Users of Google Chrome Are Strongly Encouraged to Update to The Newest Version as Soon as Possible Because It Addresses a Serious Security Flaw.

Users of Google Chrome are strongly encouraged to update to the newest version as soon as possible because it addresses a serious security flaw.

If you’re using Chrome, make sure you update your app as soon as possible. Google has acknowledged a critical flaw in its Chrome browser, a zero-day exploit for which is already in use by malicious actors.

As a result, if you haven’t updated your version of Chrome yet, your data and device could still be vulnerable to hacking. Google’s treatment of the new version as an emergency update suggests the browser’s security flaw is significant.

Chrome 99.0.4844.84 for Windows, Mac, and Linux has been released, and Google recommends updating to this version immediately. Google has announced the release of Chrome 73 with a single security patch addressing the zero-day exploit CVE-2022-1096, which was discovered and disclosed by an unnamed security researcher earlier this month.

According to Google, this zero-day flaw can be found in Chrome’s JavaScript engine, and exploits are already being developed by hackers to inject malicious code into the browser. Google has said it will wait until a sizable percentage of Chrome users have installed the patch before disclosing any further details about the vulnerability.

The Microsoft Edge browser is also susceptible because the flaw is present in the Chromium engine. Microsoft has acknowledged the existence of the vulnerability in Edge and has released a fix to prevent any further attacks.

Microsoft Edge browsers with version 99.0.1150.55 or higher are not susceptible to the CVE-2022-1096 vulnerability; however, users with earlier versions of the browser should take this issue seriously and update to the latest available version.

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To Clarify, What Is the Cve-2022-1096 Flaw?

Though Not Much Is Known About Cve-2022-1096, It Has Been Suggested in Scholarly Literature that It Is a “type Confusion in V8.” Both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge Are Based on The Chromium Web Browser, Which Is What This Simply Refers To.

 Now that Google Knows About the Vulnerability Thanks to The Anonymous Researcher’s Private Disclosure, the Search Giant Can Decide If, and When, to Make the Information Public. Perhaps It Is Assuming that Doing so Would Cause Panic and People Would Uninstall Chrome Rather than Update It, Leading to Its Current Decision Not to Do So.

In What Ways Can You Update Google Chrome?

The Process Is Easy to Understand. Access Chrome’s Menu by Clicking the Three Dots in The Top Right. Proceed to The ‘help’ Page Now. Google Chrome’s “about” Tab Can Be Accessed by Clicking Its Name.

when You Open Your Browser, It Will Begin Checking for Updates and Will Begin Downloading Them Automatically. a Relaunch of Chrome Is Required for The Update to Take Effect After It Has Been Downloaded and Installed. System Restart Is Optional but Highly Recommended.

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There Has Been No Public Announcement of The Attack.

As Reported by Jan Vojtesek of The Avast Threat Intelligence Team on Friday, July 1st, the Zero-Day Bug Fixed Today (tracked as Cve-2022-2294) Is a High Severity Heap-Based Buffer Overflow Vulnerability in The Web Rtc (web Real-Time Communications) Component.

When Exploited, Heap Overflows Can Cause the System to Crash, Allow for The Execution of Arbitrary Code, and Even Allow the Attacker to Circumvent Security Measures.

Despite Google’s Claims that This Zero-Day Vulnerability Was Exploited in The Wild, the Company Has Not Provided Any Additional Information or Technical Details About the Incidents.

Google Warned that It May Limit Users’ Ability to Learn About Bugs and Download Fixes until The Vast Majority of People Have Installed Them.

As an Additional Precaution, “we Will Also Retain Restrictions if The Bug Exists in A Third Party Library that Other Projects Similarly Depend On, but Have Not yet Fixed.”

Chrome Users Should Have Enough Time to Update and Prevent Exploitation Attempts until Google Releases More Information on The Attacks, Thanks to The Delayed Release of More Information.


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