a timecode.

Android users will no longer be able to use the popular YouTube Vanced app, as a result of this latest update. As a result of “legal reasons,” the makers of Vanced have decided to shut down their app within the next few days, according to a report.

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New Indicators Are Introduced to Show Whether or Not a Channel Is Active on The Platform.

Moreover, YouTube has introduced a new indicator that shows whether or not a channel is active. Live-streaming channels now have a “Live” ring around their profile picture, which indicates to viewers that the channel is currently broadcasting.

To participate in the live stream, all a user has to do is tap on their profile picture. If a channel is streaming live, this feature will let you know right away.

This roadmap’s investment in NFTs is a standout feature. The company has also stated that it plans to use the metaverse to make listening more immersive. You can expect to see the most impact in gaming first, where we’ll work to bring more interactions into games and make them feel more alive,” a YouTube executive said.

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