The Night Eats the World Ending Explained: It’s Not Agoraphobia if There Are Zombies Outside!

The Night Eats the World Ending Explained

The Night Eats the World, also known as La Nuit a dévoré le monde, is a 2018 French zombie film that was written, produced, and directed by Dominique Rocher.

It is based on the Pit Agarman novel of the same name. The movie, which also stars Golshifteh Farahani and Denis Lavant, centers on Sam Anders Danielsen Lie, who finds himself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse that unexpectedly sweeps through Paris.

The movie had its world premiere on January 13 at the Angers Film Festival, and on March 7 it hit theaters in France.

Plot Summary

The Night Eats the World Ending Explained

Sam, a musician in Paris, goes to see Fanny retrieve some music tapes he left in her care. Sam is repeatedly ignored by Fanny when she is hosting a party before she finally informs him that the videos are at the office.

On his way to the recordings, Sam is unintentionally bumped by another partygoer. Once there, he collapses after experiencing nasal bleeding. Sam is sound asleep despite the sounds of commotion erupting outside the office door.

Sam awakens the following morning to find the apartment wrecked, covered in blood stains, and empty. He enters the stairwell and finds a zombified Fanny there. When he calls her name, she charges at him.

He sees a family from the apartment across the street who tries to flee in their car die as he is locked inside her flat. The only safe place Sam can discover is the apartment, which is many stories high.

The zombies, who appear to have taken over all of Paris, are moving very quickly and react in hordes to any sound or sight. Additionally, they are vocally mute, creating almost no noise, and never speak.

Sam starts cleaning the flat because he can’t go, but then a shotgun explosion breaks through the floor.

When he peers through the hole, he sees that one of the people below had killed himself after killing his wife, whom he had strapped to a chair after she contracted an infection. The zombies in the stairwell are no longer there when he takes their shotgun and steps outdoors.

The Night Eats the World Ending Explained

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He seals himself inside the building by hastily closing the doors. Sam examines each unit in turn, discovering that most of them are vacant.

He discovers a zombified elderly man in the elevator, ties the gate, and starts a one-sided conversation with the zombie, whose name is Alfred. Sam successfully enters the premises and steals a significant amount of goods.

He limits these and, in one room, finds musical instruments that he uses to amuse himself. Sam’s loneliness and mental instability worsen with time.

He tries to get a stray cat that is aimlessly wandering among the dead because he needs company but is almost killed by numerous zombies. He returns to the apartment, and Sam shoots the cat out the window out of wrath.

Sam almost kills himself a second time after falling asleep with the shotgun positioned beneath his head while watching to see if he would turn, fearing he had been bitten.

He has to deal with a lack of heat as winter approaches, and the water supply to the apartment building stops operating. Sam’s mental condition continues to deteriorate as he makes do by gathering rainwater and building a fireplace.

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The Night Eats the World Ending Explained

One day, he observes that the streets are largely deserted. Sam plays a loud drum set to see how distant the zombies are. The dead return in droves and crowd on top of one another, almost scaling the balcony of the flat. Sam is furious and plays on despite the risk.

Sam discharges the shotgun through his bedroom door that evening after hearing something outside. He discovers that he shot another person after hearing agony cries.

He tries to give the woman first aid and discovers her bag, which contains a lot of rope and a grappling hook that she uses to move from rooftop to rooftop.

Sam speaks with the woman, Sarah, the following morning. Sarah tells how she has managed to survive. He murders the zombified residents while taking supplies from the bottom apartment.

She walks up to the roof and warns Sam that if he stays in the apartment complex he will either perish or lose his mind. Sam initially dismisses her but later changes his mind.

It appears that his discussions with Sarah after he shot her were only hallucinations when he goes back to his room and discovers her dead from the gunshot.

He laments her passing, pays tribute to her, and wraps her corpse. After burning the videos and releasing Alfred, Sam chooses to leave the flat. Alfred then walks into the next-door apartment, where Sam locks him up.

The building is attacked by zombies when the burning tapes trigger a fire alarm. They run inside after slamming the doors.

After taking out a few, Sam is able to climb to the roof and swing across the street to the following structure, where he climbs to the rooftop and takes in the apparently infinite Paris cityscape. He fleetingly picks up a sound that might be made by further survivors.


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