Curse of Vanishing: How To Remove It & Use the Shulker Box?

Curse of Vanishing

More things can have The Curse of Vanishing connected to them than any other enchantment in the game.

Normally, this would be fantastic news, but in this case, the word “Curse” in the enchantment name is highlighted. The use of any items or weapons that have this enchantment will be as usual.

The catch is that when players die, all of their possessions are lost. In Minecraft, all artifacts with this enchantment will end up being lost forever.

This contains priceless implements like pickaxes and swords made of diamond or nephrite.

How to Use Curse of Binding and Vanishing in Minecraft?

curse of vanishing

In Minecraft, you can attach status effects called the Curse of Binding and the Curse of Vanishing to specific things.

The things’ fundamental characteristics and effects alter when you curse them. Until they are taken off, these will always be applied to the armor.

The consequences of the Curse of Binding and the Curse of Vanishing are totally distinct from one another.

You shouldn’t apply them haphazardly because they typically permanently alter the things to which they are applied. The equipment on which they are applied will be permanently affected.

What Does It Do in Minecraft?

When you pass away, an item vanishes thanks to the Curse of Vanishing. Usually, after you pass away, items drop and can be recovered.

In most circumstances, an object with the Curse of Vanishing applied to it disappears entirely from the game.

As a result of the Curse of Binding, you are always wearing armor. When it has sustained enough damage to break, only then will you be allowed to remove it. There is no other way to remove the cursed item from the armor slot besides dying.

How Does It Work?

curse of vanishing

The Curse of Binding and the Curse of Vanishing can be applied at an anvil or an enchanting table.

To create a cursed version of an item, combine it with the appropriate enchanted book.

In most instances, this will consume the book and permanently enchant the item. Curse of Binding only affects armor; Curse of Vanishing affects all equipment.

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When Was the Curse of Vanishing Added to Minecraft?

On September 28, 2016, update 16w39a introduced the Curses of Binding and Vanishing to the Java Edition of Minecraft.

The curses were altered a week later to include the Curse of Binding on elytra, pumpkins, and skulls. They revised it three years later to limit the Curse of Binding’s applicability to carved pumpkins only.

The ability to break the curse by fusing it with another item while making was removed in the year 2020.

About two weeks after its debut, The Curse of Vanishing was changed so that players may only use it on equipment and not any other objects.

It received the same modification in 2019, which limited its applicability to carved pumpkins and deleted its application to pumpkins altogether.

They revised it once again in 2020 to make sure it was permanent and could be used on compasses.

How to Get the Curse of Vanishing and Binding in Minecraft?

curse of vanishing

Both curses are available as rewards from fishing or treasure chests. However, if you’re wanting to get them quickly, focus on looting as you’re much more likely to find them from chests.

In the Java Edition, you could exchange curses for books, but starting with beta, that option was taken away from the Bedrock Edition. If you play the Bedrock Edition, you must find it via one of the alternate methods.

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Removing the Curse in Minecraft

In the Creative Mode, curses can be lifted. They become more challenging and permanent if you play on a Survival server and are unable to change the game mode.

You cannot remove curses at a grindstone because they are not enchantments like those. When the object is damaged, the Curse of Binding is no longer active.

It may take some time to do enough damage to your high-level, well-protected armor to lift the curse. Naturally, when you pass away, the Curse of Binding is also somewhat lifted.

The cursed armor is not on your body when you respawn since the items you are wearing drop and do not respawn with you.


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