Incantation Ending Explained: Get More Information!

incantation ending explained

‘Incantation’ Ending Explained: Was Ronan Able to Free Dodo from The Curse?

Following her escape from the hospital with Dodo in tow, Ronan went straight for a temple where she knew she could find a cure for her curse. She was followed by the owner of the foster home, Ming.

On the webcam that captured the footage of the tunnel, the temple priest performed some purification rituals. It was advised to Ronan that allowing Dodo to eat would cause any progress they had made to regress.

But Ronan continued to be a mother. She eventually made the decision to feed her since she couldn’t bear to watch her infant in such a state. Dodo’s hand began to respond as soon as she did it, letting her know that the curse had begun to manifest itself and that she should have followed the priests’ advice.

Ming, meanwhile, conducted independent research. He took the webcam home and again viewed the recordings. He began to feel sick, but he was determined to uncover the causes and comprehend the full extent of the tunnel’s curse.

He stumbled upon Shi Kong Yun, a Buddhist monk from Yunnan who was one of the last individuals capable of translating historic Buddhist texts.

The monk revealed to Ming the true meaning of the incantation and the route taken by the curse from Southeast Asia to Yunnan when he went to meet him. Ming had also found the tunnel video, but he had made the decision not to provide it to Ronan.

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But as the curse began to affect Ming, who was watching the film, he hit his head on the table and killed himself. Additionally, Ronan received the video of the tunnel during this operation.

In an effort to contain the curse and confine the evil energy, the townspeople performed a number of rituals inside the tunnel, including placing several mirrors.

When Ronan visited the priests, he discovered that they were also dead. When Dodo was brought into the hospital, the medical staff reported hearing her mumble something about a pineapple.

Ronan was aware that her daughter was attempting to recall some of her favorite things in order to calm herself down. Since there was no other practical alternative, Ronan knew she would have to enter the tunnel and make an attempt to break the chain on her own.

Ronan began filming and streaming a video while describing the incantation to her viewers as a religious blessing. Only by chanting it for her could she be delivered from the curse, she pleaded with her audience.

Dahei Mother Buddha, a malevolent divinity, had cursed Dom’s family, and the curse had been passed down from one generation to the next. However, she made up this tale in order to protect her kid from a curse.

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The monk Shi Kong Yun had claimed that the invocation wasn’t really a blessing at all. If someone recited it, it indicated that they wanted to offer their name and spread the curse. The curse grew weaker the more people shared it.

incantation ending explained

So Ronan carried out his plan. She streamed her message live on a digital platform, allowing spectators from around the globe to participate in her campaign. By hitting her skull against the tunnel wall, she gave up her life.

Her efforts, though, weren’t in vain. Dodo’s survival after the spell was lifted suggests that everyone who watched the movie and said the ritual now carried the curse.


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