WhatsApp Banned 2.07 Million Indian Accounts in August to Prevent Harmful Behaviour

WhatsApp Banned 2.07 Million Indian Accounts in August to Prevent Harmful Behaviour

In August, WhatsApp deleted over 2 million accounts for various reasons, including to prevent abuse and harmful activity. According to its most recent transparency report, released in accordance with the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules 2021, WhatsApp banned over 20,000,000 accounts in a single month.

According to the report, during the specified time period, a total of 222 ban appeals were made by users and the India Grievance Officer, and 41 accounts were “actioned.”

According to WhatsApp’s third transparency report, the messaging service fielded 420 questions from customers during the month of August alone. Among these, WhatsApp received 222 requests to appeal a ban, 105 questions about account support, and 76 reports about the product and other support.

Meanwhile, 17 safety-related reports were sent in via WhatsApp. According to the report, only 41 accounts were reinstated after a ban appeal was filed by a user or the India Grievance Officer.

WhatsApp does more than just field user complaints; it also provides its own safeguards to stop abusive behavior. Abuse is identified in three distinct moments throughout the lifetime of an account: during sign-up while communicating and in response to negative feedback in the form of user reports and blocks.

WhatsApp announced in July that 25% of all banned accounts are located in India. It revealed that the average number of accounts banned each month across the globe is around 8 million, with India accounting for about a quarter of these bans due to the prevalence of spam and bulk messages.

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Accounts Were Typically Terminated for Widespread Spamming.

WhatsApp Banned 2.07 Million Indian Accounts in August to Prevent Harmful BehaviourMost banned WhatsApp accounts are also located in India, as Indian users constitute a sizable proportion of the service’s total user base. According to a July report, the primary reason accounts are deleted is because of unsolicited bulk or automated messages.

In an additional measure, WhatsApp has reduced the maximum number of recipients for forwarded messages to five. Even so, WhatsApp Groups allow users to relay the same message to more than five contacts at once.

Officials from the company stated, “We are putting extra emphasis on prevention because we think it is much better to prevent harmful activity from happening in the first place rather than detect it after the fact.

When an account is created, while it is being used for messaging, and after receiving negative feedback in the form of user reports and blocks, abuse detection is activated.


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The security of our users is a top priority, so we continually reinvest in security measures like infrastructure, personnel, and procedures. Preventing large-scale accounts from sending harmful or unwanted messages is our top priority.

Two million accounts in India were banned because they were sending messages at an excessive rate because we use sophisticated tools to detect such behavior.

If someone is sending you messages but not showing the typing indicator, they may be a spammer and you should probably block them. Those who have issues with WhatsApp can send an email to wa@support.whatsapp.com or use the in-app reporting and blocking features.


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