Cartoon Network Launches CNCheckIn Amid Coronavirus

Cartoon Network Launches CNCheckIn Amid Coronavirus

Across the United States, families are getting ready to celebrate a very different kind of Thanksgiving, and it’s a good time to think about how this year has brought people together in the face of uncertainty.

The leaders of America’s broadband and entertainment industries wondered what they could do to aid their communities and neighbours when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and millions of people were forced to work and study from home.

Every day, ISPs and TV networks interact with communities through events, partnerships, and school-related activities that extend beyond the scope of the internet services and entertainment offerings they provide.

Cable operators and TV networks have a vested interest in and commitment to the success of the communities they serve, and they demonstrate this interest and commitment through philanthropic work, grant giving, partnership collaboration, and company-wide volunteer efforts.

And in 2020, they increased their already substantial and innovative charity work on a national and local scale. Many of these initiatives have focused on assisting young people as they navigate this complex period.

ISPs and TV networks have launched unique and creative events for kids and families during lock-down periods, as well as donated computers and technology for families in need, in addition to the distance learning efforts that have been underway since March to help millions of school-aged students get online.

In order to disseminate critical public health information about COVID-19, ViacomCBS, the parent company of networks like BET and Nickelodeon, collaborated with the Ad Council to produce and air a wide variety of public services announcements.

Then there was Sesame Street on HBO, which used Zoom to host a virtual play date with Elmo and friends during the beginning of the pandemic when kids were still adjusting to being at home and away from school and their friends.

As part of its mission to keep kids entertained and educated through original public service announcements and how-to videos, Cartoon Network has also introduced a new programme called CNcheck-in. Public service announcements encourage kids to wash their hands, maintain social distance, and keep busy at home with do-it-yourself projects and drawing tutorials.

Cartoon Network Launches CNCheckIn Amid Coronavirus

MTV has always taken the initiative to educate its young viewers. Network’s “Prom-athon” featured Michelle Obama’s “Prom-athon” kickoff, a virtual prom for high school seniors who couldn’t attend the real thing. To encourage 18-year-olds to become politically active and register to vote, Prom-athon collaborated with the non-profit organisation “When We All Vote.”

The Salvation Army in the Las Vegas area was the recipient of a generous donation from Cox Communications of $100,000 and 100 turkeys in time for Thanksgiving.

These are merely a few of the many initiatives that have been launched this year, and the number keeps growing. This Thanksgiving will be unlike any other in American history, and the cable industry is working together to support local communities as they weather uncharted waters and look ahead to a future of limitless possibility.

In today’s roundup of television news, Cartoon Network announced the launch of its CNCheckIn initiative, and the ATX Television Festival is rapidly approaching on the weekend of June 5-7.

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 The dates for the ATX Tv Pageant are close to June 5-7. The “ATX TV… From the Sofa!” initiative allows badge and ticket holders to watch panels and screenings from the safety of their own homes during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Caitlin McFarland and Emily Gipson, the show’s creators, said in a press release, “This could be a television experience not like anything we’ve done before, and we’re emboldened by the possibilities we’re discussing with our panellists and partners.”

As the authors put it, “we’re assured we are able to proceed to have nice conversations, showcase new and old favourite collections, and work together with our unbelievable neighbourhood — with plenty of enjoyable surprises along the best way.” Check out for more information.


Disney Animation introduced it’s going to debut “At Residence With Olaf” on Disney Plus this week. The new line is inspired by Josh Gad’s endearing snowman character in “Frozen.” Gad will voice the dialogue from residence, the place he’s self-isolating, with animator Hyrum Osmond creating the miniature narratives from residence, as effectively.

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In response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Cartoon Network has released CNCheckIn to keep kids safe, inspired, and entertained. This project features PSAs on hand-washing and social isolation, ideas for do-it-yourself projects, how-to guides for drawing, and brand new episodes of fan-favourite shows like “Apple and Onion,” “Ben 10,” and “Teen Titans Go!” from the Cartoon Network’s online community.

Additionally, the complete seasons of 20 classic shows, such as “Chowder,” “Braveness the Cowardly Canine,” and “Dexter’s Laboratory,” are now available in the CN App. There may also be daily video updates from the Cartoon Network cast and fresh wallpapers to download.

The Roddenberry Impression Awards were established by the Roddenberry Foundation and A Day of Unreasonable Conversation to honour television content creators who are committed to reimagining the storytelling process in a way that evokes social change with a prize of $10,000. Business leaders Daniel Dae Kim, Gloria Calderón Kellett, Sara Gilbert, Jaime Dávila, Sameer Gardezi, and Tanya Saracho may evaluate entries until May 8th.

The Roddenberry Foundation, inspired by the dreams of “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry, seeks to back innovators whose bold ideas have the potential to make the world a better, more peaceful place.

For the past five years, Propper Daley, a social impact company, has hosted A Day of Unreasonable Dialog, a conference for TV content creators and nonprofit leaders with the goal of making mainstream culture more empathetic and well-informed. The deadline for submissions is May 31, and the winners will be announced on June 9 on the website of The Roddenberry Foundation.


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