Ouija Origin of Evil Ending Explained: Why It Had to Be so Dark?

Ouija Origin of Evil Ending Explained

The 2016 American supernatural horror movie Ouija Origin of Evil was written by Flanagan and Jeff Howard, and it was also directed and edited by Flanagan. Elizabeth Reaser, Annalise Basso, and Henry Thomas feature in this prequel to Ouija from 2014.

A widow, her family, and their fake seance company use an Ouija board, which attracts a spirit that takes possession of the youngest daughter.

The American premiere of Ouija Origin of Evil took place on October 21, 2016, thanks to Universal Pictures. The movie was well-received and made over $81 million worldwide; many people praised it for being a vast improvement over its predecessor.

Plot Summary

Ouija Origin of Evil Ending Explained

In 1967 Los Angeles, a young widow called Alice Zander operates as a psychic medium out of her suburban home with the help of her daughters, Paulina “Lina,” 15, and Doris, 9.

The sudden passing of Roger, Alice’s husband, and the children’s father have the family in consternation. When Alice uses an Ouija board for her readings, she unintentionally makes contact with a spirit by the name of Marcus, who then takes control of Doris.

Alice is informed by the bank that they intend to foreclose on their home. Doris seeks assistance from the board after claiming to be in communication with her deceased father.

The ghost directs her to a hidden cash pouch in the basement wall’s hidden compartment. The family holds an Ouija session after she gives her mother the money.

A delighted Alice starts to think that they are in communication with Roger when the board responds to a question that only he would know the answer to. Soon, the ghost has complete control over Doris.

Concerned by her sister’s behavior changes, Lina shows Father Tom Hogan, her school’s principal, some papers written by Doris in fluent Polish, a language she is not familiar with.

Father Tom, who is troubled, visits them to use the Ouija board in an attempt to communicate with his deceased wife Gloria. Later, he clarifies to them that Doris didn’t get in touch with Gloria.

Instead, she read his thoughts and echoed the responses he was formulating in his head for each question he posed.

Ouija Origin of Evil Ending Explained

The entries on the pages were made by Marcus, a Polish immigrant who was kidnapped by a cruel doctor who used him and other captives in experiments in the basement of the house during World War II.

Since the day the family moved home, these ghosts have been keeping an eye on them. When Mikey, Lina’s new boyfriend, arrives for a visit, Doris kills him. Father Tom discovers the hidden room where the experiments were conducted, gets possessed by the spirits, and is subsequently killed by Doris.

Father Tom, Alice, and Lina burn the Ouija board. While Roger’s ghost brings an unconscious Lina to her bed, Alice is taken, prisoner. Lina remembers how her father’s ghost had closed Doris’ doll’s mouth “to shut out the sounds” for her, and she understands she must do the same for Doris.

While closing Doris’ lips, she also ends up killing her. Doris wakes up as a ghost and is blissfully reunited with her father. The spirits seize Lina and stab Alice. Alice reminds Lina that it was not her fault before dying, leaving Lina sad.

Lina is imprisoned in a mental hospital for the suspected death of her mother and the disappearance of her sister.

Alone in her room, she constructs an Ouija board on the floor with her blood and tries to summon Doris but summons an evil ghost in Doris’ form instead.

In a post-credits sequence, 47 years later in 2014, a now old and still institutionalized Lina receives a visit from someone claiming to be her niece.

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Ending Explained

Who Is Marcus?

Ouija Origin of Evil Ending Explained

at the first moment when Doris is possessed, she introduces herself as Marcus. We realize that Marcus is among the ghosts inhabiting the house, and the spirit utilizes Doris as a vessel. Afterward, Lina observes Doris writing a letter as if in a trance.

Lina covertly takes the papers to Father Tom at the school. By reading Doris’s writing in Polish, Sister Hannah discerns the awful reality of Marcus.

Marcus was a Polish soldier imprisoned in a German detention camp. He got out of prison and came to the US.

After living the homeless life for some time, Marcus wound himself in a mental institution. Closely intertwined with Marcus’ past is that of the German doctor, who was familiar as the Devil’s Doctor for his affiliation with the occult.

After the war, the doctor came to the US, setting up a base in the same house as the one where the Zander family resides now.

He recaptured Marcus and several others, performing experiments on them from the comfort of the basement where Doris had found the money earlier.

The doctor cut out the tongues of the victims, disconnected their vocal cords, and shut their mouths. As a result, the victims could not even make a sound when people socialized and mingled upstairs.

As Father Tom tells Alice and Lina, the letter graphically depicts the death of Marcus and goes on to dwell upon the horrible afterlife of the inhabitants of the basement.

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Are Doris and Alice Dead or Alive?

Ouija Origin of Evil Ending Explained

The final scenes unfurl some terrible pictures, and if you have closed your eyes by the time, you may have missed a scene or two. After recognizing Doris’ talent as a vessel, Alice utilizes her in the seances.

Father Tom arrives on a visit, expecting to speak to his wife, Gloria. Doris provides a captivating planchette session, even speaking in a feminine voice on one occasion.

However, Father Tom finds that while Doris can read his mind, she cannot converse with ghosts beyond the house. While Gloria’s middle name was Catherine, Father Tom purposely thinks of his mother’s middle name, Lynn.

Influenced by the concept of Father Tom, Doris misreads the bit. Afterward, when Father Tom is engaged speaking with Alice and Lina, Doris welcomes Mikey into the house.

She takes Mike to the basement and goes on to strangulate and kill him. When the party comes downstairs, they discover Mike hanging from the ceiling.

Ouija Origin of Evil Ending Explained

Doris and Father Tom encounter in the basement, and Father Tom comes back possessed with the news that Doris has become part of the walls. Doris seemingly dies in the cellar, while Father Tom goes on to kill Alice with a knife.

However, he comes back to his senses moments before completing the murder, but that does not rescue him. Doris’ ghost gets to him, and he falls from the stairs, dying instantly.

Meanwhile, Doris uses Lina as a vessel, and Alice volunteers. Lina then continues to exist in the world-between, receiving a vision of her deceased father who had closed the doll’s mouth to silence the voices.

The possessed Doris, on the other hand, continues by shackling Alice. She claims that she wants to hear their opinions. While Lina is still in the mortal realm, she closes Doris’ mouth.

As Lina encounters some resistance from the other ghosts residing in the home, history repeats itself.

Despite her accomplishment, Lina appears to be possessed by the spirits as well. Then, a white-eyed Lina stabs Alice with a knife, killing her instantly.

Is There a Post-Credits Sequence? Who Is the Visitor?

Ouija Origin of Evil Ending Explained

You might have believed that the credits would conclude the film innovatively stylized as if seen through the Ouija lens. If so, you would be shocked to learn that a post-credits section is hidden in the movie’s final seconds for devoted genre lovers.

When the post-credits scene begins, Lina is considerably older and living in 2014. As Lina learns that someone pretending to be her niece is visiting her, we go back to see her at the mental hospital, or perhaps it’s not the same one.

The movie ends here without providing any resolution, although the post-credits scene makes a clear connection between this movie and the 2014 movie “Ouija,” to which it is a prequel.

Laine Morris is the visitor, as you would know if you’ve seen the first movie. Furthermore, she belongs to the family that purchases the home after the Zanders move out and is not actually Lina’s niece.


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