Faug Game:How to Download on Android Apk, Release Date on App Store for IOs Phones, Requirements, Game Size, and More!

Faug Game

Action video game Fearless and United Guards, sometimes known as FAU-G or FAUG, was created by Bengaluru-based nCORE Games.

It was made available globally for Android on January 26, 2021, and for iOS in March of that same year. In addition to being the game’s brand ambassador, Bollywood star Akshay Kumar also mentors the development team.

In India, the pre-registrations for the game exceeded 1.06 million in less than 24 hours, and there were more than four million before the official launch. Many people viewed it as the Indian version of PUBG Mobile.

This was caused by the fact that the game was revealed only 48 hours after PUBG Mobile was banned. The business made it clear that it is not intended to compete with PUBG Mobile.

The newest game from nCore is allegedly going to contribute 20% of its profits to the Bharat Ke Veer Foundation in honor of Indian warriors.

Having said that, you need not worry if you haven’t downloaded the FAUG game on your Android smartphone because we have provided you with all the information you require to play the FAUG game.

How to Download on A Mobile Android Device?

Faug Game

Only Android-based mobile devices are presently supported by the game FAUG. The Google Play store has the game available for download.

A Step-By-Step Tutorial for Installing Faug on Your Smartphone Is Provided Below:

1. Open the Google Play Store after first connecting your Android smartphone to a reliable Wi-Fi network.

2. In the app store, look for FAUG, nCore Games, or FAU-G.

3. Various choices will be displayed. Recently, a lot of bogus copies of the game have been posted online. To play the game, click on the icon that says “Studio nCore Pvt. Ltd.”

4. You will be directed to the game page after clicking the game. To download the game to your smartphone hit the download button there. Enjoy the game as well.

Release Date for I Os Phones on The App Store

Faug Game

As we previously mentioned, the game is only available on Android at this time. But according to the business, the game will also soon be available on the iOS platform.

Although the precise release date for iOS is yet unknown, the makers have stated that iOS users will soon be able to download the game.

However, it should become accessible in the upcoming months.

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Minimum Requirements: Faug

Faug Game

The FAUG game’s developers have confirmed that it works with the majority of Android devices.

It’s crucial to remember that the game can be played on phones and tablets running Android 8.0 Oreo or higher.

Users of Android smartphones running Android 9.0 Pie, Android 10, or Android 11 can so play this game with ease on their devices.

Despite this, we recommend suggest having at least 2GB or 3GB of RAM for a fluid gaming experience.

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Faug: Upcoming Features

Faug Game

only the single-player campaign, which takes place in Galway Valley, is supported by the game as of right now.

The game will, however, get a ton of additional features in the upcoming months, as the makers have promised. Although it won’t be accessible right now, the creators say they intend to add a battle royale mode to the game.

In an interview, Vishal Gondal from nCore stated that the creators would add a new map for the battle royale mode. The game currently displays Team Deathmatch and Free For All, but both of these modes are locked.

Moving on, subsequent updates to the game can include the addition of additional weapons. Guns and ammo are not supported in the game’s current version.

This is mostly because the single-player game is set in the Galway Valley, where there is an Indo-China accord prohibiting the use of firearms.

In addition, the business intends to upgrade the game in the future with a new combat pass.


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