Starsector Mods: Starsector Mods to Unlock In-Game Features 2021!

Starsector Mods

The same point is demonstrated by the top-down single-player independent role-playing game Starsector.

Starsector, formerly known as Starfarer, was published in 2013. The game Starsector transports you to the year 3126 where you control a fleet of spaceships and must make intelligent use of them to participate in battle, trade, and exploration on a randomly generated planet.

Every time Fractal Softworks has issued a new update throughout the years, both gamers and critics have praised the company.

Rock Paper Shotgun, a well-known gaming website, even referred to this game as “Mount & Blade: Warband in space.”

Starsector, like many other open-world games, makes your life simple by enabling Starsector mods.

As a result, I’ll include a few of the well-liked Starsector mods in this post to make it simpler for you to enjoy Starsector video games on your Windows or macOS computer.

Starsector Mods to Watch in 2021

1. The Arkgneisis Legacy

Starsector Mods

This mod introduces a faction of individuals that would rather engage in unjust conflict than valiantly confront formidable odds.

By including the clever band of looters Anarakis Reparations Society, this hack expands the game’s factions.

2. Light Display

One of the “greatest” mods to employ if you want to light up the night and wipe out enemy fleets.

Except for the fact that having different lights on your beams makes your ship a little bit brighter and less dismal, this mod has no unique effects.

3. Scy Nation

These guys are essentially space pirates or bandits. They resemble the underclass of Earth, except they are spacefaring.

These guys are barbarians, ruthless slavers, and generally people you wouldn’t want on your side.

4. Version Verifier

Starsector Mods

Every Starsector game and mod MUST include this mod. With the help of this mod, you can determine whether the basic game and the mods you’ve loaded need an update.

Since we don’t always check our game or mod version, this mod does it for you, it’s really crucial.

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5. Expansion of Arsenal

Essentially an add-on to the vanilla game, which removes some of the best fighter wings, ship additions, and weapons still present in the basic game.

Additionally, certain campaign content is accessible.

6. Does The Autosave Mod

dislike giving up your gains? Fear not; this mod has you covered.

ALazyWizard’s laziness reached its peak, and it’s contagious because this mod handles the labor so you don’t have to.

7. Regular Radar

Starsector Mods

Another one of ALazyWizard’s masterpieces, this mod gives your game a simple radar. It works quite fine and is fairly good in terms of design.

8. Outer Rim Alliance

No, sir. Though I wish it were, this isn’t Star Wars. With the exception of not being capitalists, the Outer Rim Alliance is essentially identical to the Corpus faction in Warframe.

A faction called the ORA exists to aid the unfortunate. “We help the destitute, lift the desperate, mend the broken, and together we build a better future,” reads the organization’s motto.

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9. Console Commands Mod

Quite simple and down to the point. With this mod, you have direct access to the console command prompt, allowing you to change several game variables. Please be aware that this mod might not function with mods that completely alter the game.


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