Be a Better Manager in An Ever Increasingly Digital Environment: How This Can Be Done?

How to Be a Better Manager in an Ever Increasingly Digital Environment

Managers play a critical role. In order to keep your business running smoothly, they ensure that work is completed on time and to a high standard and that they take care of your customers. In other words, they keep their departments running on a daily basis.

Even in these challenging times, if you want your organization to grow, your managers must also grow. To help your managers grow into leaders, here are six suggestions.

Facilitate Their Strategic Thinking.

The majority of managers are experts in only one field: their own department. They can’t think strategically unless they have a comprehensive grasp of your company as a whole. You can begin by revealing your long-term goals.

Inquire about their ideas and how they think their department can help. Introduce them to other areas of the business. Set up opportunities for job shadowing and cross-training.

Because of the difficulties of working remotely, video conferencing tools can be a boon here. Have two managers trade roles for a few months or partner on video calls with the understanding that they are each other’s learning and growth resources.

Provide Them With A Basic Understanding of Your Organization’s Finances

 Do your managers understand the difference between the top and bottom lines, and what drives each of these? The ability to calculate the return on investment (ROI) of their ideas is a must.

Is it financially viable for them to expand their workforce, purchase new equipment, or implement new software? Having this information will help you make better decisions and think more long-term.

They Will Become More Aware of The World Around Them.

As a salesperson, your manager is likely to be well-versed in your rivals. It’s less likely that operational managers are aware of this. Leaders must have a solid understanding of the competitive dynamics they face and how to make the right decisions in order to maintain a competitive advantage.

It’s also important for them to deeply understand your customer demographics. Use digital calls with you or your head of sales to include non-customer-facing managers. Observe customer service representatives and managers dealing with escalations by allowing them to join in on conference calls.

Join professional organizations where they can meet others in your field and learn from their experiences Volunteering on a board or attending a chamber of commerce meeting is a great way to get them involved in the community and to expand their horizons.

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Establish a Mentoring Program.

You can help your managers become leaders by giving them challenging assignments. When the manager has the support of a mentor, these are especially effective.

Of course, you and other senior leaders in your organization can serve as mentors to these individuals. You should assign a project to your manager, assist them in developing the project’s strategy and implementation plan, and make sure they have a mentor to help them.

Challenge Them to Build Their Own Team

“It’s hard to move up if no one is taking your place,” goes the adage. Hasn’t changed one bit. Find out who their best employees are by assisting them (or having them work with human resources on this).

How to Be a Better Manager in an Ever Increasingly Digital Environment

See to it that these employees have their own development plans, just as you are creating one for them. It’s essential for them to understand that if they want to build a stronger team, they must help others grow. Give them advice and instruction on how to lead from afar. Workers should be empowered by their managers, who should delegate and delegate more.

Learn to Be More Empathetic and Compassionate

We need leaders who can earn our confidence and respect. Demonstrating empathy and compassion, especially in times of crisis, is the only way to accomplish this. To build a stronger relationship with their employees, managers should listen to them, ask them how they’re doing, and be supportive.

It’s possible to learn empathy, so look for training and coaching opportunities.

Your company will be well-positioned to expand and prosper if you put your efforts into developing your managers into leaders.

Encourage Participation and Accountability in The Process

The way teams work has changed dramatically as a result of technological advancements. According to a culture of accountability and respect within a company is essential in order to foster a climate of trust.

As a result, employees and groups will be better equipped to deal with digital processes even when they are not in the office. It was John Maxwell who advised Coxey that “what does not get inspected, does not get respected,” and that was an important piece of advice for him. Just by inspecting your employees, you cultivate the next generation of leaders.

“I have business partners and employees in Sydney and India who I collaborate with from my Gold Coast headquarters. Tossing and turning at night, I don’t worry about their performance.

The reason for this is that they’ve taken responsibility for their actions. They have faith in me. These people care about me and don’t want to disappoint me. They are accountable, but they are also countable. Maxwell taught Coxey that being counted on is the greatest compliment you can receive in life.

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Inspire and Motivate Others

Coxey is a firm believer in the virtue of edification or the act of elevating one’s fellow man. However, you can’t promote yourself. In his TEDx Talk “Edification Changed My Life,” he emphasized the importance of promoting people one-on-one, in front of the entire team, or in writing or video.

The ability to put oneself in the shoes of others is a quality he values in great leaders. With an understanding of another person’s situation, you can help them in the best possible way.” You gain respect as a leader in this way, he says. To me, it’s all about inspiring people to be their best selves. A winning team culture and high-performance teams can be developed in this manner.


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