Megan Is Missing Ending Explained: Is ‘Megan Is Missing’ Based on A True Story?

Megan Is Missing Ending Explained

American found footage psychological horror movie Megan Is Missing from 2011 was written, directed, edited, and co-produced by Michael Goi.

The movie follows the events leading up to the disappearance of Megan Stewart Rachel Quinn, a popular high school student in North Hollywood who chose to meet up with a boy she had been communicating with online, as well as the subsequent investigation carried out by her best friend Amy Herman Amber Perkins.

Goi based the movie on a number of actual kidnapping cases. Notably endorsing the movie was Marc Klaas, the creator of the KlaasKids Foundation.

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Plot Summary

Megan Is Missing Ending Explained

Best friends Megan Stewart and Amy Herman, both 14 years old, disappeared in January 2007.

To highlight the significance of children’s online safety, investigators put together web-chat footage, home movies, and press accounts documenting their disappearances.

High school honors student Megan enjoys a good popularity among her friends. She does, however, have a troubled connection with her mother and drug addiction, as revealed in YouTube footage from January 2.

Amy has a good relationship with her parents and is reluctant to let go of her childhood as evidenced by her love of plush animals. Amy is bullied despite having a good friendship with Megan.

Megan invites her to a rave party she’s going to celebrate Amy’s impending birthday in an effort to help her fit in. According to a video taken the night of the party, Amy is raped when she declines to have sex with one of the men there and is clearly uncomfortable.

Amy is surprised when she walks in on Megan engaging in oral sex with the party’s host in exchange for drugs. Megan expresses regret throughout the video converter for the unpleasant encounter.

Amy uses her new camera to film a video diary of herself and Megan on her birthday. Megan tells Amy about her life and says that her stepfather is in jail for raping her when she was nine years old.

She reveals that because her mother has never forgiven Megan for reporting him to the police, they have a toxic relationship. Amy hugs her and calms her before she has a chance to cry.

One of Megan’s party companions, Lexie, provides Josh, whom they believe to be a 17-year-old student from a local school, with a social media handle. He claims to have a faulty webcam while remaining anonymous on video chat.

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Megan Is Missing Ending Explained

Megan discovers herself infatuated with him in spite of several warning signs and conflicts. They decide to meet at a party, but he stays a mystery.

When he precisely recounts what she was wearing and swears he is shy after she confronts him online, she decides to forgive him.

While at Megan’s place, Amy starts to feel left out, so Megan introduces her to him. Megan is persuaded by Josh to meet him behind a diner rather than in public this time.

The last image of Megan is from the diner’s blurry security video, which shows her being seized by the wrist by an unidentified male, according to news sources dated January 17.

Amy starts looking into Megan’s disappearance and communicates with Josh online. He threatens Amy after understanding she has a suspicion about him.

On fetish forums, shocking pictures of a tortured Megan with her lips, nostrils, and eyes pushed open while trapped in a device start to appear.

Amy is grabbed by a man as she is filming a video diary beneath an old bridge where she would share secrets with Megan. Her video camera is discovered by investigators in a trash can.

Josh opens the door to a BDSM chamber where Amy is chained to the wall in the raw video. He obliges her by making her eat from a dog bowl without using her hands after she begs for her stuffed animal.

Later, Josh savagely rapes her and promises to release her if she enters a giant plastic barrel to hide his whereabouts. When Amy discovers Megan’s disintegrating corpse within the barrel, she opens it and makes an effort to get away.

While Josh excavates a big hole in a forest, she feels compelled to enter with Megan’s body and begs to live. He inserts the barrel and fills it, then takes up his torch and leaves.

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Megan Missing the End

Megan Is Missing Ending Explained

After Amy threatens her and reports him to the police, Josh is enraged. Additionally, it is revealed that he has been following her, and when she travels to the location where she keeps Billy Bear beneath the bridge, we catch a glimpse of him hiding behind the trees.

When she returns there a second time, he kidnaps her. Amy is seen at his lair wearing only her underpants and wearing a leash around her neck. Amy cries out for assistance nonstop, but to no avail.

Josh even pours water at her while claiming that she doesn’t know his real name. Then he makes her eat food from a dog bowl to make her feel bad. Additionally, he even positions Billy Bear in front of her while she continues.

Megan Is Missing Ending Explained

He then rapes her, practically getting her blood on his hands in the process. Josh returns a short while later and apologizes. In order to keep the location a secret, he asks her to go inside the barrel.

Amy panics because Megan’s dead body is inside it. He grabs her by the throat and forces her into the barrel despite her attempts to flee. He next makes his way to the woods, where he is observed excavating a sizable pit.

Amy has been saying she loves him over and over again in an effort to get her independence. Josh continues to dig as expected, after which he pushes the barrel into the enormous hole.

Amy shouts loudly, but, as one could imagine, he just covers the pit and walks away. No other potential rescuers are visible in the area. We conclude with a vintage film of Megan and Amy discussing their future aspiration


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