Bgmi 1.6.5 Update: Get More Information!

BGMI 1.6.5 Update

Players will be able to access a new Runic Power mode starting today. At the spawn island, players can choose one of three runes: Arctic, Flame, or Wind.

The Survive to Dawn mode was added to Battlegrounds Mobile India on October 22. Defeating zombies and their boss in this game will net you a few bonuses as well as some experience points.


With the upcoming BGMI 1.6 update, players will have access to the MG3, a brand-new firearm. Airdrops are the only way to obtain the brand-new LMG. In addition, the M249 will no longer be an airdrop weapon and will be available as loot.

The New Game Mode

The Erangel map will now feature a new game mode called Ignition. The Anti-Gravity Motorcycle, HyperLines, Air Conveyor, a new weapon, and more will be included exclusively in this game.

It is rumored that Payload 2.0 will be released on October 31st. Weapons like the AT4-A Laser Missile and an RPG can be found on armed vehicles like helicopters. As of October 31, Battlegrounds Mobile India’s Halloween mode, The Virus Infection, will be available.

Players will be randomly assigned to either a zombie or human team for each of the game’s three rounds. Zombie infection and human resistance are both required in this scenario.

Payload 2.0

Payload has been updated with new features! Payload 2.0’s futuristic weapons will be familiar to those seen in Call of Duty Mobile. Players can also use helicopters to take on their foes.

Payload 2.0 features a bomb suit and a man-portable radar, among other things. This mode is perfect for anyone who enjoys a fast-paced battle royale game.

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Runic Strength.

Battlegrounds Mobile India’s most eagerly anticipated mode. Fans of the PUBG Mobile game were thrilled with this new mode, which allowed them to select from three different special abilities, including Flame, Wind, and Ice.

In addition to providing Wind Shelter and Wind Boost, the wind has two additional powers. Magna Wheel and Scorching Ammunition are available from Flame. An Ice wall and Freezing ammunition are made of ice. These abilities can only be obtained through the gathering of runic crystals, which players must do in order to gain access to them.

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Players can engage in combat with zombies in this mode. As a result, defeating the zombies isn’t as simple as it sounds. Players must defend themselves from zombies in order to avoid being mutated into the same monsters as the zombies. Players will be able to enjoy some spooky features in this mode because it will be released around Halloween.


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