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Joseph Quinn Quits: Is Joseph Quinn Leaving Stranger Things?

Joseph Quinn Quits

Actor Joseph Quinn is from the UK. He has made appearances on British television in the miniseries Howards End 2017, Dickensian 2016, and Catherine the Great 2016.

Additionally, he played supporting roles in the BBC television programs Strike and Les Miserables.

His breakthrough performance came in season 4 of the television show Stranger Things in 2022 as Eddie Munson.

Are Joseph Quinn Leaving Stranger Things?

Joseph Quinn is dead in Stranger Things season 4; yes, his character has died in the series; however, many viewers did not support his demise because when a hero died, no one liked that scene.

However, Joseph Quinn’s death scene as Eddie Muson was an epic and deeply moving moment in Stranger Things season 4.

But following this scene, Joseph Quinn’s admirers fell head over heels for him. Everyone wanted to see Joseph in Season 5 of Stranger Things, but there was some uncertainty about whether or not he would appear if his character were to die.

The likelihood is that his character will end in Stranger Things season 4 alone, and he won’t return in the following season, but we know the Duffer Brothers will find a way to bring him back.

Who Is Joseph Quinn Stranger Things Season 4?

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Because of his large hair and love of heavy metal, Joseph Quinn’s character in Stranger Things Season 4 was portrayed and created in a way that made it easy to assume that he was a bad boy or an evil character.

However, as the scenes progressed, fans began to fall in love with him as Eddie Mason. Eddie Mason, who was rejected as a candidate by Hawkins, is a complicated character in Stranger Things season 4.

As time went on, his life changed. He gradually rises to the position of leader of the Hellfire Club, the dungeons and dragons we all know and love.

As I previously mentioned, the way his character is written will lead some fans to initially believe he is evil as the plot progressively develops. When no one else was available, Eddie Muson assists Dustin Henderson Gaten Matarazzo, and Mike Wheeler Finn Wolfhard.

No one else can help them in that circumstance, so he takes both of them under his wing and brings them inside.

One more incident where Chrissy needed a buddy to talk to about her feelings and was at her lowest and most depressed showed his thoughtfulness. Eddie grew close to her at that point and did his best to support her.

But in the end, he passed away a hero. He gave his life as a ransom for his Hawkins group. When Dustin and Eddie noticed that the demo bats had left their Creel home, they made the independent decision to repair the problem.

Eddie then attempted to entice the demon bats while playing his guitar while perched on the trailer’s roof. They initially believed it would not work, but after a few minutes, they began to have second thoughts.

Eddie refused to continue trying to distract the demo bats from his teammates after Dustin managed the situation around them and made sure they were safe.


After graduating from high school, he was chosen to play Arthur Havisham in the lead part of the BBC One television series Dickensian. The program began airing in December 2015.

He performed in the roles at the National Theatre and Off West End in London throughout the ensuing years. He played Leonard Bast, a young bank employee, in the 2017 four-part television series Howards End alongside Hayley Atwell.

He had an appearance as Koner, a Stark soldier, in Season 7 of the HBO series Game of Thrones that same year.

He portrayed Eddie Munson in Season 4 of Stranger Things in the year 2022. He was cast in 2019, and the movie was shot in 2021.

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