Google Bans Call Recording Apps: Samsung, Redmi, Vivo and Other Brands that Come with In-Built Call Recording Feature.

Google Bans Call Recording Apps: Samsung, Redmi, Vivo And Other Brands That Come With In-built Call Recording Feature

All call recording apps will no longer be allowed on the Play store as of today, May 11th. What this means is that any app in the Play Store that has a call recording function will be deleted or disabled. The policy shift in the Play store has no effect on the call recording capabilities of individual phones.

No Change for Native Call Recorders

The ability to record phone calls is standard on many modern smartphones, including models by Samsung, Redmi, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Poco, Realme, OnePlus, and Tecno. Therefore, the new Google Play store policy will not affect users of these smartphone brands.

The new policy is particularly important for users who regularly record incoming and outgoing calls but have a phone that is not one of the supported brands.

Since the vast majority of modern smartphones already have a built-in call recording function, the new Play store policy is unlikely to significantly affect consumers.

This Call Recording App Is Banned by Google, but Why?

Google has had a policy against call recording apps and services for a while now. Call recording, in the eyes of the tech giant, is an invasive practice that violates users’ confidentiality.

Because of this, his own Dialer app features a prominent “this call is now being recorded” warning. Before the recording begins, you can hear the alarm clearly on both ends.

The Cupertino, California-based tech giant announced last month that it would be removing all call recording apps from the Google Play store around the world. The policy shift will only affect third-party apps, the company added. This also elucidates that Google Dialer’s call recording feature will operate normally if it is supported by your device or location.

Google Bans Call Recording Apps: Samsung, Redmi, Vivo And Other Brands That Come With In-built Call Recording Feature The new policy on the Play store has been a nightmare for developers of call-recording apps more so than for users. Once a staple of Truecaller, the ability to record phone calls is now gone.

We’re sorry, but due to changes in the Google Developer Program’s policies, we can no longer provide call recordings. A Truecaller representative stated officially last month that this would not affect devices with native call recording capabilities.

In response to user demand, we implemented call recording on all Android smartphones. A Truecaller representative further explained that the app’s call recording feature was always available to all users at no extra cost, but that users had to opt into using the Google Accessibility API in order to record their calls.

Android smartphones that have a call recording feature.

As you may know, smartphones running Xiaomi’s MIUI skin come equipped with a built-in call recorder that negates the need for a dedicated app. Go to the call interface the next time you get a call and select the record call option. A local copy of the document will be stored in the device’s storage. Equally valid for users of Mi and Redmi smartphones.


Aside from Apple, Samsung has also released smartphones with its own proprietary user interface, called OneUI. And, much like Xiaomi, it adds functionality that is missing from the base Android experience.

Anyone with a Samsung Galaxy smartphone can take advantage of the call recording feature. The option is normally enabled automatically, but if you can’t see it in the app, you can enable it by going to your phone’s settings, searching for a call recorder, and turning it on. If you need to save the file but there isn’t enough space on your phone, you can always turn it off.

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Most Oppo smartphones run Oppo’s ColorOS variant, and the company has integrated a call recorder into the default phone app. The app will request access to the microphone to record the audio and to the device’s media library to save the file.


The built-in call recorder feature is accessible on Poco phones because they also ship with the MIUI version.


OxygenOS, which is found on the OnePlus Nord and OnePlus smartphones, is yet another skinned version of Android. Again, all you have to do is pick up the phone and hit the record button when an incoming call sounds interesting enough to you.


Call recording is a feature that can be easily enabled or disabled on Realme smartphones thanks to the phone’s RealmeUI version.


Vivo smartphones have their own Funtouch OS, which allows for a wide variety of customizations, and a call recorder that can be used during phone calls.

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How to Record Calls without Third-Party Apps

During a call, users of Xiaomi, Redmi, and Poco phones can simply navigate to the call interface and select the call recording option. The recorded phone call will be saved as a file. Phones from all three manufacturers are supported by the MIUI user interface, which comes as standard.

Samsung’s One UI software, found on its smartphones, also includes a call recording option. Most Samsung phones already have the recording feature activated, but if yours doesn’t, you can activate it from the Settings menu by searching for “call recorder” and then turning the feature on. If necessary, you can turn off the feature at any time.

The ColorOS software found on Oppo phones incorporates a call recorder into the default calling interface. Access to the microphone and media storage on the device is required to use this feature, which can be enabled in the Settings app.

The OxygenOS operating system on OnePlus smartphones incorporates a call recording function. Users need only press the call record option when picking up a call to begin recording.

It’s now possible to record phone calls with a Realme phone thanks to RealmeUI. This feature can be activated or deactivated at the user’s whim via the Settings menu.

Call recording is available on Vivo handsets thanks to the company’s proprietary Funtouch OS. Call recording is an option that can be activated in real-time.


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