Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the New Split Expense Feature Offered by Google Pay.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new split expense feature offered by Google Pay.

Splitting bills with friends has never been easier than with Google Pay’s new expense-splitting feature. There won’t be any more back-and-forth about the sum or trying to figure it out by hand. At the Google for India 2021 event in November, Google first announced this new feature.

It can be used now, and people are encouraged to give it a shot. To help determine who may have forgotten to make a payment, the Google Pay app details the identities of all users who contributed to the total. In some ways, the new feature for dividing up bills is analogous to Splitwise, another popular app for doing just that.

Although Splitwise provides a slightly more robust experience and set of features for tracking outlays, the Pay option displayed in the Google Pay app is more practical. A request for payment from the other group members will be sent out immediately after you tap the Split expense button and enter the appropriate amount.

Even if the members paid in cash or some other manner, the app will allow you to close the payment request.

Learn how to use Google Pay’s new bill-splitting feature in this quick tutorial. Make sure you’re running the most up-to-date version of the app before you do that.

How to Split Expenses on Google Pay?

  • Open the Google Pay app on your mobile device, then select the “New Payment” option.
  • Second, when you click the “New group” button, the app will take you to a new page with a search bar at the top and the option to create a new group at the bottom.
  • Third, after clicking on it, type in the names of your friends. Select “Next” from the menu and proceed.
  • The fourth phase calls for you to give your team a name. When you’re ready, click the “Create” button and the group will be made.
  • The fifth step is to create a Google Pay group so that you and your friends can divide up the costs of things like dinner. Simply select the “Split an expense” option, enter the total amount spent, and proceed by tapping the Next button twice.
  • Google will then divide the total and show how much each person needs to contribute.
  • If everything looks good, click the “Send Request” button to send your request. It’s up to you to specify the purpose of the payment if you choose to do so. Your needs have been met at this point. When a member makes a payment, Google Pay will alert you and revise the payment timeline accordingly.

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Split an Existing Transaction

  • To use Google Pay, launch the app.
  • Select a category from the menu that appears after tapping the Search Search icon.
  • To split an existing transaction, select “Add expense” from the “Expenses” menu.
  • A split can be made on a specific purchase.
  • Choose Next, then choose to Send Requests.
  • Track the progress of your joint spending and set up automatic reminders.
  • Pull up Google Pay on your mobile device.
  • Select Search Search at the very top.
  • You’ll need to choose the department you were working in when you initially made the expenditure.
  • Select the “Expenses” menu option.
  • You can send a reminder to the person who owes you money by clicking the Send reminder button next to their name.
  • The rule of thumb is that each group should have only one money counter.

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Meet Your Financial Obligations by Paying Your Share of The Costs.

When someone asks you to split the bill, the Google Pay app will send you a notification if you have notifications turned on. The bill might also be discussed in a private or public conversation.

  • To use Google Pay, launch the app.
  • Select Search Search at the very top.
  • Choose the necessary party from the drop-down.
  • To finalize a financial transaction, click the Expenses menu item.
  • After deciding on the appropriate transaction, click the Pay button.
  • The next step is to choose a payment method and then click the Proceed to pay button.
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