Sony Releases New Play Station Update, Brings Multiple New Features: Know More About It!

Sony releases new PlayStation update, brings multiple new features

Since the release of PS5, we’ve listened to your suggestions and have been hard at work implementing the features you’ve requested. The New PS5 system software beta is now available, with 1440p support, game lists, and other improvements to help you get the most from PlayStation 5 and make it easier to connect with your friends.

We hope to make these updates available to everyone later this year, even if they are currently only available to beta testers in a few countries.

Those chosen to participate in the beta will be notified via email when the app is released today. As is customary during the beta testing phase, some features may be removed or drastically altered before the final release.

Table of Contents

New features have been added:

  • Play and Customization Changes
  • HDMI Video Output Resolution: 1440p
  • A new visual setting on compatible PC monitors and TVs is now possible with the PS5 beta’s addition of 1440p HDMI video output support.
  • For games that support 1440p rendering, you can get the full 1440p experience on your display.
  • It’s also possible to benefit from better anti-aliasing if you’re playing a game at a higher native resolution, such as 4K.
  • Select “Test 1440p Output” under “Screen and Video” options in system settings to see if your HDMI device is compatible.

Game lists

  • You can now create game lists in your Game Library, which makes organizing your games even more convenient.
  • If you haven’t done so already, go to your collection and click [Create Gamelist]. Make a list of games you’d like to play, then decide on a name for each one.
  • There can be as many as 15 different game lists, each with a maximum of 100 games. Disc, digital, and streaming games can all be added to a game list in your Game Library’s “Your Collection” tab. *** There’s no limit to how many lists you can add games to.
  • Contrast Stereo Audio with 3D Audio
  • On the same screen, you can now hear the differences between 3D and stereo audio and make a decision about which you prefer.

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Streamlined Access to Ongoing Projects

At the very top of a game’s hub, in-progress activities are often highlighted so that players can quickly return to where they left off.

Innovative Social Tools

  • Sharing Your Screen

Now that Share Screen has been enabled, you can ask your party members to watch your gameplay. Select the party member you want to send the request to from the voice chat card and then press the send button.

Notification for a Playable Game

You’ll now be alerted if a party member is playing a game that you can join while you’re a member of the group. From the notification, you can join the game.

Profiles of New Friends can be viewed.

  • Accepting a friend request in the [Received] list allows you to see a profile of your new friend in the [New Friend] section now.
  • Stickers and Voice Messages can be exchanged in the Game Base.
  • Stickers and voice messages can now be sent to your groups from the Game Base card.

Voice Command

You can now try out Voice Command on your PlayStation 5 by saying “Hey, PlayStation” and then issuing the command. You can use this feature to move around in your games, apps, and preferences. In order to use this feature, you must speak English. Support for additional languages may be added in the future by the company.

Dark Mode

A dark mode has been added to the Remote Play app, which will be linked to the phone’s settings. In addition to English, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Turkish, Greek, Thai, and Chinese are supported by the app’s new screen reader feature.

Users of the PS app can now create or join events directly from the application. Players can now communicate with each other, join groups, and share images and other media with each other.

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Screen Reader

With the new Screen Reader feature, users will be able to read the text in a variety of languages from English to Portuguese to Turkish Greek Thai, and Chinese.

In addition, Sony has stated that it plans to enable the PS5’s Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) feature in the coming months. The PlayStation 5’s refresh rate will soon be dynamically synced with displays that support HDMI 2.1.

There will be less screen tearing and smoother output with super-fast image renders, according to the company.


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