Best Skyrim Builds: What Are Some of The Best Character Builds for Skyrim?

Best Skyrim Builds

Skyrim did away with the major and minor skill systems from the previous games, although it did so in favor of a useful skill tree for each talent.

This offered unprecedented levels of customization while also broadening the variety of building above earlier iterations.

Here are the best Skyrim builds to try, from sneaking up on enemies with your trusty bow to using magic to burn down villages.

Because of the difficulty—or lack thereof—of Skyrim, these entries are not in any particular order. Select the option that appeals to you the most.

Powerful Skyrim Character Builds

1. Paladin

Best Skyrim Builds

A common RPG class that is easy to recreate in Skyrim is the paladin. With a combined melee-spellcasting playstyle that incorporates sword and Restoration, paladins strike the wicked.

Bretons are the ideal candidates for it due to their innate racial benefit of +5 in a number of talents, which makes them outstanding half-mages.

To develop a character who can absorb a lot of damage while still keeping themselves and any allies alive in a fight, concentrate on heavy armor, one-handed combat, and restoration skills. Additionally, it’s a great structure for role-players.

2. Elemental Fury

Best Skyrim Builds

Skyrim introduced dual-wielding gear, allowing players to equip two swords or perform two separate spells simultaneously.

One of the best aspects of Skyrim is the ability to dual-wield swords, which also allows for a very robust build.

By moving up the talent tree, you can increase your one-handed damage. Then, to dispatch opponents twice as quickly, employ the Elemental Fury scream.

This playstyle is made even more potent by the advantages that Redguards and Orcs have in terms of their races. Slashing enemies with two swords at once is never dull.

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3. Illusion Assassin

Best Skyrim Builds

The weaknesses of Stealth Archers are mostly adopted by Illusion Assassins, who are stealth characters who prioritize using spells and daggers over bows.

Rapid dagger attacks are far more potent than bows thanks to the stealth damage multiplier.

If you additionally invest in Illusion, you can freeze every enemy in a room into battling each other, enabling you to vanquish dungeons without ever picking up a weapon.

In dragon battles, you can use Marked for Death to fast hit your opponent from behind and quickly wipe them off.

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4. Dual Dagger Assassin

Best Skyrim Builds

Due to the fact that it restricts the adaptability of other builds that use shields or one-handed spells, dual-wielding is an undervalued but one of the most potent Skyrim character builds.

Despite this, the game’s unusual design allows for several intriguing builds, such as the twin-dagger assassin build.

Because they have a unique ability called Berserker Rage that allows them to deal twice as much damage for a minute while only taking half of the damage they take, orcs are a great race to test out this twin dagger build with.

It’s a close-quarters, high-damage build that depends on Light Armor and Sneaks to outmaneuver your rivals. If battle becomes too difficult to handle, use illusion spells to affect the AI of the opponent.

5. Pure Mage

Best Skyrim Builds

The greatest option for players looking for a genuine challenge is a pure mage build. This construct requires a deep understanding of how bonuses and enchantments work, therefore learning it is challenging.

You’ll have a character who can pulverize any adversary as a result. There is more to it than just that; it used to be the strong Skyrim character builds.

The best starting race for anyone who wants to make the most of this construct is a High Elf. The Pure Mage mandates that the player choose one or more schools of magic to specialize in.

Conjuration excels at dealing with numerous enemies, whereas Destruction excels at causing harm.


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