COD Mobile Season 2: Release Date and New Features

COD Mobile Season 2: Release Date and New Features

Season 2 of Call of Duty: Mobile is eagerly anticipated by fans, so here’s everything we know so far:

Date when the movie is expected to be released
March 11th is expected to be the release date for COD Mobile Season 2. It’s possible that a new version of the game will be released a little sooner.


The new season’s information has begun to trickle out, and it’s pretty exciting. Here are a few examples:


It was announced on February 21st that AS VAL would be added to the game. It’s a Russian rifle with a built-in suppressor that’s meant to be stealthy but still incredibly effective. In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, it was first introduced.

A Map

The season will see the arrival of four new maps. In COD Mobile Season 2, Modern Warfare’s Shoothouse and Shipment, as well as Black Ops Cold War’s Satellite and the brand-new map Oasis, will make their debuts.

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Perks are a nice bonus.

  • The new season will feature three new Perks. When equipped, Overlock reduces the rate at which an Operator Skill can be recharged.
  • After a successful kill, Recon reveals the location of nearby enemies.
  • Last but not least, there’s Skillful Dropshot, which allows players to fire while prone.

The Battle Pass Reward

  • As in previous seasons, gamers can expect new rewards to be unlocked by completing the Battle Pass.
  • In addition to new Operator skins, camouflages, and other cosmetic items that will be available, Season 2 is likely to see more of the same.
  • New operators like Ghost and Kyle Garrick, the new JAK-12 functional weapon, the Chopper Gunner scorestreak, Weapon Blueprints, Charms, COD Points (CP), and more will be released throughout Season 2!

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Introducing the All-New Hardhat Map! at A Construction Site for A New Business Complex, Hardhat First Appeared in Call of Duty:

  • Modern Warfare, The map’s numerous choke points, and unfinished structures make it ideal for close-quarters combat.
  • Counter Intel – A New Theme Event
  • There has been a takeover by terrorists of the city. Players are tasked with liberating the city one node at a time by completing tasks. Players’ bravery will be rewarded for their strategic decisions, which are critical to the mission’s success.
  • For the Festival of Color and Carnival celebrations, Call of Duty: Mobile is offering the Festival of Colors and Carnival bundles for players to purchase. In each of these bundles, you’ll find themed weapons, avatars, and more.


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