Google Play Music App Shut Down on Android, iOS and Web: Get More Updates!

Google Play Music App Shut Down on Android, iOS and Web

Google announced the official shutdown date for the forerunner to YouTube Music at the beginning of August. Numerous Android, iOS, and web users are reporting that Google Play Music is currently unavailable.

The app opens to a splash screen saying “Google Play Music is no longer available.” A user can choose between “Transfer to YouTube Music” and “Manage your data.”

Many people using a variety of clients across the globe reported that Play Music stopped functioning on Thursday morning. Some people are still able to get in, and things have been moving more quickly since the beginning of the month.

Coincidentally, YouTube Music has been hard at work improving itself with a slew of new features in an effort to become a viable substitute:

  • Upload your songs to YouTube and listen to them in the car using the Android Auto app!
  • Free users of YouTube Music can download curated playlists featuring user-generated music.
  • Background play, access to your library, and UI improvements are on the way for YouTube Music on Android TV.
  • Casting your own music library to smart speakers is now possible with YouTube Music’s free tier.

The process began in September for GPM users in New Zealand and South Africa. After that, earlier this month, the global Play Music store for purchasing individual tracks and albums closed its virtual doors forever.

Even though users can no longer “stream from or use the Google Play Music app,” Google will still keep their playlists, uploads, purchases, likes, and other data until December. The Google Takeout export and the YouTube Music migration tool will be available until then. After that time, Google will erase all Play Music user information.

Google Play Music: How To Make the Switch

Google has prompted its users to transfer their data to the new service by sending out emails and push notifications. Transfer buttons are included in those directions, but you can also initiate the process manually. The methodology is as follows.

  • Start by updating both apps to their most recent versions and creating a YouTube Music account. Then, do as I say. (They are identical whether you listen to YouTube Music in the app or online.)
  • By tapping on your profile picture, you can access the app’s settings in the top right corner of YouTube Music.
  • Select “Preferences” to make some changes.
  • To copy music from Google Play to your computer, click the button labeled “Transfer from Google Play Music
  • Select “Transfer” on the subsequent screen.

How long it takes to make the switch depends on the size of your collection. About an hour was all it took when I did it. As soon as the upload is finished, you’ll get a notification, and you can access your files in the YouTube Music app’s Library section.

That will replace your preferred music, playlists, and suggestions. If you have been listening to podcasts through Google Play Music, however, you will need to take additional measures. Since YouTube Music does not have a podcast subscription feature, YouTube is recommending that users download the Google Podcasts app instead.

Google Play Music App Shut Down on Android, iOS and Web

Downloads, subscriptions, and other information related to podcasts on Google Play Music can be easily imported into the Google Podcasts app. Click the button on this specific page to initiate the podcast download.

When you upload your files to YouTube Music or Google Podcasts, keep in mind that they will only receive a copy of the data you have already created. You’ll need to do another transfer if you continued using Google Play Music after the first one and added more songs or other data you want to save. I timed it and found that it went more quickly the second time.

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Background Music Subscription Services

Once you’ve transferred your files from Google Play Music to YouTube Music and paid for an ad-free streaming subscription, the service will automatically convert your Google Play Music account to a YouTube Music account.

Depending on your current plan, you’ll either have access to YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium (which grants you access to both the music service and ad-free YouTube videos). Americans and people in most other countries won’t see any price changes in the near future.

There is good news and bad news for those who are content with using only the free ad-supported tier of Google Play Music.

The good news is that you can listen to music you’ve uploaded or purchased from YouTube Music even when the app isn’t actively open on your screen. That means I don’t have to worry about shelling out money for a subscription just to browse Twitter while listening to my collection of rare live recordings of Tom Waits.

The bad news for free users is that they can’t have any other music playing in the background while they use the service. The free version of YouTube Music includes access to 50 million songs, but it also includes advertisements.

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But if you put a password on your phone or switch to a different app, you won’t be able to listen unless you’re a subscriber. That’s a major flaw that wasn’t present in Google Play Music.

In other words, if you want to listen to your own music whenever you like, wherever you are, YouTube Music is still your best bet. In contrast, there are superior free alternatives to consider if you’re looking for the extensive music library included with most streaming services.

Another disadvantage, though most people won’t experience it, exists. While Google Cast, which allows users to simultaneously stream music to multiple Google Home speakers over WiFi, was a free feature on Google Play Music, it requires a paid subscription to access in YouTube Music. Even so, streaming is still gratis via Bluetooth.

To appease die-hard music fans, YouTube Music has raised the maximum number of tracks that can be uploaded from 50,000 to 100,000.


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