Cut Throat City Ending Explained: Did Blink Really Die?

cut throat city ending explained

Story of The Movie

The story of Cut Throat City centers on four friends who discover their homes have been completely destroyed by Hurricane Katrina when they return.

They turn to a local mobster who gives them one chance at turning their lives around because they are without work or assistance from FEMA. He gives them the go-ahead to commit a risky heist in the middle of the city.

The boys grudgingly agree to the task, but things go wrong and they end up having to flee. The four youngsters are soon being pursued by a warlord and two relentless investigators. The specific warlord believes that the youngsters stole the proceeds from the operation.

Explained End

During the first theft, Blink and his gang have significant setbacks as they are instantly pursued by law enforcement.

When Andre is killed during the heist, the other three tell Cousin that the small amount of money taken was used to pay for his funeral. This makes the criminal boss unhappy.

Cousin assumes they have stolen from him because Blink, Miracle, and Junior can only offer him a little bag of casino chips, which is exactly what they have done.

The group escapes Cousin’s arrest and seeks refuge with Blink’s father as they flee the criminal organization and the police.

But they won’t have much time before they have to head back to the city as the Lucinda-led police inquiry closes in on them.

Fortunately, their cousin’s problem is short-lived because he accidentally killed The Saint, a far more powerful gangster lord, by stepping on his toes.

As Cousin is accused of being involved in the earlier crime, Blink and his remaining buddies get an opportunity to make amends.

The three decide to pull one last theft as a last-ditch effort to get out of the gutter because they are left at a loss and have nothing.

They aim for the safe at a FEMA disaster recovery facility, but the police respond quickly and shoot each member of the crew.

The movie doesn’t stop there, though, since the following scene seems to depict Blink as still being alive and having achieved success through his art by writing a book.

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Did Blink Really Die?

It seems unclear what will happen to Blink in Cut Throat City.
However, in this author’s opinion, Blink actually did pass away during the botched heist that served as the film’s climax.

What we’re witnessing at the book launch event may represent a different version of events in which Blink has abandoned his life of crime, abstained from the grand heist, and been successful in landing a publisher for his artwork.

The fact that Blink’s wife and child seek safety in his father’s shack only strengthens our conviction that he has passed away permanently.

cut throat city ending explained


They might be able to locate a finer location to live if the book launch event was real and Blink had become successful.

To add to it, Miracle appears to be shot dead during the final theft.

After the firefight, Demetrius Shipp Jr.’s character is shown working with Ethan Hawke’s nefarious Jackson Symms in a scene during the credits.

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Who Is to Say Blink Didn’t Also Survive if Miracle Did?

After debuting on US Netflix on January 21st, 2021, Cut Throat City is now accessible to stream. It may also be purchased or rented digitally.


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