Good Girls Ending Explained: Why Annie’s Series Finale Fate Actually Makes Sense?

good girls ending explained

The American crime comedy-drama television program Good Girls, developed by Jenna Bans, debuted on NBC on February 26, 2018, and it ran until July 22, 2021.

Bans, Dean Parisot, and Jeannine Renshaw served as the series’ executive producers for Universal Television. The show was canceled in June 2021 after four seasons.

Plot Summary

good girls ending explained

The show centers on three suburban Michigan mothers, including two sisters, who struggle to make ends meet.

They plan to rob a store since they are sick of having everything taken from them, but they soon learn that they are in for more than they bargained for.

After spotting one of the women, the store manager becomes interested in their successful robbery, but not for the money alone.

A mob crew that used the supermarket as a front also becomes interested. The others gradually travel down a route they had never considered before as a result of being caught up in a string of gang heists, debts, secrets, and family issues.

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Ending Explained

What Happened to Annie?

Good Girls Ending Explained

In the second hour of the two-part series finale, Mick appeared at Beth’s house with what appeared to be the intention of killing her for turning on Nick, which led to Nick being imprisoned and having to take his retribution from a distance.

Mick missed what appeared to be an exceptionally lucky opportunity, leaving her with only a flesh wound and conveniently leaving his gun where it could be used as evidence.

However, given that this is Good Girls, there were obviously no fortuitous events or handy turns.

In actuality, Nick had planned for Mick to shoot Beth rather than murder Beth in order to get the police’s attention, leave the pistol for them to discover, and allow them to find the prints on the gun as if it was the gun that had killed Lucy.

Since things were going so quickly in the closing moments, I’ll be honest and say that I wouldn’t have known Annie was in peril if it weren’t for the expression on Mae Whitman’s face as Annie gradually realized what was happening.

Why does Annie Getting Arrested Makes Sense?

Good Girls Ending Explained

The Season 4 premiere, not either part of the series finale, has the answers to all of those queries. Annie and Mick had an emotional vehicle chat in the very first episode of Season 4, which aired in early March.

Annie told Mick that Beth is “a genuinely terrific mom” and “it really shouldn’t be her prints on that pistol.”

Although Annie didn’t explicitly state it in that scene, it was implied that she wanted Mick to remove her prints and place them on the gun that murdered Lucy so that, in the event that Rio turned the gun into the police, Annie would be sentenced to jail rather than Beth.

To Good Girls’ credit, the finale avoided giving away the twist of the gun coming back into play by placing that scene in a “Previously On” review at the start of either hour.

However, this also meant that many viewers could not know by the end why Annie and not Beth were in peril.

according to what Dave and Phoebe discussed after Phoebe gave him a file with what appeared to be a lot of information on the gun, Annie may be responsible for much more than Lucy’s passing: The conclusion showed Beth to be victorious, Ruby appearing to side with Beth rather than moving in with her family in Nevada, and Annie being locked up.

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Good Girls Ending Explained

1. Christina Hendricks plays Elizabeth “Beth” Boland, a housewife and mother of four whose 20-year-married auto salesman cheated on her. She grows to appreciate life as a criminal and serves as the group’s de facto leader.

2. Retta plays Beth’s best friend Ruby Hill, a waitress who is having financial difficulties in order to pay for Sara’s renal ailment and necessary medical care.

3. Mae Whitman plays Annie Marks, Ben’s mother, and Beth’s younger sister. Annie was a teenager when Ben was born. For the majority of the series, Annie is employed for Fine & Frugal.

4. Reno Wilson plays Stanley Hill, Ruby’s former mall cop who is now a real police officer. He learns of Ruby’s unlawful activities and, despite first objecting to them, makes every effort to prevent her from being apprehended.

5. Manny Montana plays Christopher, a high-level criminal with a money-laundering operation who goes by the alias Rio. He uses automobiles, medicines, forgery, and other ingenious methods to finance his enterprise. He develops a tangled bond with Beth as a result of his specific interest in her.

6. Lidya Jewett plays Sara Hill, Ruby and Stan’s kidney-affected daughter.

7. Ben Marks, Annie and Gregg’s kid, come out as a transgender male in season 2, and Isaiah Stannard plays him. Before coming out, he was referred to as Sadie.

8. Matthew Lillard plays Beth Boland’s unfaithful auto salesman husband Dean Boland, who made poor financial decisions and demanded Beth rob a grocery store to make up for them.

When Dean asked Beth to attend their prom with him as a senior in high school, their long-term romance officially began.


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