All My Friends Hate Me Ending Explained: What Is the Grand Plot Hatched Against Pete by His Friends?

All My Friends Hate Me Ending Explained

British comedy-horror movie All My Friends Hate Me, from 2021, was written by Tom Palmer and Tom Stourton and directed by Andrew Gaynor.

Tom Stourton also stars in the movie. It was released in theaters on March 11, 2022, and on March 25 in digital format. It made its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2021.

Plot Summary

All My Friends Hate Me Ending Explained

Pete, a man in his thirties, and Sonia talk about going away for the weekend. Pete’s best buddy George has invited him to a weekend party to celebrate his birthday, despite the fact that it appears that they have been estranged from each other for a while.

Sonia is also invited and is expected to go out with her boyfriend the following day, but Pete decides to arrive that day instead to spend the entire day catching up with old friends.

When Pete stops to use the restroom while traveling from the city to the countryside where the party is to be held because George‘s parents own a large estate, he notices a whining dog that is cruelly chained to a fence.

The man approaches to see if he can assist when he sees an old hatchback car parked on the property that is blasting loud music inside.

A homeless man who was snoozing inside the automobile suddenly jumped out and chased Pete away, forcing him to retreat to his vehicle and flee.

After continuing to drive and now appearing to be lost, Pete approaches an elderly guy and begs for instructions. The stranger does assist Pete, but not before making jokes and pulling his wool over his eyes by being insane.

Pete finally makes it to the country house, but in contrast to his expectations, it is absolutely deserted. The man spends some time in the salon sipping beer for a while before falling asleep since he speculates that his friends may not have shown up or may have gone somewhere else.

All My Friends Hate Me Ending Explained

The pals show up at the house almost at sunset and explain that they went to the neighborhood bar for drinks because they feared Pete might be involved in an accident on the highway.

All of the companions in the group have now been identified: Pete’s ex-girlfriend Claire, George, whose ancestry is wealthy; his wife Fig; Archie, a wealthy and drug-addicted man; and Fig, George’s wife.

A local, slightly elderly man named Harry soon joins the party, though he does look out of place in the opulent home of the primarily wealthy men and ladies. Harry was invited by her friends after they met him in the pub.

But after a while, Pete starts to have trouble relating to his buddies since something seems strange and unusual. Pete tries to explain about his recent volunteer trip to a refugee camp, but no one seems very interested.

He makes two or three attempts to chat to his pals about his strange experiences while driving down to the house since he just can’t keep their interest.

He knows that the same man is inside the room and appears to be rather offended by his report when he finally tells the tale of his encounter with the elderly man who gave him directions.

Pete discovers the man is Norman, a hired hand at George’s country estate. Pete doesn’t seem to remember when the pals bring up a certain “Plank,” a young man they used to hang out with, and instead tries to talk about how ridiculously embarrassing things they used to do when they were younger, which, once more, nobody wants to hear.

Pete cannot help but believe that he is mostly to blame for this when he discovers that Claire had truly tried suicide after he had left the country.

Pete develops an uneasy air of distrust toward Harry as the evening goes on because he believes the stranger has been trying to dominate a birthday celebration that has been planned for Pete.

Additionally, Harry’s peculiar propensity to bring out a small pocketbook and scribble notes in it whenever Pete talks about himself leads Pete to believe that this stranger is trying to damage him in some way.

Later that evening, Pete notices the same old hatchback car that had previously housed the homeless man parked in front of George’s house, and his skepticism almost turns to terror.

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Ending Explained

What Happens To Pete And Sonia’s Relationship?

All My Friends Hate Me Ending Explained

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After Pete’s activities wreck the birthday party, the screen fades to black and we show Sonia and Pete returning to the highway the following day.

Pete initially tries to casually complain about having a bad hangover, but when Sonia doesn’t reply, he quickly brings up the engagement strategy.

He expresses regret for how it was exposed to her and says he would understand if Sonia rejected him in light of everything that transpired at the party.

He asks her whether she would still like to remain with him, and Sonia answers with a fast, icy “no.” Pete cries while trying to agree and defend this choice, but Sonia quickly clarifies that she was merely making fun of him.

The only issue with Pete, she continues, is that he simply does not know how to take a joke. She exclaims that she does want to be with Pete and marry him. “All My Friends Hate Me” goes to black as Pete is clearly perplexed and baffled by the scenario.

Although Pete does seem overly wary and untrusting of his buddies, it is also difficult to take a side in this movie because the actions that the friends come up with are also not too typical or ordinary.

While the movie leaves a lot of questions unanswered regarding the hatchback car and the homeless man, it may be assumed that Plank himself may have played another practical joke on Pete.

The movie contains scenes that give Pete paranoia. Although “All My Friends Hate Me” doesn’t appear to have much going on underneath the surface, the general unease that it occasionally manages to bring out works for the movie.

The film is at least entertaining due to the awkward, futile attempts of friends who have drastically changed over the years to return to their old lives.


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