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Never Have I Ever Season 2 Ending Explained: Does Devi End Up With Paxton?

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What happens to each character after the season 2 finale of Never Have I Ever is described. The well-liked Netflix series made a comeback for its second season, which was jam-packed with new friendships, love triangles, therapy sessions for Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan), and new people that upended the lives of the Vishwakumar women.

Season 2 finished in a way that anticipated a potential third season of the show and gave numerous characters the closure they sorely needed. Devi made the decision to date both Paxton and Ben at the same time soon after the events of the Never Have I Ever season 1 finale when she realized she didn’t want to shatter their hearts.

Of course, this choice backfired on her as they both discovered her infidelity and broke up with her. Devi had to deal with her family, friends, and Aneesa, a new girl at school who Devi initially thought was her adversary, as well as the fallout’s effects.

Nalini Has Not Moved On After Mohan

After a number of antagonistic interactions and misunderstandings, Nalini (Poorna Jagannathan) and Dr. Chris Jackson (Common) temporarily began dating.

Devi didn’t like Nalini dating a year after Mohan (Sendhil Ramamurthy) passed away since she saw it as a betrayal to her father. It turns out that Nalini wasn’t quite prepared to go into that relationship with Chris either.

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Even though it had been some time since Mohan’s passing, Nalini discovered that she wasn’t ready to enter the dating scene again so quickly. Even though Chris was someone she really liked and connected with, Nalini couldn’t commit to the relationship just yet because she was still in mourning over the loss of her late husband.

Nalini was open with Chris about her emotions, either due to guilt, grief, or a lack of emotional availability (or a combination of all three). However, it seems unlikely that the doctor will completely vanish from Nalini’s life.

Considering that they both work in the same building, they are likely to cross paths frequently. Before arriving at a point when Nalini feels at ease moving on, it’s possible that Never Have I Ever season 3 may continue to examine their connection.

Eleanor & Fabiola Learn To Accept Themselves

Eleanor and Fabiola had to confront their personal identities and the reasons behind their behavior as they started their distinct romantic engagements. Eleanor’s relationship with Malcolm was toxic because he was emotionally abusive and self-obsessed.

Eleanor was able to react in a more healthy way toward herself and her friends once she realized she was clinging to him since these were the precise attributes her mother possessed.

Eleanor was able to be more understanding and honest with her father and stepmother, both of whom were truly there for her, as a result of her realization that she was still coming to terms with her mother’s desertion.

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In Never Have I Ever season 3, Eleanor will hopefully resolve some of her problems with her mother, which may improve her connections with both her friends and a prospective lover in the future.

Who Has Been Named the Winter Royalty?

Many people thought Devi and Paxton would win, but because dancing isn’t Paxton’s thing, he ghosted Devi instead. Even though she’s alone herself, she still gets to celebrate a big victory because her best friend Fabiola and her girlfriend Eve also receive the trophy.

When they are giving their acceptance speech, Fab arrives having changed out of her fine attire. They entered to challenge gender norms as queens. She is wearing her Robotics Team suit once more because she detested meeting the expectations of Eve’s pals.

Does Paxton Acquire Devi’s Heart?

Devi has always been quite insecure because Paxton has consistently received criticism from his sister, Rebecca, for treating Devi poorly. He thinks back on all the times they spent together, how Devi inspired him to do better, and how now that he is no longer swimming, scholarship chances are becoming available to him.

After receiving a call from the school alerting him that his grades are better, he gets dressed and leaves. But regrettably, as Devi is leaving, feeling overwhelmed, he smashes her with his car.

Ben’s Reaction to the News

Ben struggles with sight. He scoffs, repeating that Paxton has always been the object of Devi’s lust and her desire to give up her virginity in a fictional story.

Ben is informed that it wasn’t always Paxton by El, Devi’s other best friend, who is standing next to him at the punch bowl. Devi began the season by leaning toward Ben on her list of advantages and disadvantages because he took her in after she fled home and helped her get to her father’s ash ceremony.

Does Devi End Up With Paxton in Never Have I Ever Season?

When Devi’s plan is exposed, Paxton breaks up with her at her house party, which causes the swimmer to get hit by a car and break his arm. Paxton’s dreams of swimming in college are destroyed as a result of Devi’s falsehoods, but the two make things right by studying.

Devi and Paxton eventually get together in Never Have I Ever season 2, despite their difficult journey filled with acrimonious words said and long-kept secrets. Paxton publicly confesses his affection for Devi by showing up to the winter dance for her and accidentally driving her over with his car.

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But can Devi and Paxton’s romance last through season 3 or will Ben finding out about Devi’s affections for him cause problems for them? Speculate in the comments section!

The Ending of Never Have I Ever Season 2

Together, they enter the stage and begin to dance. There are several people watching them in disbelief that Paxton showed arrived. Ben demonstrates his frustration by saying, “It’s always Paxton.”

He is corrected by Eleanor, who reveals that she selected Ben in Malibu and that Fabiola and she persuaded her not to. Then she says that Paxton hasn’t always been the reason for Devi’s abuse of Aneesa and that whatever Devi did was motivated by jealousy.

As he observes Devi and Paxton kissing on the dance floor, Ben appears dejected and shocked. She couldn’t tolerate how in love-like Aneesa, her former rival, appeared to be with Ben, but Paxton’s confession swiftly takes her attention away.

He wants to introduce himself as her boyfriend because he is no longer embarrassed about being cheated on. While Paxton’s friends mock them as they enter the dance, he is happy to be there dancing with Devi because he wants to give them a fair chance.

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