Borderlands 3 Hotfix Patch Notes Gives Big Buff to Moze – Tech Zimo

Borderlands 3 Hotfix Patch Notes Gives Big Buff To Moze - TechZimo

The Gunner, Vault Hunter Moze, has undergone some significant changes as a result of the latest Borderlands 3 patch notes. In order to improve Moze’s survivability, Gearbox says it has been keeping an eye on her stats for a few weeks. This isn’t the end of the character’s improvement: The studio says more tweaks are in the works for “trouble spots.”

As a result, the Iron Bear’s cooldown time has been slashed and its fuel capacity increased. Behind the Iron Curtain; Security Bear; and Experimental Munitions all receive a bonus from the update.

Hyperion shields are also rebalanced in the new update, as are several other weapons. The weapons appear to have been boosted almost universally, but The Lob’s projectiles have been reduced as a result of the adjustment.

Finally, two new timed events have been added as part of this update. Through the 9th of April, these two factors increase the likelihood of winning big on the slot machines and in the Proving Grounds. The complete list of changes can be found here:

The Gunner, Moze, Says:

For the past few weeks, we’ve been taking a closer look at Moze. Hotfixes based on those investigations have arrived, with the primary goal of increasing her survivability. In the near future, we’ll continue to work on some of the issues that we’ve identified as causing her problems.

Borderlands 3 Hotfix Patch Notes Gives Big Buff To Moze - TechZimo

Changes made to Iron Bear include a reduction in cooldown time, an increase in the amount of fuel it can hold, and a bonus to its “Behind The Iron Curtain” and “Security Bear” skills.

  • Damned
  • Weapon damage is boosted.
  • Shields of Hyperion for Weapons
  • Protection from weapon shields has been boosted in The Lob
  • Increasing the Number of Shots Fired
  • Tiggs Boom has been reduced from three to one projectile
  • Damage from weapons is increased.
  • The Starfall meteors’ Moonfire damage has been amplified.
  • The Critical Damage Bonus has been boosted.
  • Critical Damage Bonus is now increased by 20% on non-critical hits. This bonus can be stacked up to 25 times, but it is deactivated if you reload manually.

Moze Isn’t Mentioned.

  • Added an 8 percent cooldown increase to Explosive Punctuation, making it easier to get Iron Bear back faster for those who spec this tree.
  • Hammerdown Protocol: The damage output has been increased by 600%, and the reload time has been decreased. This is the “big nuke” skill that has previously been largely useless but may now be worth using.
  • Click, click, click… The damage bonus from 12/24/36% to 20/40% – This is an extremely significant increase for a skill that most Moze builds should have if they’re heading down the Bottomless Mags tree.

Increased damage from 25% to 60% for Specialist Bear. This is probably the biggest buff of all, as it gives you bonus damage when you use two of the same weapon on Iron Bear, which is something you should be doing most of the time anyway. Isn’t that an increase of 35% in damage? Excited to see how my already insane Minigun build performs with this new technology.

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Event Changes for The Season

  • Items for the seasonal event will be dropped by their respective bosses in addition to those normally awarded by challenges during the season.
  • Polyamorous and Wedding Invitations have been added to the Loot Hearts drop pool
    The drop rate of Captain Haunt’s Legendary seasonal gear has increased.
  • This event’s Re-Roll Machine now includes Bloody Harvest Anointments.
  • Players will not see these Anointments roll on gear unless the event is active in the main menu.
  • The Operative’s Heartbreaker skin has been updated so that it appears on his Barrier technology as well.
  • New audio for Maurice on Broken Hearts Day emphasizes rewards for breaking hearts rather than generic praise.
  • When a player completed the previous year’s SPLITSCREEN event, some challenges were incorrectly marked as “complete” during this year’s event.
  • Prevented the early appearance of a second non-working Black Market machine when a player joins in split-screen mode.
  • Improved the pop-up to prevent a shadow from appearing on another player’s screen during horizontal split-screen gameplay.
  • The visual effects for “Double Barrel” were not stretching correctly in the split-screen mode because of a reported issue.
  • Resolved a reported issue where players were not being added to split-screen play when playing in 3- or 4-player split-screen mode because of a hidden button prompt
  • The split-screen UI has been updated so that both users can see the mission objectives, their friends’ health, and ECHO portraits.
  • SHiFT Menu profile roster card dropdown menus have been adjusted to display correctly in split-screen mode.
  • The News has been repositioned in the 4-player split-screen.

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  • Resolved an Issue with “mysteriously: Ghosts of Karass Canyon” that Could Occur when Saving and Reloading the Game
  • Outrunner Vehicles Have Been Updated to Allow All Players in The Vehicle to See Their Own Vehicle Kill Stats.
  • Incorporated the Missing Localised Text Into the Vault Card Rewards Section
  • Reduced the Number of Vault Card Challenges that Appeared to Be Completed for The Day in Some Cases. Vault Card 2 Will Include Additional Safeguards to Prevent This.
  • The Maya Funeral Now Has Localised Audio. Updated Audio to Match the Videos in The Behind-The-Scenes Content to Provide a Better Listening Experience
  • Resolved a Reported Issue Where Players with Hp Locks Could Begin Arms Race with Only 1 Hp. Equipped with A Legendary Artefact
  • Resolved a Reported Issue Where Players’ Arms Race Loot Wasn’t Always in Their Bank when They Returned to Sanctuary Iii from Arms Race.
  • Anointment Reroll and Mayhem 2.0 Menu Screens Have Been Added to The Echo Device.
    Concerned that Arms Race Countdown Notifications Would Appear Even if They Hadn’t Been Triggered.
  • The Gear up Extractor and Re-Roll Machine’s Ui Elements Have Been Tweaked to Better Display in Ultrawide Mode.


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