The Wretched Ending Explained: The Hag’s Magic Powers Explained!

The Wretched Ending Explained

The Pierce Brothers are the authors and directors of the 2019 American supernatural horror film The Wretched.

Starring in it is John-Paul Howard, Piper Curda, Zarah Mahler, Kevin Bigley, Richard Ellis, Blane Crockarell, Jamison Jones, and Azie Tesfai.

The movie centers on a rebellious teen boy who fights an evil witch who poses as his neighbor next door. On July 19, 2019, The Wretched had its global premiere at the Fantasia International Film Festival.

On May 1, 2020, it was made available through Premium VOD and drive-in theaters. The COVID-19 pandemic reduced the number of movies playing in theaters, making it the first movie since Avatar 2009 to dominate the box office for six straight weekends.

Plot Summary

The Wretched Ending Explained

The protagonist of “The Wretched” is Ben, a rebellious adolescent who struggles to deal with his parent’s impending divorce. He spends most of his time spying on his neighbors or simply disobeying his father when he visits his dad’s house over the summer.

Meanwhile, a separate story indicates that the woman from his neighborhood, Abbie, ultimately ended up running over a deer with her truck. A bizarre humanoid monster emerges from this deer and enters Abbie’s house covertly.

Then, the entity—which appears to be a Boo Hag—eats her infant and even takes possession of her. While all of this is going on, Abbie’s husband doesn’t appear to be aware that his own child has vanished.

Even his bizarre ignoring of his wife’s odd behavior seems odd. Ben, who has been closely monitoring the family throughout, notices that something is off about Abbie. He becomes even more suspicious when Abbie’s older son approaches him for assistance.

Later, the youngster vanishes, and Ben decides to look into it by breaking into Abbie’s cellar. There, he finds a strange ceremony setup and even comes across a photo of Abbie’s family.

With this, he embarks on a time-sensitive mission to shield his loved ones from the witch’s wrath.

The Boo Hag and Its Abilities

The Wretched Ending Explained

A young girl searches the basement of a house for the infant she is supposed to watch in the opening scene of “The Wretched,” which takes place 35 years earlier.

She discovers the mother of the infant devouring her own child at that point, and the father has locked her inside. Despite the fact that this sequence appears to have little to no significance in relation to the main plot that follows, it lays the foundation for the picture.

The Boo Hag solely eats youngsters, and adults serve as merely her hostesses, as this opening scene establishes. Boo Hag is also shown to literally slide under its hosts’ skin later on in the film, almost like a skin-walker.

The Boo-Hag first appeared in the deer’s hide before transferring to Abbie’s body and devouring her offspring. Later in the movie, it is revealed that the Boo Hag follows a very precise procedure to consume these kids in order to allay any suspicion.

The creature first uses Abbie as a host before exploiting her to make her husband forget that he is the mother of her son utilizing paranormal powers. In one scenario, Ben searches the internet for information about the symbol he sees on his neighbor’s doorstep.

His investigation reveals that the monster is created from a root, rock, tree, and even the devil’s abandoned skin. The same search result also reveals that the Boo Hag feeds on the forgotten, with the kids of its hosts being the “forgotten.”

This also explains why the image Ben found in the cellar has Abbie’s eyes crossed.

In summary, the creature first seeks out the child’s main defender, then inhabits the defender, causes his or her family to completely forget about the youngster, and ultimately brings the child to its underground woodland nest for a feast.

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How Did Ben Forget His Brother?

The Wretched Ending Explained

Ben gets into a lot of trouble in the second half of the movie, and for obvious reasons, his father doesn’t believe him when he reports that his neighbor is acting strangely.

Ben later discovers that the woman who had earlier claimed to be lactose intolerant is drinking milk in her coffee. The flowers on the window sill also begin to decay as she pours the milk.

This demonstrates that the Boo Hag has now taken control of her. Ben assaults her before being arrested by the police. The cop tries to assassinate Ben because Boo Hag utilizes her capacity for mind control on him as well.

But the cop manages to fend off the possession, killing himself in the process. Later, when Ben’s father goes to his neighbor’s garage, he finds that Ben was correct the entire time.

At this point, Ben’s father and his girlfriend get into a fight, and he ends up setting the place on fire.

A portrait that had previously only included Ben, his father, and his mother is suddenly seen alongside Nathan, a little boy who is Ben’s sibling, according to an adjacent shot.

Ben then experiences a memory that shows his brother was present practically constantly. This shows that the witch had been using her power of mind control on Ben and his father as well at this time to make them forget about Nathan.

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Ending Explained

Is the Boo Hag Still out There?

The Wretched Ending Explained

After jumping into the witch’s nest in the woodland, Ben eventually saves his brother and Mallory’s sister. The witch’s nest is subsequently destroyed with Mallory’s assistance, and salt is placed all around it to ensure that she never emerges again.

Mallory can be seen in the final shot, after Ben has left, traveling far from the shore in a boat with kids. Then the credits begin to roll as she grins like a wicked witch.

The conclusion reveals that Mallory is just one of many such witches who exist. Mallory resembles a young witch who will soon take over the town more than the witch who was originally portrayed in the movie, who may have died.

Additionally, this is hinted at in a number of movie sequences. At one moment, Ben and Mallory begin drinking and revealing their secrets. Mallory tells Ben that she never goes “divulging into her darkest secrets.”

She makes a joke about how many dead infants Abbie, Ben’s next-door neighbor, would have in her cellar in another scene. She also exhibits regret as Ben destroys the witch’s nest.


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