The Shining Ending Explained: Why Is Jack in The Photo?

The Shining Ending Explained

Stanley Kubrick co-wrote the 1980 psychological horror film The Shining, which he also produced, directed, and co-wrote with author Diane Johnson.

Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, Scatman Crothers, and Danny Lloyd star in the 1977 Stephen King novel adaptation.

With his wife, Wendy Torrance Duvall, and young son, Danny Torrance, Jack Torrance Nicholson, a promising writer and sober man, gets a job as the off-season keeper of the remote historic Overlook Hotel in the Colorado Rockies Lloyd.

“Shining” psychic powers are a gift to Danny. Jack’s sanity deteriorates as a result of the otherworldly entities that reside in the hotel after a winter blizzard traps the Torrances in the snow.

With sets based on actual locations, production took place nearly solely at EMI Elstree Studios. Having a small team allowed Kubrick to complete numerous takes, sometimes to the performers’ and crew members’ tiredness.

The picture has an avant-garde and realistic appearance and feel thanks to the usage of the new Steadicam mount in a number of scenes.

Because of the contradictions, ambiguities, symbolism, and deviations from the novel, there has been a lot of conjecture regarding the meanings and events in the movie.

Plot Summary

The Shining Ending ExplainedAt the isolated Overlook Hotel in the Rocky Mountains, which shutters for the winter months each year, Torrance accepts a post as caretaker. Stuart Ullman, the hotel’s manager, informs Torrance of Charles Grady’s murder of his family and himself after he arrives.

Danny, Jack’s son, had a seizure and a premonition in Boulder. Wendy, Jack’s wife, recounts to the physician an earlier event in which Jack dislocated Danny’s shoulder out of rage while intoxicated.

Jack decided to stop drinking after the incident. Dick Hallorann, the head chef, tells Danny they have a psychic ability he calls “shining” before he leaves for the holiday vacation.

Hallorann informs Danny that Room 237 is to be avoided because of the hotel’s “shine,” which is a result of leftovers from bad previous events. Danny begins to experience terrifying images, one of which features a twin sister.

Jack’s mental health deteriorates in the meantime; he writes ineffectively, has violent outbursts frequently, and dreams about killing his family. Danny visits an unsecured Room 237 out of curiosity and leaves with a bruise.

In the chamber, Jack discovers a female ghost, but he accuses Danny of causing the wounds himself. The spectral bartender Lloyd tempts Jack to pick up drinking again.

Delbert Grady and other spectral characters then start to materialize in the Gold Room. Grady alerts Jack of Danny’s use of his “gift” to contact Hallorann and orders him to “fix” his wife and child.

The phrase “All work and no play makes Jack a dull kid” is repeatedly put in Jack’s manuscript, which Wendy discovers.

Wendy beats Jack with a baseball bat when he threatens her life and locks him in the kitchen pantry, but she and Danny are unable to leave because Jack had earlier destroyed the hotel’s two-way radio and snowcat.

Danny is repeatedly saying “redrum” in their hotel room, and he even wrote the word on the door to the restroom. Wendy notices that the word spells “murder” backward when she looks at it in the mirror.

Grady frees Jack, who then uses an ax to pursue Wendy and Danny. Wendy uses a knife to fend off Jack after he breaks through the door while Danny runs outside through the bathroom window.

Hallorann arrives at the motel in a different snowcat after returning to Colorado after receiving Danny’s telepathic SOS.

When Jack is sidetracked by Danny’s arrival, he ambushes Hallorann in the lobby and kills him before chasing after Danny into the hedge maze.

When Wendy goes around the hotel in search of Danny, she comes across its ghosts and sees a vision of blood cascading that is identical to Danny’s vision.

Danny leads Jack astray in the hedge maze and hides behind a snowdrift while Jack takes the wrong path. Jack is left to freeze to death in the maze as Danny and Wendy reunite and depart aboard Hallorann’s snowcat.

On July 4, 1921, Jack is depicted standing among a group of partygoers in a picture that is displayed in the hotel corridor.

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Ending Explained

The Shining Ending ExplainedGrady’s spirit helps Jack escape the kitchen pantry, and he goes after Wendy and Danny while brandishing an ax at them. Wendy and Danny lock themselves in the bathroom to escape Jack’s grasp.

Wendy sends Danny through the window to protect her son. Wendy becomes imprisoned when Jack enters and smashes the door in with the ax since she is unable to get through the same window.

With a knife, Wendy manages to cut across Jack’s arm in self-defense. After Danny reaches out to him, the hotel’s cook, Dick Hallorann, rushes to help Wendy; unfortunately, Jack also kills him.

Jack pursues Danny as he flees into the freezing hedge labyrinth, as Wendy searches the hotel for her son. Danny successfully escapes the hedge labyrinth by tricking Jack with a fake trap.

Jack freezes to death as Wendy and Danny reunite and check out of the motel. What happened to Wendy and Danny after that is unknown, although a deleted scene shows them in a hospital getting well after everything they went through at the hotel, both physically and mentally.

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Importance of Shelly Duvall’s Character

The Shining Ending Explained

The majority of the movie is spent by Wendy Torrance, played by Shelly Duvall, in a condition of dread or sheer horror.

The character of Shelly, who keeps her family together, keeps an eye on the Overlook’s heating systems, and contacts the forest service when the phone lines go out, is the heart of The Shining.

She maintains order for the sake of her son despite Jack ramping up his emotional assault. At the end of the movie, Wendy ultimately musters up the fortitude to withstand Jack’s physical assaults and flee with Danny.


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