Free Fire OB32 Update:What New Features Have Been Introduced Know More About It!

New items, features and changes to the game after the Free Fire OB32 Update, see the full list here

In Free Fire and Free Fire MAX, Illuminate is the most recent patch to be applied. The Charge Buster, a brand-new weapon, will be available to players after the release of Illuminate.

New matchmaking functions in Craftland, character updates, and many other exciting new features will also be included.

Some of the feedback from players around the world has been incorporated into recent updates to Free Fire. The following is a comprehensive list of Free Fire and Free Fire MAX updates.

It’s Free and It’s Maxed Out


1) Skyler’s skill button now has a hold-to-aim function for better precision.

  • Olivia: Resurrected teammates receive more extra HP.
  • Xayne: Increased skill duration and Gloo power Shorter cooldown and increased wall damage. Maxim: Reduced the reduction in time due to the use of Med Kits.

Clash Squad

  • There’s a New Map in Clash Squad and Clash Squad Ranked: The Alpine One!
  • Hangar and Nurek Dam Were Added to The Bermuda Map as New Areas.
  • In Katulistiwa, Mars Electric, and Mill, Adjustments to The Bermuda Map’s Balance Have Been Made.
  • Every Round in Classic Clash Squad Mode, an Airdrop Will Land on The Map.
    In Order to Improve the Battle Royale Dam Area, the Bermuda Nurek Dam Area Was Added. the Bermuda Map Has Been Remastered.
  • First Few Safe Zone Shrinks in Classic Battle Royale Mode Have Been Modified to Increase the Pace of Each Match. the Safe Zone Will Be the Default Direction for Players Who Parachute After Revival with A Level One Helmet, a Level One Vest, and A G18.

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Weapons and Equipment

  • Charge Buster Is a New Weapon.
  • An M1014, Spas12; Mag-7; Mp5, P90; Mp5, Thompson; Mac10; Mini Uzi; Vector; M500 Scar; Aug; Kingfisher; Flashbang Are All Examples of Weapons that Can Be Re-Adjusted.
  • Anti-Explosive Technology: Vests Are Now Equipped with Explosives Protection.

Training Grounds

  • More Time Spent on Shooting Drills: On The Training Grounds, You’ll Find New Enemy-Shaped Targets to Practise Your Skills.
  • For Quick Reference, Weapons Tags Will Be Displayed in The Backpack of The Player.
  • One of The New Matchmaking Features that Has Been Added to Craftland Is Now Available. the Match Will Use a Random Map from The Most Popular List.

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1) Craftland Free Fire Max

  • Player Customization of Checkpoints and Spawn Points and Doom Zones Is Now Possible in Parkour Mode.
  • Barriers from Pet Mania Are the Latest Additions to The Game.
  • In Craftland, Objects Can Float in The Air, and Some Objects Can Be Stacked on Top of Each Other.
  • Multi-Team Battles Have Been Added to The Mode Editor.

2) A Lobby With A 360-Degree View

  • The Team Leader’s Free Fire Max Lobby Will Be Shown to The Rest of The Team Automatically.


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