Alternatives of Shareit and Xender banned file transfer apps

Alternatives of Shareit and Xender banned file transfer apps

Two of the most popular file-sharing apps, Shareit and Xender, were among the 59 banned for violating users’ security and privacy. Even though the app’s URLs no longer work and the associated cloud services have been disabled, those that have already been installed will continue to function normally for local file sharing and administration.

At present, Xender can be downloaded from the App Store on an iOS device. The ability to share media between devices, sync with personal computers, and store data in the cloud are three of the most valuable functions of these apps.

Due to Apple’s stringent guidelines and app confinement policies, many viable substitutes for these file managers are simply unavailable in the App Store. Users of Android, however, can select from a number of different options. Dropbox, JioSwitch, Files by Google, and Share all are some of the most viable alternatives to Xender and Shareit. Read on to learn more about the top picks of Team Digit:

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Comparable to Google Drive, Dropbox is a cloud storage manager. When compared to Google Drive, which charges $1,300 per year for the same amount of storage space, the subscription plans for additional storage are affordable.

By transferring files to the cloud, you can make more room on your mobile devices to use Dropbox. You can send others a link to your cloud files so they can access them as well. Access to shared files and folders can be restricted with a password.

Dropbox has some very useful features, such as the ability to scan documents directly from the app and to instantly upload photos taken with an internet-connected device to a computer. The app also lets you upload media files to the cloud, so you can store voice memos and photos without taking up any room on your device.

Alternatives of Shareit and Xender banned file transfer apps

This is very helpful because it streamlines the process of transferring content from a mobile device to a computer. Both iOS and Android versions of the app have identical functionality.

Even if you primarily use Dropbox on your computer, you can still access and manage your files from anywhere with the mobile app. The inability to transfer files locally, i.e. without an internet connection, is Dropbox’s biggest drawback.


Files by Google, formerly known as Files Go, is a storage manager for cleaning up space on your device, getting rid of unnecessary files, and eliminating duplicates. The app works seamlessly with Android and provides useful suggestions, such as uninstalling unused programs and clearing out temporary files that may be slowing down your device.

Putting everything on an SD card is a quick way to free up space on your phone’s internal storage.

In addition to the standard features of a file-sharing app, Files allows for the transfer of any type of file between two smartphones so long as both users have the app installed. Not only can you back up your Google Drive files with Files, but you can also use it with other cloud storage services.


As a lightweight app (less than 8 MB), Share All is ideal for sharing large files with a small network. Without an internet connection or a cable, you can quickly transfer files between devices.

The app facilitates the transfer of data between the paired devices. That’s it; there are no other features or options in the app. Neither cloud storage nor file management features are available. This app’s sole function is to facilitate the exchange of data between two mobile devices. In the file browser, different types of media are organized in separate tabs.

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If you need to send files from one device to another, and you don’t have access to the internet, Sendanywhere is a handy little app that will do the job. After starting the app, the files load instantly, and the overall experience is lightning quick.

The manager interface makes it easy to select multiple files at once and send them all at once. In this section, you’ll find a QR code, a shareable link, and the option to connect locally to another device without an internet connection, all for the purpose of transferring the files. The code or link can be forwarded through instant messaging programs.

This app serves a practical purpose because it can communicate with distant devices as well as those that are in close proximity to one another. After a file is transferred, the link to share it automatically deletes, and the data isn’t kept in the cloud.

You can trust this method, as it transfers files quickly, securely, and easily between devices. The app is compatible with Windows PCs, Macs, Android, and iOS smartphones.


Among the best file-sharing apps available today is Zapya. There are no commercials to interrupt your experience with it. You’ll have access to a full suite of file-sharing tools with this. It’s a program that works on both Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows and Mac OS.

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Feem is an easy-to-use and fast file-sharing app that provides you with hassle-free file-sharing facilities. It will offer you the option to create a hotspot to send and receive files. It is a cross-platform file-sharing tool available for various platforms like iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Through a web browser on any of your devices, you can also gain access to your shared files.


The official app for sending and receiving files across multiple devices, Dukto is a must-have. For the best results when sharing files with another device, you will need to use your IP address to connect the two devices. Until then, it will be difficult to communicate and share information.


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