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V Route Emails: Guide and Solutions for Mystic Messenger Email!

V Route Emails

Mystic Messenger is one of the most well-known graphic novels currently available.

It offers an interactive environment, stunning aesthetics, and interesting moral choices that flow naturally into the action.

If you have used Mystic Messenger for a while, you have definitely come across emails. Let’s review them quickly.

What Do Emails in Mystic Messenger Look Like?

You can host many events using Mystic Messenger and invite many guests. This is important if you wish to pursue the 707 route and helps the game proceed.

Your attendees will ask you questions after your activities, so you must send out email invitations.

If you correctly respond to these questions, you’ll be able to access every happy ending and complete the game far more quickly.

How Do Emails Function in Mystic Messenger?

Yes, emails are quite important in Mystic Messenger. They are the only channel for inviting friends and other characters to your party.

The more characters you have at your party, the better your chances of winning are. You should ideally invite several people for the 11-day Mystic Messenger cycle’s last day.

Your final day RFA celebration should have 10 confirmed attendees in order to be successful.

Keep in mind that this only applies to the traditional story mode.

If you’re taking the deep mode or the V and Ray route, you’ll need at least 16 visitors in order to have a chance of getting the best possible outcome for your current condition.

How do you make sure that everyone shows up to the last-day party?

Therefore, if your final day, the 11th-day party, has the proper number of guests, you will be able to conclude the 11-day cycle of Mystic Messenger at the perfect level.

To ensure this happens, adhere to the guidelines below. Open the first email, then react appropriately.

The visitor will then follow up with another email. Open the email after that and make the appropriate response there as well. A third email has been delivered to your mailbox.

DO NOT PULL THIS OPEN. Until day 11 of the game, wait. Once the eleventh day has passed, open and read each of your guests’ third emails to make sure your story has a happy ending.

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How Are Emails Answered?

Each character/guest in Mystic Messenger will ask you three additional questions once you deliver the invitation.

You may be certain that the guest will attend your party if you give them the appropriate information.

The guest won’t be permitted to participate in the celebration if even one is wrong. This is why you might find the list of appropriate answers below helpful.

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A Manual for Email Responses

@: The username symbol is used. Currently, they are all listed in alphabetical order. As a result, finding the visitor you’re looking for will be simpler. This will help you plan when you meet the particular guest in question. This can be used to find visitors whose usernames you don’t remember.

Email responses: All three emails that were responded to for that particular guest are listed below, in the correct order.

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